Sunday, February 27

I'm Gonna Punch Punxsutawney Phil in the Face!

That little freakin' liar, so much for spring! It's cold and blowing about 600 miles an hour!

Good thing I chose to wear this asymmetrical military jacket by Nanette Lepore, over a beaded J. Crew tee and vintage gorilla pin.

This is one of my favorite dirndl skirts, wool with embroidery and flannel patches. It's by Boden. Georgie loves this skirt too!

Topping this outfit off are grey heather stockings and beautiful teal faux croc kitten heels by Carlos ( as in Santana ). Watch your back Punxsutawney!

Saturday, February 26

Going Goth for the Italian Film Festival.......

Now when you think of an APPROPRIATE ensemble for the Italian Film Festival I'm certain you visualize something like a shift or full skirted
50's dress, with a little cardi on top just covering the shoulders, the top button buttoned and kitten heels.
Well, I kinda didn't get the memo and went completely Goth.  Black shiny military jacket by Betsey Johnson, a tulle and pearl mini in blue-black, black herringbone hose and ancient black plastic stiletto boots.

Detail of jacket and skirt.

Now I know this neighborhood dog has nothing to do with today's blog, but she's so damn terrifying I had to include her.  A thousand years old, blind, toothless, she makes you say to yourself, "Hey, I'm not half bad!"

Friday, February 25

60's Flight Attendant on the Funkadelic Airline............

I really LOATHE flying but I LOVE bossing people around and slinging peanuts. Dress by Theme and old pearl pin.

These legs are C R A Z Y! Leopard tights from Free Radicals and ancient leopard shoes from Wear It, BC. Everybody buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Wednesday, February 23

The Queen Mum and Kate Middleton Address the Wedding Invites

It's a bloody pain in the arse, excuse my French, to address all these bloody wedding invites , but bloody hell , someone's got to do it. Kate wears a jumper (sweater) by CeCe and her famous sapphire ring. My frock is by Nanette Lepore worn over wide leg trousers by J. Peterman. Kate's skirt is georgette with big lace flowers over cotton, fantastic! 
Queen Mum is wearing minimal bling today because of the menial task at hand. Krisitn Diener, family pearls and an iolite necklace.

Kate is wearing beautiful Mother of Pearl wing earrings William gave her for Valentine's Day. He's quite a keeper! Our lips are glued to our teeth from licking all the bloody stamps!

Monday, February 21

The Cotillion Was a Blast!!!!!!!!!

I'd been waiting to wear this very 
Victorian-esque blouse with a dress but Jen found it's perfect match at H & M on her New York City jaunt last week. Here worn with Karan Sipe rosary in black and Beverly Cole rosary in white.

See what I'm saying? Gotta go, my dance card is completely full!

Friday, February 18

Emily Bronte Gets Her Teeth Cleaned..........

It's a dreadful task to jackhammer those nasty teas stains off at the dentist, but the complimentary dental swag is worth the aggravation. Antique cameo and choker, other necklace by Karan Sipe. Anthropologie sweater.

Calf length crocheted skirt by Nic and Zoe from Zappos, hose a Christmas gift from Millie, and platform floral shoes by Forever 21 ( I know, I should be banned!) My reward for enduring the cleaning, a spanking new quill pen! Dig it!

Thursday, February 17

Rev Up a Drab Grey Dress with Racy Shoes & Stockings

I love this dress by FCUK, very stern and military looking. FCUK stands for French Connection UK, but I just LOVE it abbreviated!

Softening the serious nature of this dress are tres femme necklaces by Karan Sipe. She's the empress of stacking!

Giving a jolt to this ensemble like a Starbucks' Venti are argyle hose from Free Radicals and Betsey Johnson hot pink and black polka dot open toed wedges. GOOOOOOD MORNINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 14

I LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!

I'm a born romantic! I love everything sweet and gooey and schmaltzy. Argyle cardi with flower and petal embellished pink vest, faux sequin top, I mean, this is a PHOTOGRAPH of sequins, how rad is that!? Cropped black capri pants. Jewelry by Thomas Mann and Karan Sipe. I'm holding this beautiful bell heart from Jen.

Ribbed herringbone hose and platform Mary Janes in a pink and black floral.  EVERYDAY should be Valentine's Day because everyone is SOOOO freaking nice!

Saturday, February 12

The Grinch That Stole Valentine's Day

Got this cute little deco patterned dress at Toad Road. This faux fur vest is SOOOO 
Grinch-like, I love it! It appeals to my cynical view of romance. 

Detail of Karan Sipe beautiful pendants. Two shopping days left until Valentines ! Get a room!

Thursday, February 10

Picnicking in Persia

Was feeling kind of foreign and exotic today.  Wanted to mix ethnic clothes that are from an enigmatic place in time. Embellished top by Johnny Was.

Ancient Asian flowing leg trousers from Unicef store that was in Old Town. Holding a great book, "Sailors Valentines", you should come see it.

Two grand necklaces by Kristin Diener, the jewelry wizard. Let's break out the baskets, I'm famished!

Monday, February 7

Gangster of Love

It's hard to see this most excellent vintage jacket from Off Broadway, black with a faint red stripe, worn over black and white pinstripe trousers.
This peony embellished sweater with pleated bottom and ruched sleeves says "I Love You". "I Love You". I feel VERY girly for a gangster.

Thursday, February 3

Dianne Wiest from Hannah and Her Sisters

This movie is one of my all time favorites and particularly Dianne Wiests' character, she was a corrosive, obnoxious dope fiend but a great dresser! There was a scene where she wears an old baseball jacket so of course I had to go buy one to mimic her.

Baseball jacket with lots of dog pins.

Underneath I'm wearing a grey and navy striped sweater tunic, ancient black & white oblong scarf and lattice grey wool vest by Twenty8Twelve.

Detail of vest back, I need to watch that movie again.  Woody Allen always has the best costumer!

Wednesday, February 2

Punxsutawney Phil is Full of #@*!

 I'm sorry Punxsutawney, but there is NO WAY spring is on it's way.I DON'T THINK SO!! So Punx, you might be cute, but you be WRONG!

Twelve by Twelve  bow sweater with Zoe and Me herringbone trousers. I love the four buttons at the waist.

Ancient embroidered beret with mosaic heart pin. Jewelry by Becky Dickens (bird), Lori Kirsch (dice), and Karan Sipe (cherries).

One of my dogs started barking at my flat shoes. Such an anomaly!!! I refer to these as my Buddy Holly shoes.

Tuesday, February 1

My Jacket Looks Like the Sydney Opera House

 The other title for this shot could be "What to wear to a Siberian movie matinee" . Oatmeal wool jacket from Ideeli. Scarf gifted by Kathleen, pumpkin cami from Debra and Mom pants from Neiman Marcus. Glad I brought my snow shoes should my vehicle give out!