Monday, November 29


For people that are thoroughly annoyed by the overuse and abuse of ...'s and exclamation points, I'm your man. I love both! I recall reading "Bonfire of the Vanities" and I think he used an exclamation point in EVERY sentence. LOVED IT. Anyway, my polka dot sweater and angle layered skirt are both by
Leifsdottir. I don't know anything about them but they sent me an intriguing postcard so OFCOURSE
I had to go to their website and ofcourse I had to pick up this little outfit. The word must be out there that I'm a SURE THING. Necklaces by Kara Sipe.

These bad boys say "Mess with me and I'll step on your face with my heal!" GRRRRRRRRRR!
Dagwood strikes a pensive pose.

Sunday, November 28

60's schizophrenia, wheeeeeeee!

Today I let each one of my personalities choose an article of clothing and boy did they go crazy!
60's polyester suit with Eisenhower jacket over a vintage blouse, both from Off Broadway. New sweater with a 60's look.I think my outfits scare people sometimes, get a backbone already!

Cashmere Betsey Johnson hose and Faryl Robin pumps. I need a go-go cage (most people would agree I need to be in SOME KIND of cage!)

Saturday, November 27

Oh dear, Liz attempts a minimal look AND flat shoes......

I do TRY to do less is more on occasion but it looks so peculiar on me that I don't know who I am all day. This
wool knit dress is atypical of Diane Von Furstenberg, but I love it for it's simple large red dot.  My necklace is actually a converted pin by artiste fantastique, Cynthia
Do you know that my legs are actually addicted to high heels? When I started wearing heels, I walked like a transvestite, but actually your leg changes after awhile, shortening your calf muscle and making flat shoes feel odd. Baci Asian fabric ballet shoes and Asian patterned hose. Who AM I?????

Friday, November 26

Morticia Welcomes Black Friday

All those people opening up at 3 a.m. and we can barely make it here at 11 o'clock!  Jen and I like to be fashionably late and deal with commerce in a rational manner.  I'm wearing this bat winged Robert Rodriguez blouse with borrowed Krisitn Diener at my crepey neck. Ruched pencil skirt by Nanette Lepore.  We've been the picture of patience but have not sold one 70" flat screen t.v. yet! 

Thursday, November 25

The little old lady that kicked the hornets' nest.

Lisabeth Salander would be mighty proud of the T'day rig I threw together. This Type Z dress is even too scandalous for me to wear to work at an opening. So I saved it for T'day at my bros house with my homies. I don't know how many garbage bags had to lose their lives to make this dress, but it was well worth it. A 25 year old Danskin underneath, ribbed hose and fierce shoes.  I went a bit overboard on the Jack Daniels and started bitch slapping everyone when my team wasn't winning, the World Series is still going on, right? Whatever!

It's off to the National Dog Show!

It's off to the Dog Show with the kids in tow in my 20's chapeaux from Elaine, my faux mink chubby from Spiegels and cheetah print jeans. The kids are dreadful hecklers at the show, unfortunately.

Wednesday, November 24

It's not easy being green....and purple......together.

Thanks to my days of traveling in a Budapest gypsy caravan, I really got a feel for that wild carnival taste to my wardrobe. And if you want your fortune told, I'm your man. Vintage jacket from Off Broadway, Boden skirt.
Hose from Free Radicals and Vivienne Westwood Mary Janes, comfy AND conservative!

Large fabric lizard with quartz chunk in its' mouth by Sandra Klink.

Monday, November 22


Trying to depart to celebrate Thanksgiving in Transylvania with family and friends, TSA booted me off my flight because I failed to pass inspection.  The guard said not only was I wearing clothing to young for my age, I was wearing too much denim at the same time.  Under intense questioning, I buckled under scrutiny and admitted to a trip to the juniors department at Macy's the week before. Scored this cute little dress for $4.99.  April Fool! Everyone knows I never travel!

Saturday, November 20

Lecture at the Secret Royal Society of Exotic Rapulum (Turnips)

I can't get enough of lectures on turnips and am SO honored to be allowed into their Secret Royal Society. Today's lecture was riveting, I was on the edge of my chair in this brocade coat and skirt suit with faux fur by Nine West.
I chose these stern and sensible platforms to create the right erudite turnip-phile tone.If you are curious as to why I often cover or delete my face, do you really want to deal with this mug everyday?

Friday, November 19

When Joan Crawford speaks, I obey and Sir Richard Burton and......

Joan Crawford demanded "No Wire Hangers" and I wholeheartedly obeyed.  All of my millions of clothes are on padded hangers and my shoes polished and in their boxes, toes tissued, of course. The mere breadth of this jackets' shoulder span brought her to mind.

Large pin with doll head by Holly Ambrose.

This is Sir Richard Burton, the explorer looking for the source of the Nile.  Well, they made a movie about him some 15 years ago and of course I became obsessed with him and dressed like him all the time for a couple of years.

This is the pin combo I came up with to represent Burton.  White elephant ( plastic), green writing utensil, an Asian pin by Iren Schio, and this folded newspaper pin. I like that this vest has lapels. These pins have been on this vest since that movie.

Phil failed to see what any of these pieces have in common but what it really adds up to is probably  "slutty schoolteacher".

Thursday, November 18

Greetings from Mongolia!!!!!

Taking a break from sheep herding to enjoy this lovely space.  Would you perchance care for a toke off my hookah? Damn, I've burned my thumb.........uh, what thumb?
OOOOOh boy.......the colors are SO crazy!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17

Sweet Anna Sui and my shoes are FIERCE!!!!!!!

Today we're experimenting with this new application Phil just got. It's perfect for this graphic dress by Anna Sui,worn with a fuzzy silver leopard print scarf. I love my face, I look a bit guilty of something. Probably......
These shoes look like I might have an affliction of some sort, but they're just some damn fierce shoes, period.

Tuesday, November 16

The temptress in an Oscar Wilde play.....

Known for her conniving and duplicity Lady Ludmilla plots against the innocent lovers and sends them to separate far flung destinations. She purrs at her cleverness and preens her jewels.

Sunday, November 14

His Girl Sunday

This jacket reminds me of Rosalind Russel in "His Girl Friday" Man, was she a GREAT secretary.
Not only did she do everything for him in a dazzlingly rakish manner, she took steno and typed 90 words per minutes with a live cigarette in her hand at all times.
Back detail, you just can't get them like this anymore. From Off Broadway.
Thought these shoes with rivets complimented the heavily detailed jacket. Mini would agree but she's looking the wrong way, oh, and 'cause she's blind.

Saturday, November 13

OH NO....Faux Coco.......and Jen's sexy stems

Karl Lagerfeld would get me in a headlock if he saw me in my Chanel impostor outfit. The only thing REAL Chanel is my perfume.

I'm wearing what I like to call my birthday cake shoes, pale pink platforms lacey detail, Dagwood concurs.
Jen models checked hose with dashing wool shorts, Robin Hood would be jealous.

Friday, November 12

Your attire is giving me a headache..........

Some lady said that to me one day when I was working in the book business.  It was kind of a pulsating optical illusion kind of combo. So take an aspirin already!!  Jen said I was going to get a memo from corporate headquarters at the book store informing me I would no longer be permitted to wear more than 12 patterns at a time.

Thursday, November 11

Salute a Veteran Today!

I'm brandishing all of my fake metals by Phoenix Forrester and Susan Skinner on this sublime vintage jacket from Off Broadway.  I'm wearing a Carol Hoy encaustic painting on my face.
I gleaned these square toed, buckle shoes from Paulette via Jen. They are bad ass and scream "drop and give me 50!!".

Sunday, November 7

Hello Gucci? This is Pucci........

This is a faux Gucci or Pucci that I'm wearing with a mask by Taos artist Scott Randolph and a borrowed necklace of Renate Surh.
These are GREAT shoes, open toed turquoise suede in a fan pattern with black patent leather backs and black satin ties. Louie the 14th called, he wants his shoes back!

Saturday, November 6

When Josephine Bonaparte reigned.....

Anne Boleyn did it first, but when her head bounced around a basket in 1536, the empire waist dress laid dormant until Josephine Bonaparte resuscitated the look in the late 18th century. Well, mine is by Diane von Furstenberg and it falls in my favorite dresses.

I swear on a stack of Vogues this IS the look for this fall, ankle socks and pumps. My niece rolls her eyes.
Another lust of mine , faux fur, this one is very rock star. Jen thinks I look just like a little barn owl.

Friday, November 5

Grow Up Already!

One's first perception of me is that I dress 30 years too young for my age. I'll be draping juniors clothes over the front of my walker soon enough.  I always say I'm shopping for my great granddaughter . What you can't really tell by this photo is that this is a VERY blocky sweater, not a poncho. And my skirt is black go-go fringe and that I'm in black plastic stiletto booties. The necklace is a fantastic bakelite and reflector piece borrowed from Susan Skinner. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't break a hip at the reception tonight!

Thursday, November 4

Oh, Bonnie Parker.......such a gangster fashionista!

What a Hottie! And so fashion forward!
She was big on little twin sets and neck scarves and a jaunty beret. 
My ode to Bonnie is this vintage wool skirt with ribbon and crewel work and a petal fronted cardi over a green and grey checked sweater. Love the odd color combo.
I'm wearing polka dot leggings with green and black striped platforms brandishing guns on the heels. Stick 'em up & nobody'll get hurt!

Wednesday, November 3

Let's head for the speakeasy

Wish I was in Harlem jiving with some handsome gentleman that would slip me some illegal hooch, 'cause I'm workin up a sweat! Calvin Klein wedges with white open circle pattern hose.
Close up of the top of the dress, it's by a Spanish company named Custo, worn with Debra Colonna faintly pink pearls and a Phoenix Forrester necklace.  Phoenix gave me this vintage pearl encrusted belt. Save me a dance!

Stone age documentation......

Before there was blogging and digital photography and electricity I would record my outfits the old timey way, by drawing them and cutting out inspirational pictures.  I have over 25 journals and I've been doing it for over 30 years. They are fun to peruse now, you wouldn't believe some of those 80's outfits! Ouch!

Monday, November 1

I heart Vivienne Westwood.

Although I think Vivienne might have reworked a Mary Poppins coat, I love this jacket with colossal lapels and waist detail.  It's distressed linen in a tan and black stripe.  Borrowed some great antiquated- looking bling from the gallery. Pins by Kristin Diener (bestill my anatomical heart) and Eleanore Macnish and two necklaces by Karan Sipe. This outfit screams "I could use some absinthe 
and a cigarette in a holder."