Saturday, September 28

Ballerina of Yore..........

I commissioned my profusion of Catholic iconography from Kara Sipe, a superb repurposed jeweler. I asked her to make me a necklace that wraps around two times! It's about a yard long. Dig it!

Frilly cascading lace and gauze top/dress. Surprisingly, not taking a chance of a bent over catastrophe I donned these tan and black striped tights. How mature of me!

                                                               Little ballet flats, kind of.

                                     She's about as much of a ballerina as I am a giraffe!

Friday, September 27

Diaphanous Friday...........

This jiggy patterned frock is all voile, which makes a lot of sense in today's weather. Wheeeeee! I love the crazy angles and piping on the top.

Had to festoon jewelry that mimicked the gold in my outrageous go-go boots. Karan Sipe's is the glorious one.

These creatures have a little bit of everything going on. Gold lame, brown suede toes, some kind of furry animal print. They are by the brand Irregular Choice that are no longer available in this country.
A travesty that I won't soon forget.

Thursday, September 26

Flouncy, flouncy, Thursday

      Multitudinous layers of my heart jewelry. I think I might be donning about 175 . Dig it!
When it rains it tsunamis.

Flouncy is as flouncy does. Dreamy peplum lace number. I think it was gifted to me. Nice of me to remember, dumb ass.

Flounce squared with this skirt bequeathed to me that Janet Hoelzel got at a 99 cent sale at Goodwill. Wheeeeeeee!

I've been avoiding featuring these shoes as I'm not fond of them. I don't get the big circular round thing on the top. It's not a button. Perhaps it's a cocktail tray for hamsters.

Yummy, hamsters!

Son of Chevron........

Captivated by the pulsing effect of chevron fabric. My ensembles don't have enough going on.

Shift frock, gee, surprise surprise, it's black and white. Dig it!

                                                    Enamored with this plunging back.

 This piece I've had for an age. It's by Daniel Zolinshy. Ebony box, mastodon bone window, loose tourmalines. I didn't know there was a mastodon store around. Hmmmmmm.

Check this out, frightening hair upheld with hair sticks that are wearing Barbie shoes. Kickin!

                             Little tan and black cardigan. So soft, like abbreviated length.

Love it when snarling dogs match my outfit!

Tuesday, September 24

Rosie the Riveter...........


Everyone give a standing ovation for these tough, hard working, selfless women.

                   Rivets live on in this mini encrusted with rivets. Rivets abound. Wheeeeeeee!

                          Simple jersey black on black lace design tank from Toad Road. Buy local!

This Betsey Johnson necklace adds a touch of regalia to any ensemble. Is there enough going on? Maybe....... pretty close.

                   Personally, I think I'd make a damn good riveter, I'm pretty strong. Dig it!

Monday, September 23

Oh please, more ruching? Seriously?

A tad of bone action going on. Don't worry, it's not a walrus tooth or anything. And I think the fish could be plastic, good copy though.

Okay, here we go with the ruching again. Ruch this! It's has some clever detail in the shoulder and the back however. (Whatever)
                                        See? Oh, and they ruched the hell out of the back.

I'm just using this one to present the shoes, my cloth cheetah ones. Gee how many thousands of times have you seen these? Hmmmmmm.
Considering getting this fright wig hair of mine ruched, that do you think? Would go with everything, right?

Saturday, September 21

Skellie Spice.........

Believe it or not, I don't embrace the whole skellie thing. But my tights bring out the pirate in me. Still waiting for my eye patch to arrive from Ebay.

Think M.B. Ramos made the nail necklace. She created the most clever jewelry. She had a baby and quit. Other piece is cheap-o-liscious.

Striped jersey top, I've probably worn this 6" of cloth as a dress in the past. Wheeeeee!

Well...........I hope not, perhaps it shrunk

Skellie leggings, dig it!

Might not be able to discern my shoes, but what a cool shot! The shoes are a major departure from my usual look. They are red, black and white plaid tennis shoes! W H A T?
Maybe that's why  I chose to shoot them so far away!

Tennis shoes? Eye patch? Now that is scary!

Friday, September 20

Mauve Sack, Ugly Bow.............

This unsightly frock has detail that counterbalances the ridiculous bow. I'm not a bow person in the extreme. Beautiful hue however, not the bow. It's also a bit on the short side. Surprise, surprise..........Lovely fabric detail.

Forty thousand el cheapo bangles, procured from the mall. I know not where. Does it matter? I think not.........And my arm is yet to turn green. But the day is young.

                                           Gifted wedges with clever strap detail and fabric.

 Dress can be substituted for a pup tent if need be.

Thursday, September 19

From the other day.....

So the whole point of this outfit was to call attention to the way they construct some clothing these days. They do a pattern on the front and put a black back on it so that they don't have to shell out the cash to do the entire thing. Anathema at Neiman Marcus! But I didn't even photo the back to verify this travesty!
Design reminiscent of an African pattern? Cool regardless.

Oh, if you only knew how minute this Kristin Diener piece is compared to her usual regalia, you'd think the pic was taken 2 miles away.

Beige and black chevron patterned jersey pencil skirt. Oh don't worry, the back is black. Stupid and cheesy.

Gifted by a friend, the pattern goes all the way around my delicious wedges. Dig it!

Ten of Diamonds..........

Now here's a pair of jeans that my mentor the Joker probably also owns.  So conservative. Dig it!

Pale grey and white striped tank. Observe black bra straps. Can you believe it???? I think not.

Notice that my ribs are bigger than my bust. Perhaps I should be donning the bra there.

Cascading mica necklace by Susan Skinner. Is it not grand?

Yet another pair of Liberace shoes. So generous of him to lend them.