Monday, October 10

Break a Hip..............

Befuddled as to why I can never cease piling on to what's already piled on? I have no viable defense. Blame DNA. Purchased this highly flammable, petroleum based frock from, again, a cheesy venue I demur to disclose. Pretty flaming dynamic right? I think that'd be a positive. Dig it!
 Nice wrist and boiled pork hand.

It's even bitchin'  horizontally. Wheeeeeee! Nice residue from painting walls.

Had an opening the night this frock debuted. Incredulously, not really, I own a pair of pantyhose that are daring purple and black check. I ripped apart the knot of inventory, but they were not to be found. Was reduced to wearing these staid purple on purple ones in lieu. Travesty. I loathe a boring ensemble.

Decidedly my favorite shoes of all time. Rivaling Imelda, that's saying something! Wheeeeee!

So this was First Friday's regalia.. Conjecture now, the elusive purple and black check numbers became so flaccid they had to be euthanized. R.I.P.

Saturday, October 1

Stellar Sighting of Swell Sedneks...........

Rockstar Marcia Sednek encompasses and reigns the term talent. Renowned for her dresses, of which she's created thousands, her genius enables her to shape shift her creativity to the realm of standing and lounging figures, handbags, and bijouterie! Decent!
Nice amputated arms.......

Shorts are the most inane garment ever conceived. (You know what? I figured out another word that bucks the "I before e except after c" commandment. Neighbor.) I digress. Shorts remind me of the Brownies, of which I attempted to join. They said they were full. Huh? The catalyst that birthed my edgy, questionable, character.

Refer to this long sleeved hairy thing as my "Magilla Gorrilla" gem. It's about thirty thousand years old.
Seriously folks, who doesn't love a warm, fuzzy gorilla? I'm not even going to bore you with how these ludicrous shorts came to be. Trust me, purchase not intentional.

Nice stupid, lounging, shorts.

Why compound the cheesiness with these petroleum based Smurf boots? Too late now.

How endearing is Wilkie?

It's a given I've boasted some asinine garb. Is that why everyone was laughing more than usual today?Nice stupid shorts.........

Tuesday, September 27

Punk Jacket, Squash Pumps, The Guild............

Penultimate summer salutations all. Terry Wetrogan was the one who corrected me of my misuse of the word penultimate. Now you'd think it suggests the pinnacle of something. No, no, no. It, in actually, means next to the last. First of all, don't make a word that sounds the ass opposite of what it means. And secondly, who has need to reference next to the last anyway? Oh please..........Well, thanks Terry.  I feel so intellectually elevated!  Whoa, where am I going here? Oh yes, todays ensemble! First assaulted by a chilly morning, I don my "Tina Turner" jacket. Awash in metal studs, zippers that go nowhere and mountainous padded shoulders. Rock it!  Age old, hollow sterling beads. Rich charcoal patina.

Butter squash hued sweater tunic with ruffle front.
These ruffles don't appear to feel well. Hmmmmmm.

How odd is this?  I don't know what I'm doing. Threw it in here anyway. Ha!

Leggings are a new acquisition. Resemble air bubbles. If I'm attempting to pass a sobriety test, I think I'm seeing the back seat of a police car. Yow!!!!

This was my elected groovy cinema look to attend a gripping film at the Guild. I get such an embarrassing trough of popcorn I always lurk in the back row . Wheeeeee!

Nice necklace glob.

Will finish with these Pre-Cambrian but highly cherished shoes I purchased online from Anthropologie. I think they're French. I gave them a new lease on life by replacing the narcoleptic shoelaces with sheer golden ribbon. Now I love even more! What the hell is that menagerie in the background????????

I'm such a mess............

Saturday, September 24

Casket Liner Friday........

Endeavor to turn out to turn up at an event.  Last night, groovy opening at Downtown Contemporary. This pumpkin, voile number, brandishing black, wire wrapped, voile bloomage, keeps the horticulture perky. Dig it!

Capaciously adored knit sleeveless with rolled neckline. 
Beguiling is as beguiling does.

Bequeathed these two silver hearts from dear comrade Jim Lather. He brings me amazing antique bounty. I'm sooooo spoiled!

Modicumly toned down strumpet. Wheeeeee!

Post Script: I made up the word modicumly! Righteous!

Mayhaps it will catch on...........

Thursday, September 22

Nice antimacassar..........

In days of yore when women had nothing better to do they crocheted these ludicrous acres of lacy stuff to brandish with great pride of purpose on furniture. You can get an idea of the circa by the highly embarrassed stuffed couch.

Queen of cleverness.......Jeez, it's a guy!

Antimacassar be damned. This is one groovy frock. (See through a given.)

Aubergine satin slip lurks beneath. Dig it!

Full ensemble lends an incongruous, staid, ambiance. Huh?

Let's begin with the fact that this pic looks like it was taken about 5 miles from the sun. Righteous!
They are beautiful pumps and even with the galactic bleaching you can't discern the pointed square toe, deft white stitching and tassels! These bitches are from Pennys! Wheeeeeeee!

Tuesday, September 20

Leave It to Cleavage.............

Apparent I'm absent said but I swear I did not intentionally bear such a surfeit of lingerie! My typical pattern is that everything dismantles over the course of the day. I'm like a kid in the summer that does nothing but rough house; running around, rolling around. But this is obscenely askew even for me! Dig it!

Marvel in this simple but clever structure of sleeves and bodice. Nice diversion tactic.


Let's race north to embrace my choker by the acclaimed Kris Mills. Master of all skills, the metal smithing and illustrations are by groovy, quirky Kris.

Cropped to oblivion and desiccated bologna still rears it's ugly head! Rock on!

Leifsdottir satin circle skirt. Devilishly clever. Detail of their exalted intelligence in design.

Riveting, riveted shoe boots. Well, they're not actually riveting, but hey, are riveted none the less 
Nice raw chicken palor.

It always comes together in it's own ridiculous alchemy.........Wheeeeee!

Monday, September 19

Maude Laude...........

Everyone should have basked in the sun of Maude Andrade's Brobdingnagian talent at this venture. Revered for her design innovation in wearables, vast brilliance as a painter and hey, she's a botanist! Dig it! (Should you ever have the call for botany.)

Maude has recently blossomed into the medium of skirt design! Snug lycra numbers are presently created in two motifs. Astonishing to all that I possess both! Today I brandish her most recent. Pearl grey, acid yellow, white, graphite and salmon swashes. Sparse subtle flowers.

Enough chains to tether Hercules. You betcha'!

Nice amputated arms! Wheeeeeeee!

Notorious for my age inappropriate attire, even I wasn't going to expose my midriff. Will save that for another day! 

Let's go to an opening and then see what shenanigans unfold. All Maude's fault!

Note to self: knee lipo highly provident...........

Friday, September 16

Lurking in My Closet.......

Astonished by what I encounter in my excavations, i.e. this silk number I purchased in days of Neiman Marcus yore. Pithy hues, motif and details I didn't record at all! Rock on!

Actual wood buttons. Neiman Marcus pulls out all the stops. (How generous of them, since you're shelling out generous cash.)

Travesty I didn't parade the silk covered buttons that run down both sides. Our loss.

What would a day be sans animal print? Non-animal print sightings equivalent to leap year. Wheeeee! My proclivity to be unruly in personality and tresses speaks volumes. I digress. Nice airbrush applied pencil skirt.

Pre-Cambrian, leopard print kitten heels from days of "Wear It". 

Off to free load at Albuquerque Museum's "free third Thursday." Meet me there sometime! Free music, free lectures, free crafts. The food and liquor isn't free though. 

Wednesday, September 14


Aerobic guffawing at the vast amount of guillotine toil involved in this post. Let's begin with the earring, shall we? This galactic hedge of hysterical tangles had to be cleaved to abort not only said mane but a myriad of other atrocities. Earring, however, is fancifully comprised of vintage watch parts. Wendy Morris the, "clever is as clever does" jeweler.

Nice pitch black "denial hair".
Nice bologna cheek...........

Amputation maximus is featured in the shoe category. Shoe indeed. Had I accosted you with the cloven hoofed, "Elephant Man" mate, the unsightly vision would have thrust you backwards, markedly.
All of that preface to document this cheesy little dye cut flat out of plastic. Wheeeeeee!

Gratefully, the remaining elements of this ensemble are in their entirety. Rock on!
A surfeit of flowers, we'll concur. Off-white sleeveless boasts a spate of feminine flora. Skirt, a treasure from the ingenious "Leifsdottir".  Comely mauve, epic design.

Cut! It's a wrap!

Monday, September 12

What's With the Boots?

Birthed this ensemble out of a spate of age inappropriate inventory. Righteous! Janet Hoelzel's exalted design sensibility rises above the cheesiness that is forthcoming..............Tin pendants on ball chain.

Yet another highly flammable gem gleaned from some highly embarrassing venue.
Special points for the age inappropriate exposed midriff! Wheeeeee!

Diamond motif skinny jeans perpetuate a barbaric denial of my lost youth. Rock on!

Did my feet grow a foot? These combat boots (denial) look as if they could house my vast inventory of sweaters. Must be the angle. Not purchased at "Clowns Are Us", I swear!

Dig it!