Friday, February 27

This Designer I Adore Most Ardently.......


Confess I did purchase this dress online and I trolled for this brand singularly, before I began getting, from afar, and progressively "return" colicky, uber cheapo, bizarre clothing.

Putty, black and dark grey undulating pattern with mischievous and nonsensical button and zipper accent. But, hey, they look good and isn't that principal? Vertically striped black and tan tights.

                           Hilariously evocative pose for a thousand year old woman. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

                                             My beloved Buddy Holly shoes.

I heard Punxsutawney bit Mr. Top Hat this year. Far more compelling than this documentation. Dig it!

Thursday, February 26

Punxsutawney Phil Wednesday..........

I fervently anticipate Groundhog Day every year. It's my favorite holiday and why it doesn't merit white sales  and bank closures is beyond the pale. I love him!! I am this vapid. I have always thought Punxsutawney was just a winsome little moniker for his most endearing first name. It's a place! What a concept!  How delightful is his wee house and the pageantry of the fellow in the top hat? It's a travesty I didn't witness this year's event. I needed to laude this holiday though having zero to do this ensemble.

I deduce from this photograph that Punxsutawney is delivering an impactful speech. Dig it!

Now I'll address this concoction of clothing.  White sweater that mimics puppy fur, random blotches
of black. Painted on pencil skirt with grey and black panels.

There's the rub. What in the blazes do these neon yellow and hot pink horizontally striped hose have to do with anything? Do I care? I think not. Knee high petroleum based platform boots conjure the Mod Squad. Wheeeeee!

Vexed by what Punxsy and the Mod Squad share in common?  Indeed certain they've crossed paths at some venture. I'm running with that supposition......

Wednesday, February 25

Wallace Simpson Tuesday.......

Emoting vast ingenuity and panache in her innovative elan, Wallace carried her flair as she did her poise. So what if she had been previously married a couple of times? Who hasn't, right? Jealousy was the true catalyst for the ire. She lived in an elevated fashion stratosphere. Edward scored indeed, with Wallace. He, on the other hand, resembled Buster Keaton.

In hhomage to this evocative maven, I parade in this tweed ensemble. BCBG Max Azria safari styled
jacket, a dollar score that was gifted to me by Janet Hoelzel. 

Sublime Anthropologie tweed pre-Abq. Uptown. I never shop there. Only online.

Jen made this comely necklace. Clever stacking and various gems and exotics.

Never one to leave well enough alone. 
Must give a peak at my incongruously integrated plastic platform boots. Wheeeee!

.Boy, I could quite certainly get someone booted out of office. Dig it!

Tuesday, February 24

The Poor East Coast...........

 Scoping the temps on the East Coast today. Boston, 5 degrees with a windchill of -14, Portland Maine Airport 1 degree, 25 mph winds. Towering mountains of snow that have nowhere to move. Collapsing roofs, water mains breaking, astronomical heating bills and the ugliest clothing ever! The travesty.

Which segues me into this extremely unbecoming ensemble, composed of layers and layers of stuff. I'll document. Undershirts aplenty. I'll spare you the evidence.

 Adore this dress I refer to as my Charles Dickens "maid above stairs" frock. Undaunted passion for this grandly odd garment. I find it's unbecomingness becoming.

Layered over a Nic and Zoe voile skirt boasting tiny tethered pleats.  I find these browns uncannily

                                               Observe these stockings. Very Victorian. Coy, with off white crocheted lace and a spate of buttons. Innocently above knee but safely above hemline.

Attending to the fireplace or attending to your lady's undergarments drying out of doors require sturdy footwear.  Oh blast, she's ringing the bell.

I'm joyful that I can bask in the pleasure of my faux Victorian garb and not be buried in down. I weep for Easterners...........

Feelin' the Love......

                                               DOGGIES WANTED FOR TAX EVASION


                                                              DRIVING STICK


Sunday, February 22

From 70 to 7 Degrees Saturday..........

I exaggerate, but one can go from a tube top to a down parka over the course of the day. When I completed exercising this morning at 9:15 it was warm enough to walk sans sweatshirt to my car. I investigated the weather's projection for the day and dressed accordingly. Was apprised that a drastic temperature change was due tomorrow. It just couldn't wait. It started getting incrementally darker. Wind reared it ugly head. Now it's freezing. Wheeee!

Selected this heavier knit sleeveless tunic because hey, it was allegedly going to be in the high 60's today. Where? Maybe they should have been a bit more specific. Perhaps they were speaking of Tucson. Clever detail in the twisted neckline however.

Pencil skirt of cranberry and black is surprisingly & sensibly not 6" long. Who'd of thought????

Psychically impaired, I donned these sheer hose and dark red patent kitten heeled pumps. Uggs? I'd rather go barefooted.

Fear not, I am sporting a jacket. Black lace biker jacket. Must join my homeless friends around a toasty fire in an oil drum. Dig it!

Saturday, February 21

Josephine, the Biker, Bonaparte......

All eyes were on Josephine's commanding fashion influence. Empire frocks were ubiquitous. She held reign over style like her husband over the entire continent of Europe.

Perfection capturing the nuance of the 1800's in this exquisite dress. Owned for an age but has been  unjustly flaunted. 

Regal jewels by Karan Sipe are in keeping with the opulence for which Josephine was renowned. 

Surprising turn of events with my biker vest. I was looking a bit too charming.

What's a biker vest without biker boots. I think she would have applauded the update. She was formidably cutting edge.

Rev it Josie and Napoleon!!!!!!