Saturday, March 31

Calypso Saturday.........

Getta hold of THIS get up, vivid and lots of movement. Would make a sultry dance outfit, it's getting hot enough for some hip motion...........

         Vintage tin can earrings by Kari Stringer are fun because of the kinetic aspect of the design.  My outfit screams more color please!

Dollop of gypsy jewels help this rig say "Another mojito por favor!"

Friday, March 30

Orange Crush.............

Garnishing some fantastic jewels  with this crocheted top, 
double strands of Susan Skinner, my ubiquitous Alexander McQueen from Jen and reversible cuff in orange and gold, VERY cool.

Peach sparkly skirt with grey grosgrain waistband and double pleated peplum treatment, the under layer is black tulle.

Comfortable and comfy ancient Mary Janes, gotta go trot out for a diet Orange Crush! See ya!

Thursday, March 29

Norwegian Milk Maid........

Time to knuckle under and do the unsavory task of milking the cows. Hope I don't incur a lot of spillage on my Ideeli peasant dress. Why can't I just be lactose intolerant?

Of course I can't do a thing without some jewels. These two gypsy-esque necklaces in brass by Kara Sipe and Deedra Jarrell respectively.

Kinda dressy for trudging through manure but what can one do? I even have to look good for my cows!

Wednesday, March 28

Nightie Night............

Feeling a tad lethargic betwixt allergies and the hotter climes, so thought I'd wear my nightgown today should I choose to seek out a little shut eye. Gauzy shift in red and hot pink with black lace accents.
If  you thought I'd ever slumber without jewelry, think again.
Cluster of antique pins and two chokers, one from George and the other by Juli Cardozo.
And do you think I'd ever ponder going to sleep without fishnets and pointy kitten heels? What do YOU think? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Sunday, March 25

Fierce and Floral...........

Gotta start with a pretty recycled tin pin by Marcia Sednek to set the tone and repeat the buttons on the dress.

 Passionate about this sheer floral dress with black shoulder and button front action.

Black panel adorns the back.

Of course these floral tights don't match, that's the point!
Uber fierce wedges!

These ass-kickin' wedges say "Don't make me step on your face"!

Saturday, March 24

Matador Saturday

Though I don't condone this despicable sport at all I sure like their outfits. Very sparkly!
My matador trousers sans bitchin' trim.

Love the Anthroplogie double layer eyelet blouse with crocheted shoulders.
Here's my gold though it would be a bit cumbersome running from a bull.But it looks so good I'll take my chances trying to outrun one!

Friday, March 23

I Adore Adornment..........

Grand clustering of antique pins reminds me a lot of a planetarium plentiful with stars.
J. Crew beaded t-shirt.

Skinny jeans and studded Frye wedges. I feel very princess like this Friday. My crown's a bit tight however......

Thursday, March 22

Soul Train Thursday........

Got my groove back in the psychedelic grey and black silk shift by Anna Sui. Dig it!
Funkin' it up is this faux badger vest, a gift from a friend. I love it!Wheeeeeeee!

Royal blue zebra a-go-go stockings say "let's do the monkey". Miu Miu grey patent platforms
make me want to get down in a disco cage!

Wednesday, March 21

EXTREMELY Staid Wednesday..........

TRY to stay awake during today's blog, how much more Lehrer Report can I get?
Grey silk blouse with cascading silk front. Betsey Johnson high waisted pencil skirt with faceted buttons.

These wide striped hose make my legs look like fat raw bacon strips, GREAT look! Two Lips faux shark mega pointy shoes. I'll try to have a clown outfit on tomorrow for you!

Monday, March 19

Kaleidoscopic Nightmare.........

Maybe the tamest part of this COSTUME I'm wearing today is the crushed aluminum choker by Carol Ware on hot pink wire.

Yeah, I know, your grandmother used to knock these out by the dozens. I really bought this as a sweater from Express, I swear, about 75 years ago. Dig it!

Worn over a delicate olive and white dot dress, perfect match, no?

Here's where my time at clown college really pays off. Hot pink and turquoise blue striped hose. 
Faryl Robin kicks. Oh don't you wish you had this outfit? Sorry, it's all mine!

Sunday, March 18

Dustbowl Barney Sunday..............

Oh Barney, you are my doppelganger today, can't get enough of the aubergine scene.

Featuring a tres petite Kristin Deiner from my collection and a pair of miniscule bronze pearls by Debra Colonna. Lovely pairing.

Uber ruched jersey dress and woven brown belt an Xmas gift. Dig it!

Sin City again with the stockings and sandals, but do I care? I think not. Such a mega match with this dress. Barney and I are getting together for Margaritas later and then some purple shopping. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Saturday, March 17

Black and Rust a Must...........

Ivey Bowes sacred heart necklace is a powerful compliment to the ensemble.

This short sleeved dress is a gossamer button down with sequin accents. Love the color mix.

Polka dot capri hose say, as always, don't take me seriously, rust pointy loafers. Enjoy this weather while it lasts!

Friday, March 16

Leger and Leopard Friday..........

Vamping up this vintage jacket are ancient castle pins and a relatively demure Kristin Diener.
Faux Leger repeat and sublime peplum raw silk brown jacket with copper faceted buttons.

Leopard hose are not tame enough for these sensible shoes. GRRRRRRRRRR!

Wednesday, March 14

Hearts and Bow Ties.........

3 hearts by Karan Sipe boost this outfit a bit.

Can't remember who this long mocha ribbed sweater is by but I love it. Ancient bow tie skirt by Anthropologie.

Crazy lime green "Laugh In-esque" hose on sale from Urban Outfitters. Faux croc square toed pumps, they're ancient, like moi!

Sunday, March 11

Zip It.....

Dig this little frock with side zippers and an ancient belt by Calvin Klein. The zippers go all the way up to a dropped waist with a panel underneath. Please, I'm not THAT sleazy!

Fierce herringbone tights and tres pointy red kitten heeled loafers. BAD school teacher!

Friday, March 9

Faux Coco Friday............

If I'm repeating myself I'm sorry, but Chanel is my favorite designer.Double breasted lace dress with faux opera length pearls. Am I even real?
Fierce fishnets and Farryl  Robin pink eyelet shoes. Oh Coco, how I love thee, I think Carl Lagerfeld is doing a blow out job in your stead.