Thursday, February 28

Nice Summer Frock Dumb Ass..............

What do you wear when it's 50 degrees and blowing outside? A summer dress of course! What???????? Well I AM wearing a Free People black lace top underneath, very warm! (I'm messing with you!) However I do love this dress and really don't give a damn that's as thin as a cobweb! Isn't it lovely though?

Not completely insane, I have this red leather jacket to wear when I go outdoors. What a concept!

Herringbone hose and my pointy, pointy faux snakeskin kitten heels to pull it all togetha. My little pal could use a coat too!

Wednesday, February 27

Photo Safari............

There's enough amber here to generate your own dinosaur, many stranded necklace by Laurette O'Neil. Am drawn to her jewelry, oh, really? Just hers? Yeah right.......

Tres clever vintage faux fur! It's all furry and the pockets are                 in shreds. Dig it!

      Charming scalloped patterned dress, roughly 4 inches long.

What goes better with a girlie little frock but some bitchin' leopard hose? I swear they have a color in common. That's all it takes with me. Brown biker boots, so comfy.  Total approval or else!

Tuesday, February 26

Spots In Front Of My Eyes................

No joke, Saturday night I was walking and all the sudden these giant light green spots blurred my vision. Acid flashback? Probably.

             Crop waisted sweat shirt material with bountiful fun              spots. Wheeeeeeeee!

                  Flat stone spheres say "Spots, bring 'em on!" Necklace by Laurette O'Neil.

Hot pink skirt with horizontal pleated panel down the front. Notice how I seem to be incapable of getting my clothing on straight anymore?

Conservative little hose with beautiful Italian shoes that lace around my ankles about 7 times. Dig it!

              My little mate LOVES this outfit!

Monday, February 25

Latte Monday...........

This vintage inspired latte hued jacket is a lot older than some people I know. Uncompromising design.
Looks as if it COULD be from the forties, it's so stylish.

In union with this jacket's sublime cut is the spate of buttons. It's missing one in the back. Think it will ever get replaced ? I think not..........

Petroleum based Betty Boop shoes complete this uncannily "cohesive" ensemble today.
Anyway, my happy little friends approve!

Sunday, February 24

Sleepy in Seattle...........

Not that anyone dons jewelry to wear to bed but this Wanda Lobito stained glass heart with Madonna inside on a pair of Richard Cruz pearls might almost be worth getting impaled during the night.

Black diaphanous top reminds me of 50's bed jackets. Pink and lace layered top could be a night gown. Could be MY night gown for all you know. I DO wear the weirdest garb to work. Never know........

Your loss to not be able to discern the lovely detail in this wool Boden skirt. It is covered with dark grosgrain ribbon in these inverted  diminishing diamonds.

Hose are a bit intense but my grey flats with bows soften it somewhat. 

I could shed the bottom part of this ensemble and curl up with a book but this little bastard won't hear of it!

Saturday, February 23

Post Script:

                Forgot to put on one of my friendly little buddies today.  Such a pussy cat...............

Planetary Saturday.........

Pattern on this sheer blouse with front tie resembles a planet to moi.

Light peach layered peplum skirt with tulle midsection. Peach fabric is sparkly. Dig it!

I refer to these as my royalty pumps. Irregular Choice shoes. Unfortunately the company no longer exists. They made all of my favorite shoes. R.I.P. Irregular Choice.

Friday, February 22

Butch Ballerina.........

Soft hardcore is the look is today's theme. The dichotomy of this ensemble are the feminine articles parlaid with a rough leather jacket and shoes ( shoes are pretty girlie though ).

 I think the pearl choker blends well with the look I'm going for here.

Oh, this is one clever leather jacket that deserves merit, observe the ruching on the jacket's front.

    My metallic ballerina skirt makes one want to stand on point.

Fem floral hose and Irregular Choice shoes with voile black bows in back say " Let's have tea before I kick your ass."

Thursday, February 21

Eighteen Snowflakes Later..........

In a half hearted attempt to snow in town it wasn't very successful. However the mountains look great and we direly need the moisture, Maybe people will even go skiing. Wheeeeeee!

Think this mini houndstooth blazer in navy and black precedes my Off Broadway days. How's that possible?

Delicious blouse and vest combo. They're both encrusted with HUGE diamonds you know.

Kind of clown pants you know................

Baggy Asian print pants from the paleozoic period. Got them at the Unicef store that used to be on Romero street in Old Town.

Seriously righteous petroleum based lace up wedges. Have fun shoveling out of your driveway! If you need help maybe this friendly little fellow can be of assistance.


Wednesday, February 20

Will Halloween Ever End?

This little frock has clever detail but a bizarre combination of hues. I sacrificed the colors for the shoulder treatment. This is the only color combo it came in. Did it stop me from buying it? I think not.

NEVER one to leave well enough alone these fairly SCREAM Halloween. Do I care? I think not.

                                      You'd better like my outfit or else!