Monday, October 31

Queen Anne the 13th Has a Crush on the Three Musketeers........

Rakish coat with scalloped flowers and faux bear collar is what I'm wearing to go scream at my
staff and entourage. Bad Queen........

History's royalty were the first to implement the more is more look which of course I've embraced

I hope to catch the eye of the Musketeers in this sheer black empire frock with embroidered circles.
Yeah, black and white, so sue me!

Black suede shoes with black faux fur, the heals are short enough to scuttle after a certain bunch of swashbuckling gentleman.

Sunday, October 30

Isabella Duncan Sans Scarf.............

Kind of a little blingy in this piece by Karan Sipe to be cavorting around dancing.

Flouncy paisley scarf is good for body contortions.

Ready to go on point in these ankle socks and Carlos faux croc kitten heels. After my workout it's time for a drive SANS scarf!

Saturday, October 29

They're Foreclosing on My Yurt.............

You'd think a yurt on a Fannie Mae loan would skate below the radar but NO!!!!
Miss a couple of payments and you're outta there! Couple of exotic pendants and a choker by Debra Colonna.
Dress by Johnny Was, kinda hippie-esque don't you think?

Floral hose an Xmas gift last year. Jen bought me these cowboy boots.

Can't stay warm in a yurt without a faux yak vest, although I've never seen a yak this color. If they kick us to the curb what's to happen to my wardrobe and shoes? Mega sale!

Friday, October 28

I Heart Kristin Diener...........

This is my most recent acquisition by Kristin Diener, it took me forever to bail it out of hock. It's incredible!

I'm wearing my gorilla top from Celebro (R.I.P.)over a dress from Ideeli. Lookin' kinda C R A Z Y today!

Told ya! Purple dot on purple hose and lace-up platforms. Don't try this at home!

Thursday, October 27

Shark Tank.......

Sharks are kind of getting a bad rap these days but are beautiful and intelligent creatures, who just happen to get hungry. Grey and black dolman sleeved sweater . Black and shark hued pencil skirt.
Jiggy hose and Miu Miu patent ankle boots. I FEEL LIKE EATING SOMEONE ALIVE.

Wednesday, October 26


This racy little number just isn't over the top enough for me so I had to push it a bit.

These aren't all one piece, they just happen to be a really close match. Shoes from Wear It (B.C.) and stockings from Free Radicals.

Check out this coat, how many times have I said " more is more".
Well this is a pretty apparent example........

Sunday, October 23

Anastasia on Anesthesia...........

Feeling kind of uber royal in these Dennis Garcia chandelier earrings and costume choker. Hair up, that was kind of a Romanov thingy.

Pink lace top over brown cami, so comfy I'm feeling kind of sleepy.
Billowy jersey pants with fold over band at waist, feel like I should be torturing myself at a ballet bar.
Was not Anastasia a ballet dancer?

Finishing this languid look are these short boots with pointy toe and big button. Time for Anastasia to start counting backwards from 10! Nighty night girl.

Saturday, October 22

If I See One More Black & White Dress on this Broad.......

Yeah, you're right, I'm kind of obsessed 
with the color palette and design. This one has a plaid Marcie Sednek repurposed metal flower on it and pockets an inch from the bottom of the dress. Crazy black & white striped shoes with black band and white button by Tuk. Hey, and I'm outside.
Anthropologie bolero length appliqued sweater. Can't wait to work on my black & white striped outfit for tomorrow!

Friday, October 21

Wilma Flintstone Friday.......

This is a hand-me-down from my sister in law Peg. It's light weight and looks peppered with pebbles. Cool length including sleeves.  Mustard yellow ruffled front tunic by Inc.
                                          Black and white polka dot capris, so glad the weather has cooled off enough to wear them again!

These mustard hued heels kick some ass. Peep toes, with a swash of gathered leather on the side, high heels. Wait until Fred sees THIS getup. He'll probably take me out for a sable tooth tiger dinner!

Wednesday, October 19

Betsey Johnson, Dig It!

Now this little pink short sleeved cotton number isn't Betsey's but I thought it went well with this high waisted pencil skirt. Exposed black slip, eek! and vintage pin.

This skirt is uber killa. Very high waisted with faceted black buttons, ruffled edge.

Betsey Johnson velveteen polka dot wedged heeled pumps with hot pink satin wrapped front and bows. Oh, Betsey, you work for me in a big way! And I LOVE your look!

Monday, October 17

Pillowcase Rodeo..........

This light chambray dress feels exactly like and looks like a pillowcase.Great crochet work.
Usual suspects in the favorite jewels category. Another belt older than Jen.
Back detail, excuse the bad suntan lines!
Frye boots did a boot that was similar 
but were $500 bucks, even too crazy to justify for me! I bought these Mia knockoffs for a fraction of the price.
Yippee ki yay! 

Sunday, October 16

I Dreamt I Met Posh Beckham!!

I was so thrilled to meet Posh Beckham! She is a diaphanous sprite with quite the head for fashion.
She felt like embracing tissue paper........

Thought I had to turn it up a volt after my encounter. Ancient pearl choker, Richard Cruz skellie pendant and my favorite bracelets.

Alexander Wang trousers (pre-recession) and cheetah shoes by Type Z. I certainly hope she would approve!

Friday, October 14

Cast Party!

I FINALLY found a blouse I could get my arm through!And it kind of matches my lovely basic black cast.
Stretchy gauzy tank and some of my favorite jewels.
Cool cut to this royal blue pencil skirt. Dig it!

Can't go to an opening at another gallery without wearing some fierce monster shoes. 
See you there!

Wednesday, October 12

Age of Innocence, Yeah Right..............

Edith Wharton wrote the book about an older woman and her unrequited dalliance with a married man, quite tragic really. This ensemble made me think of it.

Art Nouveau blouse with faux gold adornment.
Slim denim skirt with back hanging panel.

Love this bustle in the back of this skirt!

Perforated plats kind of look a BIT from a period piece. Here's to hearts being broken........

Sunday, October 9

Mad Men Secretary............

Being Mr. Draper's secretary can frazzle the nerves. That's why I'm having a little whiskey and ciggie break at 8 in the morning. Found my Debra Colonna pearls, Renate Suhr chain and gold cuff but can't locate that damn steno pad for the life of me!
This smocked front day dress is great for going from ad meetings to out on the town after a brutal day.
Dress from Bluefly. 

Pointy patent faux crocs say I'm all business and ready to step on somebody's back to get to the top!