Sunday, October 31

You talkin' to Mao?

Since I'm Mao's doppelganger now that I'm donning this hairdo, I thought I'd go with a Asian theme for the day.
I'm wearing an assortment of old favorites, most of which I don't recall their origin, I do know the pants are from the Unicef store that used to be in Old Town a million years ago, and the gold brocade vest is from Wear It when it was Wear It the first time.
And the fan is from Huggy's wedding this summer. Happy Halloween,
 and don't forget to vote! 

Saturday, October 30

Having a spot of tea with Wallis Simpson

I think Wallis and I could have been fab friends as we both enjoy dogs and fashion with equal passion. I kind of think I look a bit
like her too. 
For high tea I chose this Peruvian Connection jacket in chintz with corseted back and hand embroidery.
Close-up of my collection of lockets and opera length necklaces.
A closer look at this faux Leger satin skirt in various shades of dark green.  "Pass the clotted cream please"........eek, I'm just kidding.

Friday, October 29

Going for Baroque on a Friday

I'm channeling my inner Henry VIII in this ensemble that combines brocade and faux fur with gobs of bling. Who's in the mood for a beheading?
Holding a couple of Marcia Sedneck's flowers, they have a medieval tone.
Nothing says "I'm in charge" like a pair of dominatrix open toes!

Sunday, October 24

A little indulgence before it's off to the flea stalls

This is what I would wear down to a cafe in Paris to sip a black espresso with 16 Splendas in it before heading to the flea market stalls for some precious cargo.

Imelda Marcos would be so proud!

Saturday, October 23

What would Amelia wear?

I bought these pants on sale, the only size they had left was 3 sizes larger than I usually wear. I just thought of my mother who said "I wear anything from a 3 to a 13, depending on how bad I want it" I thought I could just cinch up the bagginess, but they're not that big! I think Amelia was wearing something quite similar when one of our first fashion icons was lost at sea. We love you Amelia! 

Thursday, October 21

Thursdays are for contemplation, of Jen's shoes and socks and my Kristin Diener necklace

Another cloudy day, perhaps fall WILL come someday, particularly if we click our heels together, like jen in Gianni Bini kicks of red suede and patent. A little ankle sock makes them tres innocente. I'm sporting another of my beloved Kristin Diener's .....this one's encrusted with delicate,Lilliputian fruit charms and an adorable illustration of a small girl.

Thursday, October 14

What time is it? In Paris? In Pie Town?

I've got a lot of watches, and I use the dead ones as accessories to the live ones. It's too much of a hassle to go get them fixed but they are still great to wear.

Tuesday, October 12


          A good lapel should not be ignored- "more is more."
photo credit: Phil Swango

Monday, October 11

Fashion's Fall Favorite

 juxtapose a military style jacket with gum ball baubles..