Thursday, May 29

Blouse cool, skirt cool, shoes......not so much

Sans jewels today because of the imaginatively queer cut of this blouse. Two drapey panels that feed through loop.

Much loved Leifsdottir skirt in diagonal frenetic design, I mean, who doesn't seek out and embrace frenetic?

Man, I was so enamored with this designer that I bought these Frankenstein sandals in 3 different colors! I hang my head in shame as I clomp, clomp, clomp around.

                                                                   Nice shoes, moron!

Monday, May 26

I Heart Laurette...........

Don't let my bologna skin distract you from a spate of Laurette O'Neill's  brilliantly designed jewelry. "Pile it on" is the theme of the day, well, actually, every day, but so what? If you don't realize that by now, you're new to this site......Dig it!

This polished cotton top is very African-esque in motif. So there's that........

I say, "what's a day without tulle?" A sad one. This one is a shimmering grey, very "Ice Capades".

My wedges, a birthday gift from my dear friend Elaine, are a ferocious compliment to this schizophrenic ensemble.

                                     Ensemble? Uh, look in the mirror girlfriend...............

Thursday, May 22

Arche de Triomphe Wednesday.......

Having never had the pleasure of experiencing the glorious structure, I am taking much liberty in proclaiming that my skirt resembles it. On my behest I seek much leniency regarding any similarity. Hey I haven't been there. A girl can dream, can she not?

Every time I don this gauze tunic I disremember , although bejeweled it's sheer practically to the navel. I've taken precautions to wear a slip beneath. Shocking! Oh, and another thing, this tunic is so long it's about a half inch shorter than my skirt. dig it!

Old faithful Clavin Kelin silver sandals. So comfortable I could probably use them for jogging.

                                             Don't believe an utterance out of her mouth!

Wednesday, May 21

Color Block Tuesday...........

I composed this uncomplicated (what?) outfit to highlight this clever necklace gifted to me by new Mariposa jeweler Cristina Radu. You can glean her profession as an engineer by the kinetic nature of various pieces.

This chartreuse vintage bandeau top fits in the waist but I could have a "vacant, room for rent" sign in the bust area. Does it bother me? I think not.

How literal can one get with the color block action? Geez.........

Yet another pair of cherished footwear. These green satin and wicker wedges I procured from Anthroplogie about 15 years ago. Because of my high standard in being O.C.D. they still appear brand new. Dig it.

Many thanks Cristina.

Tuesday, May 20

Old Yugoslavian Ballerina..........

I certainly miss Yugoslavia. I mean, I've never been there but I love saying the word. Yugoslavia! Yugoslavia! alas, poor Yugoslavia.  I digress, my blouse emotes a Yugoslavian vent.

My ebulliently loved tulle and pearl ballerina skirt with satin waist. Will really turn heads when I am imminently reduced to using a walker.

As I exclaimed, here are my cut out sandals in off white! Would I lie about shoes? I think not.

Who doesn't covet a brace of blue grey pearls? Or in my case, a brace of anything. Wheeeeeee!

Waisted Away in Cougarville.........

Alert the media! I'm piling on the animal prints. Sheer print with coral neckline and very sultry exposed zipper back. GRRRRRR.........

           Utterly dissimilar (so what!) animal print, and "I feel like a mermaid", tight pencil skirt.
How swell are these Type Z black cut out lace up sandals? I confess, I have them in off white as well. Surprised? I think not.

                                                         Cougars are the new black.


Saturday, May 17

Skirt Available On Demand........

Was not aware that skirt was this short nor top was so long, hence 3/4 of an inch of my skirt showing! Dig it! Do I ever have time to change? I think not.

Supremely sumptuous tunic that I believe Iwas procured from Anthropologie, circa 2005, shopping there ceased completely when they moved here. It's a long established creed.

The skirt that wasn't there is emblazoned with delicate detail and scalloped hem. Hiked my tunic up for verification.

Peridot, copper roses and quartz drops in this imperial choker by Amanda Augustine. Replete in my Victorian theme today, from hence I originated.

Wednesday, May 14

54 degrees out! Wheeeeeee!

Can't get enough of this global warming-shape shifting weather. No complaints, I'm grateful for the moisture where ever it was captured. Hey, what's a wink of chill and 75 mph winds?

 Exhumed from the depths of my plastic encased sweater collection, that I didn't brandish all winter, by the way, is this substantially hefty cotton knit roll necked sweater.

Snug is as snug does in this bold striped brick and black hued pencil skirt. That's one tight pencil.

Enter the time machine with this Kathleen O'Rouke necklace that you'd design with various pieces she sold separately.

Monday, May 12

Fancy Casual Friday.......

Not one to even contemplate for a nanosecond donning cargo pants or a soccer jersey, this is my version of casual Friday. Beginning with a choker of a Baroque vent, I pair it with this off white, gossamer, intricately beaded blouse. So unceremonious.


                           So aswim with the hue of tomato bisque I look like Carrie. Dig it!

Much amore for these ancient and brilliantly designed Irregular Choice gems. Perforated pointy lace ups and a putty hue. Oh, they're divine.

Wait til you see me turned out! Wheeeeeeeee!

Thursday, May 8

Decolletage sans decolletage...........

Prepare yourself for a doozy. This ensemble is out of control!!!!!!  When donning this rig, with my usual 5 minutes for decision making, a spate of things went awry, this dress is much lower in the front than I recalled. My attempt at masking a yard of skin was brandishing this mega, mega weird, necklace of Kristin Diener's. Was I successful? I think not.

Then there is the hose catastrophe. I searched, quite aerobically, for a different pair of hose that I obviously wasn't successful in exhuming. In step these emergency alternatives. Wow. Even I'm speechless.
Next idea, try to don a pair of shoes that will at least endeavor to connect these odd pieces in some way. Bingo! a hue that is also in the dress, let's throw in some green!

                       I anticipate much nausea, vertigo and delirium on your part. Dig it!
Mommy's frightening!

Wednesday, May 7

Camouflage this, camouflage that..........

 Now granted, this is a smart little uber ruched frock, but let me confess to the oddly placed flower pin. It's masking a couple of unsightly stains! How ingenious (and bizarre) am I? I adore this piece, it's priceless, just needs a modicum of tricky concealment when flourishing.

              Length of dress and stockings to mask an enormous bruise above my knee. Dig it!

Same with this rock star leather bracelt. It's hiding that horrific bruise above my wrist. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

                        Taking into consideration, maybe full on mummy bandages would be apt.