Monday, March 30

Smell The Fleurs.......

Ardent passion for anything French. Chanel, Parisian women, cafes, eclectic stalls of endless treasures, baguettes, escargot, the birth of the brassiere. Which prompts my segue into the masterfully conceived fleur de lis. Miraculously not drowning in jewelry, I elected to give this tee front billing.

Lace motif skinny jeans compliment in my characteristic fashion, i.e. "This is as close as I venture into "matchy matchy" land". Dig it!   Hey! Let's throw this faux snakeskin belt into the mix. Wheeee!


Saving the best for last, my Vivienne Westwood plastic, triple strapped Mary Jane's. Comely iris hue.

I would term this ensemble "tamed edginess". Should you ever glean the occasion to use my name and the term tame in the same sentence, I hope you guffaw your ass off! Dig it!

Sunday, March 29

Cross My Hearts.........

Never one to cower from self-indulgence, this miasma of hearts take on the appearance of a cat's cradle. Except infinitely chaotic. Would have behooved me to employ a modicum of organization. Hmmmmmm.

 Feather weight fetching frock in alluring intricate knit.  Underslip imperative. Incredulous that I bore one? I think yes.

Shoes are "if you've seen them once, you've seen them a thousand times" issue. No thanks.

Notice she's skirting the fact that "if you've seen her once, you've seen her a trillion times". We suffer en masse.

Dr. Seuss? Friday.........

Unaware I was exuding a Dr. Seuss-like fervor in this maxi dress. Purportedly so.

Cotton blend constitutes ample play in the hem so that I was relieved of having to walk like a convict.
Dig it!

Black and white! Wheeee!

Imminence of Easter had no bearing on my decision to become awash in Catholic iconography. I love this stuff!

Timid flats in faux python. Nice webbed feet...........

Thursday, March 26

Swell Stuff.........

DOGGIES WITH ACID REFLUX....................




Recall Casual Corner?  Conjure shopping at one in Washington D.C.  with my step-mother in the 60's! I think they held their ground until the 80's. Hence this vest, circa 1980. Grosgrain with ruched waist. Vexing hue combo of navy, mustard and dark red. Owned it a dozen years before my employee was  born. Add her 22 sage years = a 32 year old acquisition. Dig it!

Marvel the elaborate lace treatment in this celluloid heart shaped delicacy.
Juxtaposed with enamel crown baring skull. I never toss a treasure. Wheeeee!

Little Cocktail Dress, Sans Cocktail......

A classic becomes transported with edgy sophistication. Comely latte hued shift. Voile petals. Scoop neckline. Discarded the boring grosgrain ribbon for this red leather belt. Dig it!

Touches of secondary hue  reappear in this vintage rhinestone spider pin with red faceted glass body.

Red finale in my very much loved tres pointy faux croc kitten heels.

                                                  I look truly cosmopolitan. What a concept!

Flaccid But Fetching........

However "bathrobe-ques" and sagging this might appear, in actuality, becoming it is.  Mammoth pockets and contrasting fabric detail save this dress from utter ruin indeed. Alas, I didn't document the same treatment in back.

Grand necklaces by Beth Clark. Oxidized triangles, pearls sticks, basalt stones. My cavernous throat. Yikes!

Bring on the incongruity! Flouncy little dress paired with tribal tights and platform faux croc boots. Wheeee!

Yet another ensemble that temps one to cross the street when you see her encroaching. Dig it!

Tuesday, March 24

Where's My Spider Plant? Sunday........

Reminisce upon the days when your abode was ensconced in suspended plants from bewitching macrame creations. Everyone that saw me this day had to make a comment to that effect. Thanks.........

Dark lavender cami beneath.

Attest to loving this tunic quite ardently. Plant hammocks be damned. 

Aubergine skinny jeans and some comfy butch bikers complete an ensemble in which I feel no shame. For once. Dig it!

PTA Meeting...........Dig it!!!

If this attire doesn't smack of trying to create a good impression on your child's disgruntled teacher I'm flummoxed. Mimicking the perky little cropped jacket I'm predicting she's donning, I sedately wear mine, hoping to encourage some tweed solidarity. Perky jacket initially closed but then opened due to my rising anxiety of her divulged concerns.......

In my own opinion, this Diane von Furstenberg skirt carries the tempo of my serious compliance.

Only succumbed to friskiness in the shoe department. Thinking, hell, she probably can't see them anyway. Dig it!

Issue.....child's persistant lack of self control. That certainly rings a bell. Wheee!

Sunday, March 22

New Campaign aka "Endless Thursdays".....

New campaign in Nob Hill for the merchants to stay open until 8pm and promoting cross pollination like gleaning a free chocolate with same day receipt from another business. All I'm offering up is the old "find the peanut under the right rotating shells" trick..........

If these were real diamonds I'd be driving a much nicer car, undoubtedly. Cheesy is as cheesy does....Do I care? I think not.

Black knit top flaunts edited circular front hem and sharply tapered sides. Recalls the fins on vintage cars. Dig it!


Always transported by it's loveliness, this gossamer, gored shirt with peacock embroidery ignites my spirit. (Which I need after 9 hours in the trenches).

Flagrant 360,  from diaphanous daintiness to bossy butch. Stud encrusted collar on fierce leather vest.

I mourn that did not document my companion biker boots with gaggle of unnecessary straps and buckles. Comfortable, formidable, and just the ensemble dichotomy I relish. Wheeeeeee!