Saturday, October 31

Yurt, Part Deux

Yurt living is becoming quite contagious as documented in yet another bountiful, vastly ample
frock. Navy cotton lycra blend with polka dot panels really perks the yurt.

 These sheer white hose are a pleasure. Adore the accenting white dots. Little navy patent kitten heels , bespeak, I'm upgrading where I hang my hat. Dig it!

Yurt Sunday..............

Always provident to don a garment in which you can reside. This mega, spacious, capacious, sweater of knitted acreage is a fave. Beneath, I could probably change into a swimsuit whilst behind the counter and no one would be the wiser. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Pre-Cambrian necklaces by Kathleen O'Rourke. Still rockin'.

  Brandished, but vaguely featured, is a suede, animal print bracelet from the Salvation Army. $2.00!!!
I must have been in the Bergdorf Goodman section.

Conquered by my sweater is this black, petroleum based mini.
Perforated sphere motif.

Perky tights and what I acclaim my equestrian shoe boots.

 Open invitation to share a pot of tea with me under my sweater in you find yourself in the neighborhood. Dig it!

Wednesday, October 28

SHOUT ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!


                                            DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.....................

                                                DRIVING STICK................

         THESE KICK ASS GO-GO BOOTS AND POLKA DOT STOCKINGS........................
Faux Zebra, dyed white and black horse hair ( I'm certain they didn't kill this horse for that purpose) I give to Peta,  from UK company called Boden. Nude hose with black dots. Get your go-go's on. Dig it!

Monday, October 26

Cacophony Of Pins...........

Recall the recent spate of Goldie Garcia wood cut out religious pins?  They were exhumed from a box, rather sizable, of long forgotten pins. Owned this jacket that is sweet but needed an infusion of Elzwear. So I start embellishing, aerobically, the front and lapels. Now, it looks more like me! I think I donned 24. You can count them. Not all came from "the box". Some were pinned on clothing in my closet that I was too lazy to remove or approved of the alchemy. Blatantly prize pins and have collected them for 30 years. They do however pose two obstacles. Because of their weight they aren't paraded with much frequency in the summer. Secondly, they take forever to apply. Getting them straight and in the perfect locale takes considerable time. You can only image how hard I toiled on this venture. Believe me, they're not going anywhere.

The back of this jacket lends balm in floral motif that aid in correcting your bleeding vision from what you've just suffered.

Conservative is as conservative does.
As penace for my outrageous blazer is this staid duo that screams that I work for the Game and Fish Department.

These bronze, 3 button shoe boots, summarize this disproportionate fiasco and it's grateful finale! Dig it!

Friday, October 23

Elizabeth Bennett Darcy Goes to Dillards.......

Fitzwilliam keeps Elizabeth resplendent in every facet of her transported life, but, coming from less fortunate circumstances, she is still baited by an alluring Dillards sale.  Toning down the appearance of  high brow arrogance, she simplified with semi-precious stone necklaces, one of garnets bearing amulet, the other, entirely of rubies. Yummy.

What a fetching peach denim double breasted coach jacket. Stately detail, front and back.

A percussion of vintage pins. Excess is as excess does. So much for toning it down. Dig it!

Applaud this delicate lacy camisole. Dove gray.

Delectable single strap pumps in pewter snakeskin by "Irregular Choice", the most ingenious shoe designers I can afford. From the UK. 

Abundant aplomb when tugging for the same sale item, indeed. Rock on!

Wednesday, October 21

Willie Wonka 's Nightmare

Gleaned from Goodwill for 25 cents by the Empress of said. Janet procures spot on clothing items that expound on my character. I've christened this my Willie Wonka jacket, worn tucked for this incarnation. Hot pink stripes on black, notched hot pink collar. Mimicked French white cuffs..Yummy!

Cunning, a given, necklace by Kris Mills on cord with Shrinky Dink rendered 20's esque damsel.

Such a clever, fetching, circle skirt. Floral motif satin under cris-crossed layer of voile.

Oh dear, enter stage left my newspaper tights!
Might possibly have entertained pulling them up a bit. Wheeeeee!

Relish this noxious ensemble from a distance and my apologies to anyone who witnessed this in person. 

Dig it!

Monday, October 19

Hostess at Sea World? Or Coffin Liner?

Mayhaps I might rethink the whole "Zulily" venture. Washed up on some coast, evidently, came my order at long last. I am at a loss as to what condition I was in when I ordered this embarrassing, "ALL SALES FINAL" NIGHTMARE. But wait! It get's better! It comes replete with maxi skirt! (Hello Goodwill.) In my own defense, I think it was dirt cheap.

Octopi suckers create the illusion of a bust! Wheeeeeee!

Karan Sipe repurposed trove of religious amulets on rosary. Bless her.

Attempting to deflect what might also recall a casket lining is my Diane von Furstenberg pencil skirt from days of money yore.

In the top 5 favorite shoes are these grass green satin lace ups with wicker wedges.

So in closing, I can only offer, "Welcome to Sea World" or "Welcome to death".

The Macrame That Ate Chicago.........

Long gone are the days when your entire life and house were strangled by this hippie craft. Beholden to it's gradual demise, this lycra shift exhumes the technique and fulfills the ambiance.

Heavenly detail.
Sophisticated Ann Taylor 22K gold vermeil necklace with dreamy drops.

Moving on to alluring, clever denim jacket. Wide collared. Short waisted. 

My perky, pesky Vivianne Westwood's. 
The opalescent dynamic, the construction. What's not to love? Oh yeah......macrame.

Rock on!