Friday, November 30

Studio 54 Friday...............

I went to the Off Broadway After Hours Social and everything I bought was 80's baby. This Norma Kamali top with EPIC shoulders pads kind of emanates, glitter, gooey lip gloss and cocaine!

Petroleum based pleated miniskirt says "That disco ball is giving me giving me a grand mal seizure!".

                 Kickin' lace up platforms, a requiem to the bad ass days.                 Dig it!

Wednesday, November 28

Joan Crawford Attends a Party...............

There is nothing Joan likes better than a frolicking party. Off Broadway, my exclusive venue for buying vintage clothing, is having an "After Hours Social" this evening. Had to don past purchases to get the proper groove on.

Resplendent pin striped jacket with tapered waist and covered buttons. Two lapel pins are old. Circular pin by Phoenix Forrester.
                             Heap of necklaces by Susan Skinner. Dig it!

How much do you love this silk dress with padded shoulders in teal and yellow ornate pattern. Old wide red belt.

Paisley opaque hose a gift and red patent plats by J Lo. Warning.....Joan can get a tad fired up at parties.


Tuesday, November 27

Studly Plaid

          Channeling my inner Marlon in my petroleum based jacket with gobs of studs. Dig it!

                                                            Back is cool also.

Beneath is Ark & Company color block dress. Autumnal colors counterbalance the fact that it's sleeveless. Thanks to global warming, I'm still wearing sleeveless dresses at the end of November! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Black fishnets with seams up the back and killer wool plaid platforms that I got for $13.00 online.
Funny, I never went back to that website. Curiouser and curiouser.

Sunday, November 25

Dueling Designer Sunday............

                       Grappling for the upper hand in this ensemble are two of my favorite designers.
                  Tan and red cotton blazer with, deep v opening, buttons and hook enclosure by Marc Jacobs.
Crazy abstract back action. Dig it!

Worn beneath is this lovely cotton empire cowl neck dress by Diane Von Furstenberg .

Featuring a plethora of jewelers from the gallery. Tracy Hale, Susan Skinner, Laurette O'Neil and Richard Cmapliglio. so smitten am I.

Argyle sweater stockings with petroleum based pumps, plastic yet endearing. Call in and vote for YOUR favorite designer. 8888 for Marc Jacobs. 3333 for Diane Von Furstenberg!

Saturday, November 24

Coco's Into Leather................

At the forefront of everything fashion, Coco blazed new territory with stacking and glamourous accents.

Coco steps out of her comfort zone and dons a biker jacket to juxtapose her famously feminine look. I can't tell if this jacket is leather or vegan, let's eat a sleeve and see.

Coco-esque exposed zipper tunic in peach and black. SOOOOO Chanel!  Draping opera length pearls etc. say "More is More baby!"
Pencil skirt doesn't distract from the lovely tunic, but maybe my much worn floral hose might.
Check out these shoe boots! Dig it! Type Z black suede with black fur tops. Worry not, I'm wearing No.5 also, OF COURSE!!!!

Friday, November 23

Black Polka Dots are the new Black Friday.......

Still waiting to unload some big screen T.V.'s and refrigerators, Georgie and I decide to concentrate on Mariposa bounty instead.   Off white crepe peplum blouse with slender bow and black on black dotted tulle sleeves.  Burnished gold and black dot metallic dirndl, have on glorious gold pumps bequeathed to me from Carla. Get out there and get your shopping on!

Wednesday, November 21

Kandinsky Wednesday..............

This jumper(?) has always reminded me of a Kandinsky painting, one of my favorite artists. It's so joyful and vibrant. Polka dot lace tee beneath.

Sporting a hot pink wool vintage car coat with leather collar from Off Broadway for the outdoors.
Again, vintage clothes have the best detail, check out the back.

Completing the chaos are these black and white dot leggings and Irregular Choice boots in pink and green chevron motif. Ever the subtle wallflower................

Tuesday, November 20

Raspberry Much?

Two fab necklaces by Laurette O'Neil. One is sterling beads and oxidized sterling tubes, and the other, spheres with gold center dots.

Uber raspberry action prevails in this stretch cotton shift. Nice cut details that you can't see.
Loud? A little.......

Weirdness ensues with these mismatched stockings. Two pair of thigh highs that OF COURSE I had to separate.

Rounding out my conservative ensemble are these mighty, blazing yellow patent leather platforms by Type Z. Such a shrinking violet am I..............

Sunday, November 18

Profoundly Crazy Quilt..............

Charming little paper pin by Terry Wetrogan on a Free People lace tee.

I bought this crazy quilt vest from some obscure catalogue that I don't remember, it was ages ago. I love it to this day though. Crazy is as crazy does, you know.

Nic and Zoe machine knit skirt in turquoise and brown. Very "Little House on the Prairie", no?

Betcha wouldn't find anyone in that log cabin strutting in these kickin' Oxford-esque shoes.
Blazes, how lewd! My ankles are showing!

Saturday, November 17

Zelda Fitzgerald's Zillionth Nervous Breakdown Saturday

One of the country's earliest leading feminists, Zelda DID have a few problems however, probably due to her volatile marriage with the ole' hubby, F. Scott. She was a kick ass partier, that's for certain.

Little brocade jacket with faux fur collar and cuffs. Scrumptious! Tudor period or roaring 20's, you make the call.......
This little frock is definitely ZELDA. Opera pearl pattern on lycra.

                                                                   Dig the back!

Wide mesh fishnets and petroleum based black and white plats from TUX. Zelda 's up for a little drinky-poo!