Thursday, January 31

Mouseketeer Thursday

It took me a while to notice that this get up I donned today smacks of a Mouseketeer kind of vibe. What the hell??????????

Don't blame Carol Ware's cool crushed aluminum pendant on how this ensemble went awry............

                                                             Feeling kind of perky and happy in this stretch uber turtleneck in variegated stripes.
Man, does this Wear It jersey skirt with slanted pleats scream whatever a Mouseketeer screams............

         Seismograph opaque hose and my Buddy Holly shoes.

Can't be part of "The Club" without some dots. Crazy long grey cardigan with sizable red dots. This outfit it giving me a headache.

Wednesday, January 30

Put This Here, Put That There.............

                     Nothing like a bit of choke chain to perk up otherwise VERY utilitarian garb. Choke chain from Revolver.

We're changing shows so everything must shift. A very arduous process that takes a couple of days.

This Danskin ( does that company still exist?) is older than Jean. Worn under a PLUNGING neckline.
My decolletage runneth over, as you can see. Lovely top, latte hued background with appliqued black geometrics applied with white surging. 

Dastardly pants, but I must sacrifice for the cause. These are actually a gift in jersey with wee faux leather pockets.  Pockets! You can't see my shoes, they're cool, trust me.

                 Must go. There are about 4 thousand things yet to move. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, January 29

Betsey Johnson Tuesday..............

Even though it's sub-zero outside, had to don this jaunty little ensemble because I WANTED TO!

Lots of Betsey Johnson going on, I love her!

Have this slightly military looking jacket by Betsey Johnson that I'm clueless as to what's it's made of. It's shiny and it's either thin leather or thick something. Dig it! Warm, I don't THINK so.........

Dual chokers by Laurette O'Neil. Oxidized silver and the one with discs has little gold dots in the center.

Yummy cardigan that's paper thin! Wheeeeeeeeee!

But how fetching with this Betsey Johnson high waisted pencil skirt with black faceted buttons everywhere and ribbon hem. Delicious!

Seamed fishnets and kitten heeled faux croc pumps. At least these are practical for sprinting to my car to dodge the cold!
Oh Chicago, thanks for visiting!

Sunday, January 27

Royal (Blue) Family.........

This is kind of Kara Sipe day, I'm sporting some imperial-eques repurposed jewelry she made and will reveal another part of her contribution soon.


Pleasureful diaphanous blouse with draped shoulders, makes me feel like I deserve a curtsy,
bring it on!
This is the other Karan Sipe, this vintage silk skirt bequeathed to me a few years ago. It isn't in the best of shape however, I'll have to euthenize it. The pleated hem is in shreds and there are other furtive holes in it. I hope it survives til the day's end. Bit embarrassing to be walking to the car without it.

Royal blue opaque hose a Xmas gift and cheapy flats I bought on line. I'm CERTAIN they're encrusted with real diamonds however! Dig it!

Saturday, January 26


Remember Tang being touted as the drink of astronauts? Dig it! I loved Tang, I think everyone did, it was such a NEW thing.

Outfit kind of screams "Orange much?" It gave me a snuggly reminiscent Tang vibe. Vintage purple wool jacket from Off Broadway. Nice move dumb ass to wear wool in the rain. I'm going to smell like a wet dog!

Plethora of purplish pearl strands. Alexandra Romanov didn't have this many pair! Poor dear.......

Sporting some of my favorite hose and definitely some of my most precious shoes. Triple strapped iridescent vinyl Vivienne Westwood Mary Janes. Caution, terrifying ensemble today.

Friday, January 25

This Old Thing Friday.............

Hey, look what I found beneath the depths! This fetching little wool dress in paisley with drop elastic waist! It was truly HIDING in my closet, I swear! Very light wool, so cozy. I'm sure you're thinking" What the hell is going on here?????" It's cool, really.

This was the first piece of Kristin Diener's I ever purchased. For Kristin, it's pretty modest in scale.
She says I have amassed one of the biggest, if not THE biggest collection of her work. It's brilliant.

Argyle opaque hose and crimson red patent kitten heels. I've gotten the heels stuck in every sidewalk crack I've walked on today. Great...................

Thursday, January 24

Dress as Skirt Thursday...........

You know I'm digging doing this lately. Exhuming expensive dresses that I'd get a penny on the dollar for if I tried selling them but if only they were a little different I'd wear them again. This dress I adore anyway but wanted to morph it just for fun.
    Precious faux lace peplum blouse in soft jersey. I thought it a               fitting pairing.

This is my circus tent dress that I've mimicked the off white and black of my blouse. Aren't I the clever camper?

Quite familiar black dot hose and an ancient pair of much loved shoes. Shoe boots, I guess, with side strap, equestrian or butch? I can't decide..............

Wednesday, January 23

Why the Green Boots? You Ask...............

On top of everything else, I'm getting a tad color blind too. I have a lot of difficulty with blacks and navys and I could have sworn this top had dark green in it. Alas no, it's just black and grey and white. Whatever.

I'm wearing this tunic as a vest and I'm wearing it backwards as the back is so much more interesting than it's plain boring front. Love exposed zipper and thin straps, cut in "back" action make this fun. Old expensive dress from days of yore by Laundry. Kind of an amalgamation of Art Nouveau and Deco.

                 Two Marcia Sednek pins, intentionally placed to cover up a label inside. Dig it!

Black and white hose and dark green boots, allegedly to pick up the dark green in the tunic. Do I care? I think not.

Tuesday, January 22

Tuesday, I think...........

Things tend to run together, blurring dates and days, especially when you toss in a holiday. So forgive me if I'm a bit unprepared, especially in the date department.Oh, and the day department too. Garnished with choke chains by Juli Cardozo and the other a gift from Georgie.

Nothing heats my blood like a schizofrenic design and this one's got all kinds of things going on. Red machine stitching, dual patterns, erratically pleated skirt, little pocket with line of criss crosses. Worn with my ubiquitous black and white dot leggings. Dig it!

Speaking of ubiquitous, I wear these red faux croc kitten heeled pumps about every 15 minutes. Or I THINK I do, could be months, could be years. Who knows?

Monday, January 21

Frilly, Flouncy Monday..............

Kind of a dichotomy going on here. Embracing Catholic iconography to the maximum in this Saint charm necklace by Karan Sipe. 
Hot pink SHEER lace tee. What the?
Top of this dress is flouncy and frilly. Just what you've learned to expect from me, no? I think not.

Flouncy back detail tempts those that are into flouncyness. What??????

Aubergine knit dress with diagonal seams to pockets. Pockets, wheeeeeee!

Adore these hose, that's why I wear them every 5 minutes. Hue of pumps with ankle straps are a good match but don't feel right with this outfit, more cut throat attorney-esque. What IS right with this outfit???????

Saturday, January 19

Secretary Appreciation Saturday.........


My attire is so mundane & staid  today I think I look like a 50's secretary. Adele Simpson bolero jacket from Off Broadway.

               Diane von Furstenberg dress, MAJOR yawn except for the attention to detail.

 Leopard hose boost it up a tad. Brown faux croc short boots.

I wish I knew shorthand and had a steno pad! Must scamper, my boss demands his coffee!