Tuesday, June 24

Kristin Diener commission!

I've amassed one of the largest collection of Kristin's work in the country, what a surprise! I commissioned her to incorporate the photo and the troll dolls in her design. The photo I found in a book at my mothers home when we were closing it after her death. It is the most bizarre pic ever. It's of a monkey, that looks like a minute gorilla, donned in a sweater, showing a man's hands with a cigarette almost burnt down to the flesh. My other contributions are two troll dolls that I was impassioned with as a child. I gave them crew cuts. Wheeeeee!

I say, what better compliment than a brazen rocker tee shirt with graffiti motif? Dig it! Diane von Furstenberg pencil skirt.
Shoes a no show, bad sign..........

Bad sign? Why do you think her face is always missing? Saints preserve us.