Monday, August 22

Swaddled Strumpet...........

Photos from July 22nd! Remiss is as remiss does indeed. My task triage puts assaulting you with these ludicrous posts far afield. Don't think I don't hear you cheering!!

Clever as a fox, I shape shift these two genius pins of Kristin Diener's into pendants. Lovely illustrations of exotic Eastern Indian beauties encompassed by semi-precious stones.

Nice uncooked chicken hands...........

Age inappropriate know no bounds in the ribald number of cotton jersey, (providing extra snuggy element.) Navy and heather stripes.

Oh, what's one to do with me?
And why does everyone keep asking me if I'm from New York? Is that some sort of "feral" aside? Hmm..................

What Is This Stuff?

Addressing the hem on this petroleum based gem is a motif of monolithic curiousity. What the hell? Can you discern? Vexed as I? Initially I ran with some shipwreck in progress on an angry ocean. Thought that an odd concept for a dress design....... Secondly, primordial sea bottom. In truth, it's probably caused by the fabric getting seized up in the printer. They said, let's move on, for the amount we're charging for this thing there's no way we're doing a reprint......Dig it!

Cappuccino and black dots, a might distressed.

Cascading trifecta bijouterie. Sand hued, carved Asian pendent, above another carved Asian pendent, coffee in color. Like the stimulating beverage descriptions? Yeah baby! Bottom, a glorious domed cloisonne disc in dark rust. Not caffeinated alas. And busted on the ole "i before e except after c"

This looks like my back. Righteous!

Buff "Smurf" boots in perforated suede. Heel strap. These things are pretty lame, on sale lame.......

Nice stupid socks........

Wednesday, August 17

Let's start at the bottom............

Now that Philio has moved on to greener pastures I have my celebrity photographers do the documentation. Guest staring is Rachel Guasp. Rachel is a stellar photographer, studying said in college. Has treated us to her mastery on Facebook for an age. She came over and took these avant garde images to shake us awake! Italian pumps purchased from the now deceased  "Ground and Vision". Boasted imported footwear and designer sunglasses. These ribald poses are really about featuring my pop-art, one of a kind chair from the also deceased "A" Store. May they both Rest in Peace.

 Lace is as lace does,
in this "coronation bound" get up.

Guilted sleeveless with pointy rivet detail. Yow!

What's an imperial event without a Sipe sighting? Pearls encased in a elaborate vintage pendant. Decadent indeed.

             There we have it. Toe to headless head. Thanks Rachel! You rocked it! Wheeeeeee!

Saturday, August 13

Roughly Romanov..........

  Do have a penchant for the Romanov family. They were handsome;  their story tragic. Fact that they swam in surfeit opulence while millions starved didn't bode well for them, unfortunately. But the garments and jewels!  I'm odious.......

Will start with a medallion hosting a garnet, teamed with an embroidered felt pocket; sizable descending diamond, to be sure.

Copious grandeur of elaborate beading on a field of diaphanous off white. 
 Nice bologna hands.

Dare we contemplate the poor child that made it? I'm odious..... 

Again praise this comely gored skirt by Nic and Zoe. I have a mere 3, all gossamer and carpeted with fetching attention to motif and detail.

Nary a posting goes by that dichotomous element doesn't spring forth to surprise and vex. Let's move on from the saccharine. What does one don?  Clunky shoe boots & athletic socks, of course!  I smashed my middle toe into a metal table leg. Wheeeeeeeee! Has since mended. (Do you care, I think not.)

Rock on!

Tuesday, August 9

Observe the Poodle's Hairdo............

My propensity for aimlessly going awry in the focus department is in it's element, re: the title of this post. It has absolutely no relevance what so ever! Dig it! I just think those two words absurd in the extreme, hence I make strides to use them helter skelter for no reason. Now let's get on with it. When last I posted, decades ago, I boasted another of my favorite words, squirrel. Love encompasses the furry little rabies toting vermin, I can't help myself. What the hell am I blathering on about??????

Pursuing an organic approach in the bijouterie, notice I'll never use bl*ng, I abhor that word. I digress, Wanda Lobito tooth, (I think, and not Wanda's.) Fish below however, plastics-ville. Pursuing but not accomplishing obviously.

Cougar draped, what a concept! over cranberry cotton cami. Yet more animal print of some ilk in these polished cotton trousers. Apprised you of the rolled up cuff and kitten heel fixation. Nice stupid pose. Dig it!

Jesus, where does my chaise end and pumps begin? Notice I'm supine with much frequency? Wheeeeee!

Rock on!!!!!!!!