Saturday, February 7


Crazy.....This can be dually attributed. It's first Friday week so it's a crazy maelstrom of shapeshifting windows and walls. I regretfully must dress down. Flats, jeans.....snoozefest. Attempting to infuse my life with a modicum of something compelling, I configure this mishmash. Oh dear.......

Lively crazy quilt vest (hmmmmmmmm such an affinity). I love crazy quilts for their fusion of fabrics and a consortium of brilliant embroidery.

Clever raw silk birthday gift from my sister. Smart, novel hues: brown, vivid gold, off white. Actually, incongruous gift choice from my sister. But she does send me odd things. Prompted by?

Opaque butter hued hose (a bit saggy, truth be told).

Ancient, but some of my favorite shoes. Woven shoe boots. Now, it's back to more gallery schlepping from point A to point B. Dig it!

Viewed from afar, this ensemble is dreadful. Wheeeee!