Thursday, February 26

Punxsutawney Phil Wednesday..........

I fervently anticipate Groundhog Day every year. It's my favorite holiday and why it doesn't merit white sales  and bank closures is beyond the pale. I love him!! I am this vapid. I have always thought Punxsutawney was just a winsome little moniker for his most endearing first name. It's a place! What a concept!  How delightful is his wee house and the pageantry of the fellow in the top hat? It's a travesty I didn't witness this year's event. I needed to laude this holiday though having zero to do this ensemble.

I deduce from this photograph that Punxsutawney is delivering an impactful speech. Dig it!

Now I'll address this concoction of clothing.  White sweater that mimics puppy fur, random blotches
of black. Painted on pencil skirt with grey and black panels.

There's the rub. What in the blazes do these neon yellow and hot pink horizontally striped hose have to do with anything? Do I care? I think not. Knee high petroleum based platform boots conjure the Mod Squad. Wheeeeee!

Vexed by what Punxsy and the Mod Squad share in common?  Indeed certain they've crossed paths at some venture. I'm running with that supposition......