Thursday, October 30

Flasher Thursday..............

 What comes to mind when you entertain the notion of a trench coat? Flashers! There you have it. My gracious pale grey linen exudes feminine charm with cinched belt, pleated shawl collar and exposed zipper pockets.

I'd be "sleeping with the fishes" if my masterful virtuoso of jewelers encountered this cheesy necklace I'm donning. I think it's made of washer parts for separating screws. Sweet!

Black cami beneath. Didn't really need it, until the expose' event gets underway. Dig it!
Perky vertical striped sweater pencil number. Blessed with a split in the back so that I don't have to cope with 3" walking stride. What a concept!

Divine shoe boots by Irregular Choice. Somber black leather, kittens heels, sexy black voile bow.

                Show's about to begin. Cover your eyes!  If you're going to flash, make it upscale!

Unitas We Stand !

 I'm running with Johnny Unitas because he was the only quarterback I could scrounge from my paucity of knowledge about football. He did play for the Baltimore Colts and since I reign from that region I might have actually gone to a game. Dig it!
 Confess to the real reason I brought up Unitas in first place is that I'm rockin' that shoulder pad treatment in this smart (smarter than I am) jacket from Off Broadway. Astute detail in this peplum waisted marvel with sweeping collar and appliqued ball chain embellishment. Needless to say, it's the highlight of this otherwise narcoleptic ensemble.

Was I on drugs (probably) when I purchased this top that looks like something an airline stewardess might have worn in the 80's? Yow!

 Rorschach test or molding paper from the Magna Carta? You make the call. Probably added this to cart on the comma-esque day I bought above. Pretty dog-gone conservative 3 paneled skirt. Again, it's all about the jacket. Nough said..............

Wednesday, October 29

Oh So Scary...........

"Weens" is imminent so am brandishing these "too young for me by 8 decades" pert skellie tights. Do I care? I think not. I'm playing the "tis the season" card. Detail of fabric because, believe me, you wouldn't have wanted me to share the un-cropped version. Oh the horror!

Oh, this entertaining thin jersey top just gets better and better. Relish the front, savor the back.

Ardent amour for these mock Buddy Holly shoes. I put them on layaway at the Broadway about 35 years ago because I was too penurious and they too costly.  The most expensive shoes I'd ever purchased. They were $50.00.  They're still as solvent as ever. Dig it!

Such a travesty this gifted black vintage jacket is too dim to discern the magnificent detail. I endlessly reiterate on the intelligence of 30's and 40's clothing.

                          Pymmie is going as a Little Debbie pink coconut cupcake for Halloween. Dig it!

One exhausted Little Debbie cupcake. Awwwwwww.

Monday, October 27

Lil' Bid O' Dis' ...Lil' Bid O' Dat'

Hey, if you can't don a multiple personality ensemble, what's the good in having multiple personality disorder? Face the music folks, I'm wearing a sandwich board regarding MPD.
Brown and orange box plaid vintage jacket from Double Take . Smocked waist, raw edged cuffs, artful pocket treatment, padded shoulders. Had I ever entertained implants, that's the region my silicone would be bound.  

Lily pad sized, multi-layered pin with a photo silk-screened fem. I like to imagine she's a suffragette.

Not quite a houndstooth, this petroleum based skirt has as many different angles as the Los Angeles interchange. Wheeeeeeeee!

When more is more and yet still not enough, enter cheetah motif tights. If I can get past humans on the way to my car without them braying with laughter or brandishing a big cross as protection, I'll eat my hat......... Hey, there's something this outfit is sorely lacking!

Live by this rule. Always don a watch that can second as a cocktail tray. Wheeeeeeeee!

Mock croc sling backs I could scale a fence in. Will be a life saver when the mob of fashion police try to run me aground. Dig it!!!!!!!!

Homage to Princess Di

Don't find this off-color. ( But if you do, are you surprised? ) My brother brought it back from London for me a couple of decades ago. Everything was "Di" in those days. Procured this deftly cunning polymer clay pin of her likeness. Well, perhaps not identical. Alas, my cherished pin is starting to splinter. What does one do? Is there an "irreverent-Princess-Di-polymer-clay-pin" hospital? Give me the heads up should you know........

                What used to be rather lime green has paled from washing. Most cunning trait,  it's back.

Yet another "Suny" score. Little Lord Fauntleroy skinnies in black and white paisley. Dig it!

Thanks to global warming, I'm able to keep these opened toed sling-back pumps in circulation. It's practically November! Wheeeeeee! In all honesty, this long sleeved cotton sweater is a might cloying...............

Deco down..........

Flattering, flamboyant color sceme in light jersey frock. Attempted Googling what this type of flying squirrel sleeve treatment might be termed. Nothing. Don't you love they way you type in"dress sleeves" and 3 images later you're at things like Barbecue grills and Snoop Dog. Thanks Google!

Guardian of the decolletage, tangerine cami.

If Kristin Diener gets anymore clever I might have to kill her. Spine shaped pendant with watermelon tourmalines, moonstones and a large faceted synthetic ruby.

 Yo Kristin! Try toning down the genius or watch your back.

Wednesday, October 22

Oh What Fun!!!!!!!!!

                          DOGGIES THAT SELL AMWAY PRODUCTS..............



                                                            DRIVING STICK...............

                           THIS HAND PRINTED DRESS BY JANET HOELZEL..............

Printmaking is an arduous process. Bountifully baffled as to how this fully encompassed front and sleeves were achieved. Janet is painstakingly deft and prolific. Have repeatedly praised her genius. This frock's character is as quirky as Janet and me. Coincidence? What opinion do you embrace?

Confess to the fact that these pull up hose are to be euthanized at workday's end. Pull up hose indeed, with every third stride in fact. Flaccid tops skim dress's edge. Bye bye menace of the moment.