Monday, June 30

Holy Sunday Batman!

By now you're aware of my obsession with Catholic iconography. Not the religious type myself, I do have quite a weakness for crosses, saint metals, the Virgin Mary, Virgin of Guadalupe, they have so much stuff! Great marketing!

          Keep your hats on folks, this frock isn't black and white, it's navy and beige. Shut up!
This is a miracle!

Uh, my arms kind of do look  like Batman.........

She's gross................

Sure she's a she????? Hmmmmmmmmm.

Saturday, June 28

Channeling Audrey........

Under no circumstance am I implying that I look like that beauty. It's this stunner dress I'm clothed in that mimics something she'd own and wear.

Latte hued long shift in voile 3 dimensional petals. Black grosgrain ribbon belt. Lovely.

I thought this dress required something vintage and pearls. Two ancient pins. 

Oh, and I'm the same age she'd be if she was still alive. Dig it!

                                                      You..........Audrey. Keep dreamin'

Wednesday, June 25

Things I Like............

                                                                      Happy dogs.


Driving stick.

My necklace from yesterday.

Dig it!

Tuesday, June 24

Rockin' Dots Monday.........

Prelude to the dots..........this cheapo necklace that I think I procured at the Santa Fe, I digress, this thing is about 40' long hence the 30 wraps about the neck. I makes up in happiness what it projects in cheapiness, I think.

Yet another clever accessory is this belt I bought from the gallery when it was in Old Town. Made of a tire tube, it boasts vintage soda tops and a seat belt buckle. Dig it!

Ah, now to the main event. This sheer shouldered, flowing, Mini Mouse dress. 
You have seen this dress before, but with my artful slight of hand in distracting accessories, I thought I might veer your attention. 

Some bow tipped patent wedges, guess what? I didn't recognize them at all! Wheeeeeeeeee!
Where'd they come from? Patent wedge fairy, obviously............

Semi Femmi Sunday............

I rarely boast a delicate side, one envisions more a rather haphazard, almost feral persona.                    Hmmmmmmm? Well, I can take a curious turn at times.  Much amour for this rare bird of talent, the esteemed Phoenix Forrester. Seriously captivated by the people of mystery behind the glass. Two prized necklaces of mine.
What a fright the skin!

There is an astounding amount of detail in this blouse. Endless embroidery, panels of delicate fabric underneath. It's a specimen from a much more gracious time.
Toad Road is where I purchased this lacy illusion of loveliness. This ensemble suffuses me with triumphant attitude of snobby serenity. Dig it!

Kristin Diener commission!

I've amassed one of the largest collection of Kristin's work in the country, what a surprise! I commissioned her to incorporate the photo and the troll dolls in her design. The photo I found in a book at my mothers home when we were closing it after her death. It is the most bizarre pic ever. It's of a monkey, that looks like a minute gorilla, donned in a sweater, showing a man's hands with a cigarette almost burnt down to the flesh. My other contributions are two troll dolls that I was impassioned with as a child. I gave them crew cuts. Wheeeeee!

I say, what better compliment than a brazen rocker tee shirt with graffiti motif? Dig it! Diane von Furstenberg pencil skirt.
Shoes a no show, bad sign..........

Bad sign? Why do you think her face is always missing? Saints preserve us.

Sunday, June 22

In Shreds........

     I prize this skirt so ardently that I won't part with it. Unfortunately, the antiquated fabric is falling apart. There is a rather sizable hole near the waist in the back, several tattered issues on the buttoned up side panel. Worst still, is the bottom flounce, completely shredded! Dig it!  My only hesitation in it's wearing is I live in perpetual trepidation that the next thing to go is the posterior!

                                              Patent multiple photo belt. That's that..............

          Such amour for this brilliant pin by Cynthia Cook. Is there any end to her genius? I think not.

                                         Absent footwear because of their abundant lameness.

Saturday, June 21

Zelda Fitzgerald goes to Dions.........

Incensed that absinthe was not a beverage choice, she showed immense compliance by ordering the Greek Salad, even though the color scheme didn't go the her outfit at all.
Enchanting drop waisted frock with appliqued lace flowers. Astonishing fabric.
Always wear this gaggle of opera length necklaces together. They also hang as are in a glob on my dressings room mirror, which you can't see as it's suffocating in layers of garments. Dig it!

Nice little lace-up reptilian pumps. Had to crop down one of my ankles as it looked like I had a compound fracture. Wheeeeeeee!

Tuesday, June 17

Askew, what a shocker.........

Looking rather awry in the blush hued dress boasting black floral accents. I continuously adjusted this ensemble to cover this, rearrange, straighten, and still, all is amiss. Do I care? I think not......... 

Enriched with lavish gold drop necklace by Anne Taylor (is she still around?) and gold pearls with slices of garnet betwixt. 

Phoenix Forrester bequeathed me this opulent belt from an estate sale. Pearl encrusted with gold leaf embelishment. Heavenly, really........
I am not worthy.

Love these Barbie-esque gold reptile bejeweled slings. Very Palm Beach!

Dig it!

Sunday, June 15

It never stops.............

Gee, envisage the sheer girth of the mammoth black and white themed wardrobe I've amassed. It defies comprehension.  Big surprise, here's a new one. My weakness defies comprehension too. Hell, I defy comprehension.

Polymer clay necklace by Peg Gerard. Another piece I've had infinitely. Don't really embrace the polymer action as a whole.

Thought a different angle might make my monster feet less atrocious. Well, these awesome kicks might aid in the overall presentation.

Must we forbear this pose forever now? Oh, please......

Here a moo moo, there a moo moo.......

Why so smitten for moo moo's all of the sudden? Answer: the billowy element to combat testy temps. Although, the capri leggings defeat the purpose a modicum........

Festive vintage necklace. Very  Doris Day. Dig it!

                                        Riveting rivets in these fierce navy leather wedges.

  This outfit kind of smacks of a pajama party with jewelry. Do I care? I think not....

As if she thinks................