Thursday, May 31

Sheer Ecstasy

Found this in my closet, it still had the tags on it! Score!
Wheeeeeeee. I LOVE it! Sheer shoulders and then some kind of black bra action happening. Can't get enough of exposed zippers either.
These Biviel strapped pumps look 50's to me. They are kind of weird. Weirdness is my middle name.
( So is crazy.)

Wednesday, May 30

Oh This Little Thing..........

This epic Kristin Diener boasts buttons, gemstones, a generous cigar label, et al.My lack of chest makes this hang like a piece of art on a wall.
Adore the swishy cut of this dress with pockets.It streamlines into a vortex flow.
              These faux reptile wedges really don't grind with this outfit. They're kind of like Switzerland.

Sunday, May 27

Celebrity Hostage Dress............

This is the dress I was wearing one Sunday when I locked Christopher Walken in the gallery.
He was in town making a movie and I saw him across the street and haled( yelled) at him to come over.
Well he was hesitant at first ( of course) but when I came downstairs from doing something in the upstairs office he was standing at the door. We weren't open yet so I let him in AND LOCKED THE DOOR!

He browsed around and was exactly what you'd think he would be like. He was relatively talkative, after a few minutes I set him free. It was VERY cool!
Fabric detail, I was glad I was wearing something decent that day.

I wasn't wearing this fantastic Kristin Diener pin that day but observe and burn with envy.

Nor did I have these boring shoes on that day, I was wearing some righteous open toed lace up shoes. Oh Christopher, you're so weird........

Saturday, May 26

Teal Appeal................

Gorgeous cascading beaded necklace, makes one imagine falling leaves or ivy.(I don't know why it appears I have a chest).
Pleated teal skirt with black waistband, yeah, you guessed correctly, it's new.

Teal eyelet pumps by Rocket Dog, enough with the matchy matchy teal already!


Friday, May 25

Lunch with Posh Beckham

Have to be selective about what you are going to show up in to lunch with fashion royalty.
Saint necklace by Karan Sipe, heavenly......
Chose this simple Nicole Miller frock and silver holed belt to meet the sprite. We both brought cut outs of our favorite foods and quenched our thirsts with iced black Starbucks tall boys. We talked about fashion, stilettos, lingerie, her hot husband and how crazy Tom Cruise is. She lost her baby weight a half hour after giving birth.

Poetic License pumps, can't wait until our next virtual lunch date!

Thursday, May 24

Guinea Hen Thursday........

I LOVE Guinea hens, they're so prehistoric, can't beat their outfits either. They also make great 
squawking security!

A perfect interpretation indeed. Squawk!!!!
                                        This peridot and carved bone necklace by Hugh O'Neal has an uncanny resemblance of what I looked like for years. Remember my perpetual bowl cut? I think I had these glasses also!

Wednesday, May 23

Minty Fresh.........

Quite refreshing cluster of cherries on ball chain by Karan Sipe.
                    Mint and grey striped layered dress from Toad Road,                   refreshing as well.

Racy back detail, nice exposed tag!

Elegant and comfortable, these reptile Irregular Choice bid to be my favorite shoes.
Hope you endure the wind and heat today!

Monday, May 21

What's Up With These Goofy Shorts???

Keeping it real in this BCBG Max Azria sheer grey short sleeved top with ruffled front and black cami  underneath.
Weirdness prevails in these cashmere Rag and Bone shorts with capped bottoms, I had to do a lot of domestic chores around the gallery today so didn't think a thigh high skirt would be appropriate (for a change). 
Perforated leather short boots by Jump, gotta go, time to do a little mopping. Wheeeee!

Sunday, May 20

Mona Lisa Smile...........

Colossal pin by Hollie Ambrose featuring Mona Lisa, did you know a twin painting was discovered????Probably one of Leonardo's students and painted at the same time DaVinci was creating his.
Time to unearth the grey faux Leger. I adore this dress! Love the gradation of color.
Jesus, these old things again? Pointy faux crocs by Carlos. Is there anything that isn't faux today? No.

Saturday, May 19

Robert Rodriguez Who?

Dramatic and sublime pink pearls by Debra Colonna, beautiful sheen.

I remember George asking me one day who this dress was by and I said nobody, then he looked at the 
label, Robert Rodriguez! (pre-recession days)......Sorry Robert.
Little faux Pucci kitten heeled pumps. I like my outfit today, girlie and comfortable.

Friday, May 18

Beige is the New Beige

Virgin of Guadalupe necklace with peridots by Beverly Cole. I love Catholic iconography!
 Voluminous lace in this mini off white top, LOVE IT!
This skirt is such a snooze, it's linen with golden embroidery by J. Peterman. Hello Buffalo Exchange!
Butterscotch leather Anthroplogie shoes. Kind of a stupid outfit really. Sorry folks!

Thursday, May 17


Unbeatable miniature pearl earrings by Amanda Augustine,  long and VERY girly.

This tee with a giant pink rose and gorgeous  legs actually says something inFrench but all I can make out is the word Paris, so that's cool.

Does this look French enough for a dinner at Petit Louis? I hope so.

Wednesday, May 16


This black shift with a plethora of zippers make me capable of storing about a thousand things. I shouldn't walk into the ocean with full pockets like Virginia Woolf!What ocean???
Little gold pumps gifted to me by Carla who'd never spends less then a thousand dollars on anything, so I feel extra special in these Italian shoes! Weird ankle shot however.........

Monday, May 14

I'm back, kind of.............

The geometric detail on this dress is optical illusion-esque.
One is drawn into the center box, my flat chest does aid in the effect.
Peruvian Connection silver hip belt, looks like my right leg is broken and hey, can is frock BE any shorter? Jeeze.

Adore these Calvin Klein silver criss-cross sandals,they make my dress look even shorter however.
What a tramp!

Thursday, May 10

Jungle Fever

This little safari number is lithe and boasts great ruching at the waist. I hear drums beating in the background.

Great Wilma Flintstone turquoise necklace by Holly Masterson, kinda tribal, huh?

Python flats add another element of wildness to this ensemble. Plus the colors match splendidly. Catch you maneuvering through the jungle!

Wednesday, May 9

Strap Yourself in for Chaos............

Quite a chaotic pattern on this shift with clever capped sleeves, fabric reminiscent of pick up sticks. Let's play!

Belt is recycled seat belt with colorful bottle caps, SO 90's. 
I suggest you strap yourself in, I'M DRIVING! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, May 6

Black & White, Is There Any End in Sight?

                              An artist we used to show created this playful, polymer necklace. Dig it!

Enough with the black & white already! I DO like the way this dress is striped though.

Oh Jesus, the shoes too? Hey, I'm in touch with my inner skunk!