Tuesday, February 24

The Poor East Coast...........

 Scoping the temps on the East Coast today. Boston, 5 degrees with a windchill of -14, Portland Maine Airport 1 degree, 25 mph winds. Towering mountains of snow that have nowhere to move. Collapsing roofs, water mains breaking, astronomical heating bills and the ugliest clothing ever! The travesty.

Which segues me into this extremely unbecoming ensemble, composed of layers and layers of stuff. I'll document. Undershirts aplenty. I'll spare you the evidence.

 Adore this dress I refer to as my Charles Dickens "maid above stairs" frock. Undaunted passion for this grandly odd garment. I find it's unbecomingness becoming.

Layered over a Nic and Zoe voile skirt boasting tiny tethered pleats.  I find these browns uncannily

                                               Observe these stockings. Very Victorian. Coy, with off white crocheted lace and a spate of buttons. Innocently above knee but safely above hemline.

Attending to the fireplace or attending to your lady's undergarments drying out of doors require sturdy footwear.  Oh blast, she's ringing the bell.

I'm joyful that I can bask in the pleasure of my faux Victorian garb and not be buried in down. I weep for Easterners...........