Sunday, May 31

Things I Fancy...........

                                            DOGGIES THAT STILL DO JAZZERCISE.







Stripe-ous Maximus..........

This maxi-dress gives new meaning to the term. I think it was designed for one about 7'5".  Clever cut to divert staid horizontal.  Applaud my brilliance for having belt service the pesky length issue. Dig it!

Grommet riddled belt from the Pleistocene period. Which, in my opinion, feels like yesterday.

Accelerate the cheesiness with this "mystery metal" necklace. Amazingly enough, it didn't turn my neck green or give me a skin condition. Rock on!

Nothing like an entire ensemble for twelve dollars to make you realize. Neiman Marcus is forever no more.........

Wednesday, May 27

Scrunchy Sunday...........

  What a find! Turned inside out from washing I didn't even recognize it. A divine Dzhavael! I reiterate, how does this company function with that name? They can't even spell my last name right.  Must miss out on a lot of mail, I'd conjecture.  I fear for the effect on their commerce.
Applaud the winsome treatment in the connecting shoulder and bodice. Endearing crocheted lace.

Dzhavael flaunts an element of distinctive character in all of their designs. This piece offers up a scrunchy hem over dress's bottom. Impossibly astute. Dig it!

Tame little underwhelming sandals. Yawn.

If you can spell this brand correctly in a competition, I'll eat my hat.........

Lovely Skirt Monday..........

Tad behind. I solely hold myself accountable. Contrite? I think not. Let's blame it on my ADHD, shall we?
 Outstanding, stand out, circle skirt flaunts satin print. Blanketed by crisscross grosgrain on black voile. A detail of it's genius.

Lacy shouldered gray t. Thought  it a fitting compliment to my girlie skirt.

Ensemble in it's grandeur. I do however appear a smite disheveled. 

Bit of dichotomy is always healthy. Observe
the gladiator shoes accenting this demure ensemble. Dig it! 
Would you expect any less from me? I think not............


Monday, May 25

It's Tan. It's Black. It's Saturday.........

Like blood doping, clothing must be ignited with a fervent burst of renewed energy. You've seen this frock, therefore it must morph. Sheer shoulders above elastic waisted polyester (probably). Smitten with its' motif.

Beth Clark twin necklaces of long silver tubing. Each about 45". Dig it!

Let's play "double Dutch"!

     Circus barker tights and passionately prized lace-up shoes complete this ensemble I quite cherish.


I'll undoubtedly repeat this outfit, but not document. No redux!

Sunday, May 24

Mad Hatter, Sans Hat.....Dig It!

My ultimate fantasy has always been to live in a Tim Burton film. I could leap from one to the next. I consider myself the perfect fit.

Bequeathed by Goodwill goddess, Janet Hoelzel.  She gleans me top drawer bounty. My moniker for this double breasted art piece is my "Willie Wonka" jacket. Johnny Depp only sports a cranberry hued coat the entire "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" film. Didn't he tire of that ensemble?  I'd go crazy, frankly.

Minty fresh wide striped skinny jeans and mint flats.

When I was in elementary school we took a field trip to the Hersey's Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania. It was a humid and hot June. Vats of chocolate the size of football fields pulsated.
I thought I'd perish of nausea. At tour's end they gave you about a million samples. I think I sold mine.

Friday, May 22


Overflowing with relief that this is not something I wore to work, am I correct? Donned for an event at the Albuquerque Museum. Theme "Steampunk". Acknowledge it's outr'e gadgetry's influence on present day art. I however just focused on the "punk" element and festooned myself in this hardcore conglomeration.......Oh contraire. Populous were turned out in bizarre Victorian finery. So basically, I was time traveling over two centuries into the future. My fervent error. Dig it! Did I care? I think not.........

Extreme spikes on this leather jacket, more Tina Turner in Mad Max than vexing Victorian.
  Choke chain necklace, bared lacy camisole. Naughty-ness indeed.


                                                           What's a party sans sparking tulle?

Studded leather shoe boots with open toe. I'm alive! I'm alive!

Bralette Redux.............

My salacious nature has to have an outlet. Enter my bevy of bralettes, stage left. Though a peek hardly warrants a description of scandalous overexposure, at least it's something I shouldn't be doing. Wheeeeeeee!


                                    Voile shoulders and peplum waist on this sleeveless.

Oh dear, the skirt.................were it not for the monolithic dots you'd be drowning in a narcoleptic drool pool.


              Savvy pointy kitten heels save me from all despair and tie in grandly with my bralette. Dig it!

Thursday, May 21

Slug Wednesday.............

Purchased sublime, opera length Tana Acton necklace and viewed it as delicate willow leaf. It's innovative, twisted, three dimensional construction is brilliant.


Someone stated it resembles a slug. It lost a modicum of romance.

Point taken; it, unlike a willow leaf, is three dimensional. Dig it!

Diaphanous toffe hued shift, uncannily resembling a night gown, bares notched collar and slits thigh high. Now, in my attempt to stay depressingly "age appropriate, I not only have on a slip but the sheer
ice blue sweater thingy masks said slits. Permit me to elaborate on the outer garment. I believe it's designated claim was a dress. I arrive at that conclusion since it sports about at least a trillion buttons. Imagine the time and swearing involved opening all of them.

Amputated the below knee length and silver flats. "Age appropriate" is sucking the marrow out of my soul. Kill me now.......