Sunday, February 8

Frilly Satin Girl.........

To hell with going "time to toil", I caved after two consecutive days. So what if I'm bent over in a mini skirt in the window or up a 6' ladder. Casualness be damned. I tried. I tried indeed. For naut.

Reveling in my own skin again, I boast this lovely hand wrought poppy potion of diverse fabric and sparkly center bauble by Emily Quane. Magnificent. I have yet another. Black. Very slimming.

Some background into the manufacturer of this little black lace number. Informed should something be not the right fit , even literally, they'd be happy to refund my money. All I'm required to do is send it to the provided address in China, on my dme. Obviously everything's a keeper. Hmmmmmmm, I'm deducing why everything is so inexpensive...... Most fortuitous I find it fetching.

Always get on your hands and knees to clean in a royal satin circle skirt. So Cinderella!
(cleaning on hands and knees not documented)