Sunday, February 28

Black Sabbath............

Ensemble smacks of a sadist ice-capades. Perhaps it's the perky mini MMM (man made material) circle skirt sporting micro perforations. Reiteration is as reiteration does in my much abused 80's Norma Kamali deep v-neck spandex with deft shoulder detail.

Slinky back.Would be considered smoldering on someone other than.
Nice pig's feet arms. Yummy.

Susan Skinner (she hates me now, dig it!) flower papier-mache pin.  

Arresting tights that bear an uncanny likeness to Andy Warhol motif.  I smell lawsuit! Wheeee!

Let's grab a whip and go skating. Rock on!

Thursday, February 25

Sage Bluestocking.............

Don't misconstrue sage for wise, but age is not only plausible, it's obvious. My tame, sage hued, knit jumper boasts clever accents, wooden rings at shoulders and cascading swirls. Three sturdy wood buttons. I should be shelving books. The Dewey Decimal systems heats my blood!  Bring it on!

Necklace bequeathed me years ago made by Jessica Bryant. Frida in resin encased spoon. Bronze Age elaborately crocheted cardigan by J. Peterson. Jeez, did this thing sport some cobwebs. Dig it!

Aswim with MMM (man made material, I'm patenting that acronym) pleather skinnies, and brown faux leather combat books. Shhhhhhhhhhh! Time to read. Are we on the same page?

Sunday, February 21

Narcoleptic Drool Pool............

When the most titillating element of your fashion statement du jour are the hose and flats, you know inciting unconsciousness is a potential hazard. Much abused saturation of this dropped pointy side thingy reoccurring in my monolithic inventory. Oh please........

Wear It exhumation in this triple stranded faux (what a surprise) pearls. Nice boiled shrimp skin. Righteous!

Real leather does not rescue this jacket from tedious cheesiness. You contemplate, have I ever heard of a return option or,  what a concept, not buying it in the first place? I think not.....

Saving the best for last are these dotted floral, cream hued stockings. Ancient Anthropologie purchase, 
these coruscated brocade flats with elastic strap. 

Nice webbed feet. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Incarcerated by PETA?

Further evidence of my delinquency, this ensemble dates from January 30th! With great contrition I bare this boucle sweater from Pleistocene Wear It. PETA might get their hair up by said but it's really faux. I'd never commit such an injustice. Prodigiously hued Cynthia Cook choker. Dig it!

Tights peppered with spinning globules and magnificent cascading grey sweater. Travesty black and white polka dot socks and hellishly cool opened toed wedges were not sufficiently aggrandized.

To ere is human. Which unfortunately, as long ago deduced, I am not. Wheeeeeee!

Wednesday, February 17

My Skirt Fell Off, Dig it!

Crux of devouring vintage clothing, is this article, circa 1940. Like people, they start manifesting symptoms of decline. This incident is entirely my fault. The suit is in pristine condition (Off Broadway, you're the best!) Alas it falls on my shoulders to maintain pesky things like wee snaps so loose they are beginning to take a free fall. Back to my torpid use of needle and thread. So said imperiled snaps and undiscovered hook and eye made my skirt fall off to my knees whilst traversing Silver, gallery bound. What a nightmare. I was laden with dog, a huge book bag, a purse and bottle of water. Like a car accident it all happened so quickly I don't know how I rescued it from around my knees. Wow, I finally discover the hook and give up on the snaps, my sweater bulging forth from the cavity. How this failed to be witnessed considering the brisk morning hubbub is incomprehensible. It was hilarious!

Detail of truant. Silk pencil skirt with low knife pleats.

                        One would conjecture that this swathed sweater would have saved the day. It was a monolithic hindrance.

 I find solace in this leather jacket with patent leather sleeves. It does however suffer a dearth of zippers and belts and pockets. Our loss.

Gilty As Charged

Whole impetus for this ensemble was the grey blue sleeveless with resplendent brass sphere embellishment. True to inferior lack of pride in someone's job; it's discs are beginning to displace themselves. This poses a quandry. My dearth of domestic skills encompass practically everything so sewing is something of which I'm neither keen or practiced. Nor interested. Then I conjured glue as a remedy. I smell a graver disaster than sewing.  Much intellect involved in choosing this gold denim jacket to further promote my theme. Yawn.                                              


Wee bit of Henry the VIII action in jeans silk screened with brocade.

Iron Age butter hued tie kitten heels from Anthroplogie.

Should we agree on casually regal?  Do what I say...............

Monday, February 15

Let's Get Lopsided!

Despite the abundant faux-ness of this choker I love every aspect. The fake cinnabar, turquoise and enigmatic black beads. Yummy.

This painted, on incendiary lycra dress brandishes a host of angles and lengths. Herculean ruching. I initially thought this necklace gravely askew but I've determined the "whole package" thus. Let's forego making eye contact with the shoes. Do you have nightmares about them walking across your bedroom? You should by now...........



It doesn't take much to propel a heightened interest in brandishing unrestrained opulence. Example A.
this whisper soft aubergine frock. Ornate full circle.

Leviathan lust for intricate embroidery treatment extending to mid back.

On to the bijouterie. Is this the largest stamp in history? It smacks of something gothic and Nordic. 
Devour the helter skelter filagree and glass beads. Righteous!

Can't laude these luscious stockings sufficiently. Pre-Cambrian pumps that look like something I'd wear in court, on either side of the bench.

Happy Valentine's to me. Who needs a box laden with calories anyway?
Give me a calorie free book. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Thursday, February 11

Bulgarian Freak Fest..........

What's not to adore about this spate of ethic jewelry? Barely visible top choker is by Susan Skinner comprised of dark green jade, coral, and navajo pearls. Cascading are two Asian pendants and a mirafiori sacred heart, also by Susan Skinner.

How wicked are these insane tights? Yellow lycra under black fish nets, solid black on the reverse side.
Paisley tunic exudes lively gypsy spunk. Bring on the tarot cards! Dig it!


Leatha, not really, jacket sporting studs sprinkled on shoulders and sleeves.
Fierce wedge shoe boots. 

                                                Does Bulgaria embrace age inappropriately dressed freaks?
                                                            One can only hope. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

                                                                        I love Germany!

Wednesday, February 10

Imbibe in Some Coco..............

Always the staunch faux follower, if I can't have the real thing (worth gads more than my car) than dammit, I'll mimic it aerobically.

Black lace over peach cotton blend. Ruffled wrist and zip front. Yummy.
Pity my sublime decorous floral tights refuse to be documented.

Coco was awash with pearls. I went with this choker of elongated fresh water pearls.
( Am flummoxed as to their identity and whether they're fresh water or no).

Boy, some uber guillotine work cropping this earring away from a host of unsightly stuff.
Further faux opulence in these brass crown earrings with faceted black glass drops. Righteous.

Just a dollop of the hard core to freshen the palette i.e. studs and petroleum based material. 
Dig it! And dig the best designer of all time.

Monday, February 8

Zeeb City...........

Gifted this sumptuous coziness from my dear give-me-thousands-of-clothes-for-xmas-and-my-birthday friend. Perky hue duo. Black tunic bespeaks plethora is as plethora does. This one brandishes lace sleeves! Keep that stored to discern it from the other quintillions. Righteous!

                                                                    Gee, what lovely hands.........

                            Abundant zest in these skinnies with zebra front and solid black posterior.

Hold the phone! Embrace the vast coolness of my zebra go-go boots. They have faux hair mimicking the texture of said. Swear it's faux, really, what isn't that I wear?

Purchased from Boden when their line was only available from the U.K. Felt so cosmopolitan to receive that package!

Get a life.

Sunday, February 7

Schizophrenic Black & White

Immense pride when I can spell psychological maladies correctly, without aid. Right on! Immeasurable joy in this rarified embellished currency turned pendant. Bequeathed by dear companion Jim Lather, it's a franc from 1817 replete with image of Louie the IXVIII on flip side.What an enormously precious treasure. He also gave me a German postcard in perfect condition from 1914, nubile female photographed by Alfred Stieglitz.  That man is a keeper, though I don't deserve him. I speak of Jim, of course. Stieglitz was a jerk.........

Besotted with this heavy cotton knit dress. Art deco on acid methinks. Wheeeee!
What's this chaotic motif without some annoying striped tights beneath?

Houndstooth socks and chunky heeled zip front pumps from the Paleozoic period.
Keep on keeping on!

Get you age inappropriate groove on with this turquoise petroleum based studded vest.
I'm thrilled to be crazy! Seriously..........

                                       Adoring my German followers! Thanks!