Wednesday, October 21

Willie Wonka 's Nightmare

Gleaned from Goodwill for 25 cents by the Empress of said. Janet procures spot on clothing items that expound on my character. I've christened this my Willie Wonka jacket, worn tucked for this incarnation. Hot pink stripes on black, notched hot pink collar. Mimicked French white cuffs..Yummy!

Cunning, a given, necklace by Kris Mills on cord with Shrinky Dink rendered 20's esque damsel.

Such a clever, fetching, circle skirt. Floral motif satin under cris-crossed layer of voile.

Oh dear, enter stage left my newspaper tights!
Might possibly have entertained pulling them up a bit. Wheeeeee!

Relish this noxious ensemble from a distance and my apologies to anyone who witnessed this in person. 

Dig it!