Wednesday, November 30

Get That Chocolate Mint Chip Off Your Shoulder..........

Don't you adore this mint and chocolate wool smocked mini? It's like a night gown.

Demure by Kristin Dieners standards, this is one in the collection of her art jewelry I have amassed......... (really, you?) Dangling pearls, antique buttons, semi-precious stones. Dig it!

What with the imminent Shop'n'Stroll tomorrow, it's "schlep city" around here today, hence the faux python FLATS. White holey hose. Does my outfit make you crave an ice cream cone? I'd like one.

Monday, November 28

Vintage Ahoy!!!!!

Most of my vintage clothes are for cool climes. I have a plethora of great jackets as you might have guessed. This one is by Lillie Ann and is boucle wool with peplum waist and cool breast detail.

This amazing vintage skirt I gleaned in Santa Fe. Super long with knife pleats.

Creme diamond opaques with ancient Mary Janes. Get ready to see me roll out a lot of vintage, just like me!

Sunday, November 27

Come Buy Something Sunday...........

As commerce reigns this weekend we've dug in for a prosperous day. Vintage jacket from Off Broadway sporting vintage pins, I put the banana oval buttons on it to jazz it up a bit.
Glen plaid skinny legged trousers, good for processing transactions.

These are the coolest shoes made by a company called Jump. They have a leather perforated top and the coolest fat circular heel. Great for chasing down that final sale of the day. Don't forget, shop local, shop small businesses!!!!!

Saturday, November 26

Gorilla Skirt Saturday..........

Kind of the empress of all things faux, this boucle sweater from Wear It (B.C.) with faux mink color is a lot of fun. What you can't see are these killa earrings by Renate Suhr that hang to the shoulder.

Saturdays are for getting your gorilla on, this one is kind of a sparkly gorilla.

Purple hose and what I like to refer to as my Edward Scissor hands pumps because they have this 
 cris-cross stitching on the front. Take it easy on your gorilla today, Saturdays are not their favorite.

Friday, November 25

Black Friday Baby, Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Black Friday doesn't really slam us with a mob scene. That's for the malls and chain stores. Still we do a brisk business. I'm attempting to look business like in this ensemble. Here   
Kris Mills dowager pendant made of shrinky dink, black cami.

Plaid wool bolero jacket by Adele Simpson from Off Broadway. How cool is it?????

High waisted, wide legged Tibi trousers from Net-a-Porter, (pre-recession). Glad I got out there and bought my 400" flat screen t.v. before I came to work. Dig it!

Wednesday, November 23

High on Fashion.........

This cropped leather jacket boasts sublime gifted vintage pins. I must say clothes are my heroin,
shoes my cocaine, anything vintage my laudanum, and jewelry my acid!
Dig this dress from Toad Road, (it's Grey and black dammit!) I LOVE it!

Large mesh hose and silver Jessica Simpson shoes, SO Wizard of Oz!
Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Monday, November 21

Faux Balmain, SO 2 years ago..............

Balmain did these very pronounced shoulders in 2009 and I LOVED the look! I was into the shoulder pad thing in the 80's, which were recalled from the 30's and 40's.

Of course it takes two years to trickle down to something I can afford. I don't care.......lava necklace,
permanent jewels.

It's a sweater dress from Bluefly worn with heather hose. Nice gut.

Perfect petroleum based green and black plats brandishing pistols on the back should anyone give me grief about being so NOT current.

Sunday, November 20

Heavily Draped.............

Got this frock at Toad Road and you know how I feel about cowls but this one has a great cut.
Much favored pink lace top underneath.
This navy jersey drapes all the way to the waist and then straightens to the hem.
Whoa!!!!!! Nothing very innocent about this pose but the floral stockings and pretty pink Farryl Robin t-stapped shoes feel so.
Anyone that knows me wouldn't characterize me as innocent! Bad,bad girl generally speaking.

Saturday, November 19

Have You Petted Your Zebra Today?

Having just come back from grooming my zebra in this swirly grey sweater, lava ball choker by Laurette O'Neil and FAUX zebra belt.
Grey paper bag waisted cropped trousers, better view of said FAUX zeeb belt.
Dig these faux zebra 50's looking pumps by Gabriella Rocha. They whisper sensuously "Happy Birthday Mr. President".........

Friday, November 18

I repeat, I hate mimes..........

Feeling a bit insane today so I thought I'd wear this mime-esque combo. Dollar skirt, striped hose.
C R A Z Y platforms by Jeffrey Campbell. 
Tres conservative but so comfy.

Ancient striped tee and faux Rodarte leather jacket. Sometimes mimes laugh and sometimes they cry....

Thursday, November 17

Louis the 13th Thursday

Louis the 13th was quite the dandy, as am I! Rakish clothes and CRAZY shoes with lots of reasons for bejeweled occasions are the norm.
Two Kris Mills necklaces, shrinky-dink image choker,the other a copper and handmade chain necklace with different individual adornments.

Anthropologie raw silk jacket with flared waist, VERY Louis!

Louise would be enraptured by these shoes, they're pretty killer.
Fierce tapestry platforms with buckles. Who's up for a good beheading?

Wednesday, November 16

Plain Jane........

Thought I'd go a little crazy with the patterns today, hate to keep it too minimal.
Someone once told me,"your outfit is giving me a headache!". Man up!

Full skirt is royal blue polished cotton mini, cream hued diamond patterned opaque tights.

Pee Wee Herman would be SO proud of my fierce quilted platforms. Let's dance the "Tequila" song on the bar top!

Tuesday, November 15

40's Remix Baby.............

Look who's back! Wheeeeeeeeee! Wearing this vintage navy jacket with padded shoulders and great detail.

See what I'm saying? Beautiful!

40's boat neck cashmere sweater which was a hand me down from a friend, it was her mother's.
High waisted trousers that are current but don't look it. Usual bling.

Brent and Jen picked out these shoes for me one Xmas.
They are smashing and so 40's. I'm embalmed from that era you know!

Wednesday, November 9

How Now Brown Cowl............

Cowl necks are funny things, they are like flaccid kangaroo pouches  ( of course I own two of them!)
This one is brown cashmere, the choker is by Deedra Jarrell.
Cheetah skirt by Marc Jacobs, what can I say, I love him!

Fierce platforms from Urban Outfitters, hey guess what? My cast is history!Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, November 6

Asian Fusion Confusion...........

Jen gave me the cinnabar box necklace from Hey Jhonny, the little cricket basket is also from there, I made it into a necklace, and George gave me the elaborate cross. The ubiquitous grey and black Danskin,is about 25 years old.I never get rid of A N Y T H I N G !!!! I still have clothing from the eleventh grade.

This chevron design skirt is quite a curios addition but what the hell, I was in a hurry!

My brother gave me these Asian print hose an age ago, I relish them still. Trampy shoes by Jessica Simpson. And I thought YESTERDAY"S outfit was schizophrenic!

Monday says "Adieu for now"..............