Sunday, May 3

What to Wear to the Morgue........

Bullet train of friskiness apres First Friday? I think not. Fact be known, I don't recollect my "toilette", dressing, nor driving. Righteous! Could I have shown a modicum of pride or gumption with ensemble regard? Again...I think not.

Vivid hues had to be shunned. Even the facade of projected energy would be laughable. Muted silk spaghetti strap with piped attention. Lovely iris stripes quietly permit me to engage in somnambulist retail. Wheeeee! Business was brisk.  Daily doses of Lunesta might be prudent. Dig it!

We now address my "jammie" pants.  Account of comfort can't be sufficiently composed. Optimistic I'll shed my walker in 3 days. Right on!