Tuesday, July 14

Wait Till You Get a Load of This..........

Batman might be the film I saw most repeatedly in my lifetime. I think I should have been born in a Tim Burton movie and Gotham City is my kind of town. I can quote the Joker line for line, and he boasts some swell ones!  This having nothing to do with anything but the back of this jumper. The plunging bottom skirt is practically pornographic. Did it stop me from my parading it about? I think not.

This shift proclaims intelligent architecture. Harness back, Elasticized strip at drop waist. (Indeed). Points for prudence. I donned a camisole. Dig it!

Jewels comprised of a wee Kristin Diener necklace. Pale gray pearls separated with onyx and brass

After all the back drama, the front is staid for not the pleated pockets at dress's hemline. Huh?
Spicy, lively abstract silk fabric.

Amputated toes do not detract from the cleverness of these lacy sandals.

I'm on the next bullet train to Gotham City. Wheeeee!