Sunday, February 22

From 70 to 7 Degrees Saturday..........

I exaggerate, but one can go from a tube top to a down parka over the course of the day. When I completed exercising this morning at 9:15 it was warm enough to walk sans sweatshirt to my car. I investigated the weather's projection for the day and dressed accordingly. Was apprised that a drastic temperature change was due tomorrow. It just couldn't wait. It started getting incrementally darker. Wind reared it ugly head. Now it's freezing. Wheeee!

Selected this heavier knit sleeveless tunic because hey, it was allegedly going to be in the high 60's today. Where? Maybe they should have been a bit more specific. Perhaps they were speaking of Tucson. Clever detail in the twisted neckline however.

Pencil skirt of cranberry and black is surprisingly & sensibly not 6" long. Who'd of thought????

Psychically impaired, I donned these sheer hose and dark red patent kitten heeled pumps. Uggs? I'd rather go barefooted.

Fear not, I am sporting a jacket. Black lace biker jacket. Must join my homeless friends around a toasty fire in an oil drum. Dig it!