Friday, May 22


Overflowing with relief that this is not something I wore to work, am I correct? Donned for an event at the Albuquerque Museum. Theme "Steampunk". Acknowledge it's outr'e gadgetry's influence on present day art. I however just focused on the "punk" element and festooned myself in this hardcore conglomeration.......Oh contraire. Populous were turned out in bizarre Victorian finery. So basically, I was time traveling over two centuries into the future. My fervent error. Dig it! Did I care? I think not.........

Extreme spikes on this leather jacket, more Tina Turner in Mad Max than vexing Victorian.
  Choke chain necklace, bared lacy camisole. Naughty-ness indeed.


                                                           What's a party sans sparking tulle?

Studded leather shoe boots with open toe. I'm alive! I'm alive!