Tuesday, March 29

Cougartown Redux

Ran a few errands in this leopard print "car coat", that's what they USED to be called. Skinny cuffed jeans by Tenty8Twelve, and hot leopard plats from Victoria's Secret. I'm so bad, 56 is the new 55!

Monday, March 28

Monday is for a Mondrian Dress and Beloved Mr. Monday

Kind of maudlin for a Mondrian painting but it sure looks like his work. Silk dress from Ideeli. 
The real thing.

I'm wearing this super cool carved bone necklace by Hugh O'Neall with peridot that looks just like me!
Completing this outfit are Jeffrey Campbell shoes with Frankenstein stitching and grey ribbed hose.

And icing on the cake of our day is Mr. Monday!

Sunday, March 27

We Saw Sucker Punch Last Night, We're Mimicking Our Favorite Girls.I'm "Kitchen Knife" and Jen is Rocket".

Actually the girls in Sucker Punch wore hardly anything at all but we had to tone it down for work. I'm wearing a top by Pixie and pencil skirt by Diane Von Furstenberg, striped tights from Free Radicals and chunky grey fierce plats. Jen is wearing pig tails,
dress by Urban Outfitters, pale grey mini sweater and knee length hose. Black and gray Mary Janes with double straps.  We SHOULD be wielding Samurai swords, but didn't have any here at work, so we just are ready to kung fu and punch (sucker) someone!  Get back!

Saturday, March 26

Black Grackle.........

This is score #4 from Double Take. Vintage basket weave grosgrain jacket with open grosgrain fringe edge.  Lacey empire top, and oh dear, skinny jeans.

Two Sipe necklace, two old photo pins, probably Civil War soldiers , and a black cameo. I LOVE black cameos.

Crazy plats, and be afraid, be VERY afraid, skinny jeans. Shame on me!

Friday, March 25

Gathering of the Thirkell Circle

Angela Thirkell is another of my favorite writers . She had a rye wit and wrote about British society in the 30's through the 50's.You can actually be a member of the Thirkell Society, better known as the "Thirkell Circle".

I'm wearing this nostalgic ensemble to capture her persona and era. Third piece from Double Take in Santa Fe, chintz jacket in gold and orange with rhinestone buttons. Vintage pins and choker, Karan Sipe necklace.
This is a J. Peterman dress, with Urban Outfitter hose and gold patent Biviel shoes. Time for crumpets and "Cheerfulness Breaks In".

Wednesday, March 23

My Shopping Spree at Double Take Made Me Do a Double Take on Bonnie Parker

Gangster fashionista Bonnie Parker would have embraced this outfit with panache. Bluefly vintage looking blouse with one of my blessed 1/2 off acquistions, a houndstooth maxi skirt with bottom pleats.

Detail of the rockin' pleats, leopard hose from Free Radicals and BCBG shoes. Give me all your cash, no checks please.........

Tuesday, March 22

Give Blood, Vampires Need It!

I had to go get a blood test for something so I thought I'd wear a cute outfit to cheer me up from this nurse draining me! I'm wearing this huge black and white striped sweater that's really flippin' floppy. This skirt that looks like theatre curtains is out of tee shirt material, Also sporting that enormous cashmere cowl from Neiman's.

Black hose and Giannini boots of faux croc with big button on the side. Gotta go, Twilight's on!

Monday, March 21

Calgon, Double Take Me Away!!!!!

Family Business took us to Santa Fe this morning. We knew it was going to be alot colder up there so I bundled in a vintage yellow "Anthro" sweater and a beautiful shawl Jen brought me back from Turkey. Also wearing little mini of herringbone and black lace, Neiman trousers, and a killer Kris Mills necklace. Carlos faux red reptile kitten heels on the feet

But post family affairs, we were free agents. Finley and Jen had been singing ebullient praises for a store on Guadalupe called "Double Take" Jen's said we had been there together but of course blanksville on my part. Holy 50% off sale , I was a drug addict with a free pass to CVS' pharmacy! I went hog wild with Richard's money! Needless to say, I will be show casing said items over the next few days. Double Take is my new church!

Saturday, March 19

French Toast with Frida......

It's hard to compete with Frida when it comes to the style department, I don't even try. She's so colorful and beautiful. We have matching moustaches!

Frida is big on little cropped tops so I had to copy her look today. Ideeli lace top, a thousand opera length necklaces and a skirt of raining dots by Darling.
I'm repeating a cool combo given to me for Xmas by Millie, floral hose and black suede shoes with roses down the t-strap. Pass the syrup Frida and lets tuck in!

Friday, March 18

Black Friday

I have a somber event to go to after work and there is only so somber I can get. Lace jacket from Anthropologie, dress from Ideeli.

Close-up of the dress and religious bling by Karan Sipe.

The shoes are really where I turn up the attitude, can you be ejected from a rosary?

Thursday, March 17

The Queen Mum Drags Kate Middleton Out of Her Eighth Hen Party

It's all good and well to do a bit of celebrating before the big event but Kate's been closing down pubs for a fortnight! At one point the precious sapphire ring fell in the loo and had to be fished out! Kate wears a one piece shrug and tiered top while Queen Mum wears a J. Crew tee under and Anthropologie pleated sweater (jumper).

Kate has the best gams in Britain but chose these wide leg linen pants should she fall on her bum and the paparazzi catch some undies! The Queen Mum's pencil skirt is by J. Crew.

Wednesday, March 16

Wuthering Heights Called, Heathcliff Wants His Pants Back!

I chose this simple Asian-esque  print blouse to keep it simple because it's all about the trousers. Karan Sipe necklace o-plenty.

These super cool trousers (my husband asked me if I was wearing a codpiece) are by Alexander McQueen and are definitely a throw back to the late 1800's.

For those of you that were worried that something had happened to me because I had worn sensible shoes for about a WEEK, fear not, the platforms are back with a vengeance!

Monday, March 14

Pin-Up Girl.........

I'm hardly a pin-up girl but I am pin obsessed. On this very cool brown jacket from Neiman Marcus, I've got a smart smattering of antique pins, the last being a chatelaine which has several hanging parts.  SOOOOOO cool !
This beautiful gauze blouse in aubergine with lace front goes dreamily with the nostalgic pins. Where's my time machine? I want to go back!

Saturday, March 12

Alexandra Romanov Takes a Day Off

It's hard dressing to the nines EVERY day. I mean we are the originators of the "more is more" look. The bling can be kind of heavy.
So I decided to chill in this tromp l'oeil tee by Twelve by Twelve, crocheted jacket by Moth of Anthropologie and a lace over cotton skirt from 
H & M.
Embellished kitten heels by Chinese Laundry.
Gotta go, I'm meeting Rasputin at Starbucks!

Friday, March 11

Should Arrive in Marrakech by Dusk.....

A little expedition to Marrakech would be a nice respite from Albuquerque's 90mph winds. Great place to pick up some ethnic baubles. I'm wearing Susan Skinner eye necklace, Deedra Jarrell long bell necklace and a smattering of oldies but goodies.
Close up of this fun, fun, fun dress by Tory Burch. Stylish and doesn't wrinkle much during camel travel.

Pink lace hose from Urban Outfitters and Clavin Klein wedges. Who's in the mood for grape leaves and lambs eyes?

Thursday, March 10

Jerry Seinfeld Lent Me His Puffy Shirt.........

It was SO nice of Jerry to let me borrow this
plethora of poof and puffiness today. Shirt by Twelve by Twelve, choker by Kris Mills, ancient faux sunflower pin.
In keeping with the puffiness theme are these billowy silk satin trousers by J. Peterman. $7.00 Ross boots. Thanks Jerry, I owe you one!

Sunday, March 6

Gotz' da Blues

I'm wearing a blue lame' empire waist sack dress by Laundry. At my neck are a smattering of blue grey pearls by various artists.

Jen got me these ruched Betsey Johnson leggings in NYC.  Navy patent kitten heels by RSVP. Feeling pretty low even in this kick ass outfit.

Friday, March 4

The Queen Mum & Kate Middleton Work First Friday

On a press junket to NYC Kate picked up this fetching LBD at H&M. It's got leather panels in it's padded shoulders and amazing detailing around the bodice.  I'm drenched in Karan Sipe necklaces, and wear a turquoise belt with peacock buckle from Carla.  Kate's wearing  a form fitting BCBG striped dress, William doesn't want her out of his sight!
Kate chose these red suede and leather Mary Janes, as if her ensemble could GET any hotter, sensible old Mum wears sensible turquoise kitten pumps.
 Let's christen something!

Thursday, March 3

Faux Chanel is Better Than No Chanel

I'm wearing a darling little zip-up sweater I got for $10. by Twelve by Twelve, Jewelry is by Beverly Cole (pearl rosary), and Kris Mills. She did both the satin fabric rose and the long illustrated necklace.

This ruched pencil skirt by Nanette Lepore feels tres French.

Sensible shoes AGAIN? What's wrong with me? Cognac red patent kitten heels and heather hose. Vive la faux French!