Friday, February 13

Here a Stripe. There a Stripe..........

Bogged down by technical failure (Houston, we have a problem) I was incapable of reporting on my eccentric slant on fashion passion.  What a dichotomy in this necklace department. Sublime cloisonne opera length I was bequeathed and cheesy necklace from Pier One! Dig it!

Vortex square adds intrigue to this bell sleeved cashmere tunic. Don't feel the love for the dry cleaning element. Notice my fetal alcohol syndrome flipper I brandish in these two pics. Wheeeeeee!

Slippery tan and black tights and beyond boring cheesy ballet flats. You're contemplating, uh, what's the point of this post, are you not? I think so.

Indeed...........Narcolepsy is as narcolepsy does. Wheeeee!