Friday, July 31

Enough with the Tights Already..............

                                  Sporting two Laurette O'Neil chokers. Little black spheres are lava. Dig it!

Precocious soft oatmeal cotton. Black gossamer shoulders and line detail.

Off we go with the jester tights. Wheeeee!

Groovyness abounds in these shoe sandals by MIA. 
Must use this one to document. Other, not so much.......

                                                                     Rock on!

Aged Rapper Tuesday...........

            Morphed this cheesy belt from Ross into a fitting gauche necklace the most fierce rapper would be puffed up to brandish. Dig it!

Soft grey and black cashmere blend tunic with raglan sleeves.
Love the diminishing squares.

Epoxy this ensemble with some black with white dot tights. Do rappers wear kitten heels? I think not. Hmmmmmmmm.

Thursday, July 30

Rock 'n' Rola Tuesday

It might be prudent to administer handcuffs due to this ensemble.  If it's humanly possible I might have gotten an increase in visible shuttering by passersby.

Forgo the mile high hair. It's too close to my face. So we'll initiate this farce with my choke chain necklace with Susan Skinner horseshoe.

A dead on rockin' tee shirt with pointed stud neckline and sheer enough to read the paper. Wheeeee!
Prude I've succumbed, did don this curious black lace undershirt thingy.

Acre size black and white squares are so timid for me, are they not?

Call the ambulance for this fashion fatality! Wheeeeeeeeee!

Degas Dress Monday..........

Degas's delicately suggestive (uh, perhaps impressionistic?) water and flora resound in this empire waist with rolled rose at bodice. Full, crinkled skirt. Nude shoulders.

Motive for darkening this to the necessity of wielding a flashlight was to tone down hideous frog arms. Did it work? I think not.

Smart back detail. This is the actual hues of the dress. What a concept!

Why do I bother to document these plastic vintage earrings. Ungodly array of things to surgically sever.

Neither am I keen on these green flats, but you've deduced my recidivism for astutely (are you kidding?) binding my little stew together. 

We obviously need to step up the therapy. Mayhaps a thousand percent. Rock on!

Tuesday, July 28

Museum Stroll Sunday...

Exhilarating morning inhaling culture before tallying off to work. Had viewed "Killer Heels" and should have reexamined the eery intelligence of the SteamPunk inventions. My mission was to indulge in the "Public Selects" exhibition. I knew practically the whole compliment of artist's and went to visit a necklace of mine included with Kristin Dieners extraordinary work.  Plagued which to parade;  I winnowed this divinity to flaunt from my superfluous collection.

Sticking with the titillating theme ( she devil that I am) I paint on this black cotton blend with ruched detail.

Shoes are a dynamic addition to this age inappropriate ensemble.
Green satin with wicker wedges. Dig it!

Off to slither around a bookstore before work! Wheeeeee!

It's Demure, It's Voile, It's Lace.......

Vacant as to what friend bequeathed this delicate blouse. It think it was Susan Wasson. Her mother's. Truly ranks as a rare ambrosia. My air conditioning was defunct yesterday and didn't entertain bralette recon for a moment. Sweat lodge ambiance reigned until the glorious vision of the repairman. Must add that this gossamer treat boasted monolithic unwieldy sleeves prompting the vision of my vaunting out of a Vermeer painting.

Dollop of antique pins, truly cherished. Ardently bedeviled by stick pins. Dig it!

Zoot suit trousers are insufficiently discernible in pic but boast a waist up to my scant bust.

Tucking in my disheveled blouse would have supplied better documentation. Slovenly is as slovenly does. Wheeeeee!

Friday, July 24

Reject Redux!

Incredulous in regards to the rejection of beguiling designer items that fall flat at Buffalo Exchange and consignment boutiques. Are they putting me on? Do I need to do a tutorial on who's who in the fashion trade? Couldn't Buffalo Exchange squeeze my garment in betwixt six thousand flannel shirts and threadbare t-shirts? Apparently a negative. The hell with it. I'll keep it and bring it back to life with defibrillation paddles. Wheeeeee!

Snowy loose woven endless tunic with comely front panel. Sorely resembles a parade float should the slender red patent belt had not been orchestrated.

Lax attention to detail, observe askew hem. Askew is as askew does. Dig it!

Pride of necklaces (not lions) . Wanda Lobito's Virgin Mary beneath red glass heart on pale grey pearls. Wee pearls, and yet some other pearls. How erudite am I!

Can't keep a good designer frock down in my opinion. Rock on!

Thursday, July 23

Not Much of a Jeans Gal............

Exquisite crewel work made jewels superfluous (me?).  Evokes a "Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman" nightie ambiance.            



Funny, my best friend and I had a dialogue on jeans and how we rarely brandish them. We also drove home the fact that they are hot,  especially in warm climes. What do I wear two days later? Jeans! She had gifted them! I had to drive that point home. Abbreviated length to debut my dainty, clever boots.
Boots, nice summer footwear. Dig it!

 Kohl's  acquisition on triple markdown. Heh, I find them fetching. In a "Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman" kind of way. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, July 22

Case of the 50 Pound Skirt.........

Pride myself on my leg strength but blanched when I donned this skirt. Physically felt like it was testing my knees. What the? Didn't, in the slightest recollect that little factoid. Perhaps it's the 300 miles of fabric creating this vintage gem. But wait, there's more! It has the most abhorrent, abrasive, chicken wire tulle beneath. Not addressed was how prudent a slip could have aided my safety. I persevered courageously for fashion's sake.

Amputated arms prevent the exposed straps of my peach bralette. Very Glamour don't. Water boarding should be decreed.

If I've said it once I've said it a googolplexian times,  (1 with 300 zeros, dig it! ) My elephantine
inventory of Karan Sipe's resplendence is flaunted with effusive frequency.

It's heavy, it's scratchy, it's worth it. Wheeeee!

Tuesday, July 21

Soft and Girlie Sunday...............

After scraping the chili dog residue from my jewelry cases. Summerfest was the previous day, (I'm vehemently trying to forget). It's like Earth Day with a lot less patchouli drenched hippies parading starter tomato plants; it's a lemming flow of quaffing, chowing, humanity.

I relish in the beauty I enshroud myself with every day. I took particular pleasure in this ensemble.  Yet another vest! In velveteen! Short waisted, glorious floral motif and black sequined capped sleeves. Cranberry cami.

Pencil skirt with romantic lace triangular inserts. Overbrimming loveliness. Cranberry patent flats with sparkly pointed toes.

Coy pearl oval pendant by my darling Karan.

I would date me, frankly............

Ode to the Waistcoat.......

Knowledge of my penchant for another time (1800s), is often reiterated. I've always adored the waistcoat, principally for being a man's garment. Dig it!
Dove grey of heavy brushed cotton. This bombardment of vests when it's a thousand degrees out? Huh?

Yes, bottom button is afoot. Do I care? I think not.

Back is not as compelling as I deduced. Just a flaccid black bow. ZZZZZ.

Scintillating skirt by Leifsdottir, brilliantly clever, and from days of tangible currency. What a concept!

Hypothesize this cheesiness is going to turn my neck green in the next 5 minutes. Rock on!