Saturday, June 25

Periwinkle Parade Float....Dig it!

Who doesn't thrill in a parade? Well moi, truth be told. Mimicking the limitless square acreage of cloth involved, my more inert ensemble, still bespeaks the devil may care foolishness. Dig it!

Andy Warhol-esques tights and odious cheesy patent sling backs. Fireman pace made me accept these eye searing jokes. I smell Goodwill!

Do the hue of my feet remind you of another? Nauseating? Hoofed? Floating about in a jar? In a southern state? Mayhaps 7 Eleven? I think that would be a positive...........

Barbarically cropped to feature only a minuscule patch of desiccated bologna skin and highlight Eleanore MacNish's vividly witty glass flower necklace.

How can you not envision an sandwich made out of that skin? Geez.

Thursday, June 23

Glean Trifecta.............

 The kindness of dear chums has dressed me today. Molly Geissman, who based an extensive series on incarceration, frequents Alcatraz when in San Francisco. How well I faired! Whisper soft capped sleeved.

Mega-score on this ribald lattice pencil skirt of elastic bands purchased by Janet Hoelzel at Goodwill. 99 cents! Dig it!
Beneath, I even I had to don something beneath, is a pencil skirt by Maude Andrade of snug lycra with silk screened photo she took in Ecuador. Shoes you are long familiar with. Quite. Wore this to the opening at 516 last Saturday. Janet was my date. Jolly good time! Thanks friends!

Nice Elephant Man knees.

Wednesday, June 22

What Attention to Detail!!!!

You'd think, after documentation of a quintillion ensembles, between the two of us, Philio and myself would observe something akimbo. Such major components seem to sneak under the radar. Wanda Lobito necklace appears that I used it as an abacus to balance my checkbook! Antique gaming chip with those pesky pearls. Karan's coruscating treasure manages to stay on point.

Lacy frock, surfeit lace, truth be told, in moca and off white. This might be one of those "endless wait and no way in hell you can return it" gems. Dig it!

Clever faux croc platform sandals by Steve Madden. Nice boiled shrimp legs. Wheeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, June 21

Always a Bridesmaid.........

Philio and I have shaved the pic documentation down to about one minute. Details go grossly amiss. If you can find something that's not awry I'll eat my unsalted shoe. First featured is a necklace comprised of pink quartz, and garnets. Been honored with a new friend. Brings me galactically unique treasures. Observe the franc. From 1817. Louis the VX111 of the reverse side.  Drilled whole is not authentic, but makes for a righteous choker. Try scoring this at TJ Max! Had to crop out the snag in the tunic!

Inattention runs rampant with these akimbo pins by Marcia Sednek. I'd yet to start drinking! Oh dear........

Bogged down by a surfeit of diaphanous frilliness doesn't pull one's eye away from everything amiss.

I look like a doily yurt.

Full body shot. Now I've got the hem of one of the layers hitched in another layer. Oh please. Fetching more lace is as more lace does in this vintage score from ????? in Santa Fe. I'll recall the moniker about a month from now. Hang tight..........

Thursday, June 16

Time Change..........

Time is a very liquid. Zones. Shifting to and fro. An elastic enigma. My segue for lauding my Phoenix Forrester belt boasting timepiece faces from days of yore. Travesty that society is not beholden to the watch. Ingenious and you must read dials!  Phil and I have a propensity for watches. His, lavish, dashing. Mine........uh.      

Shirt front shift that I was compelled to cleave to my navel. Wheeeeee! Gray lace camisole saves the day.

 Ever surfeit, no holds barred, propel the donning of black grid tights. Gray ankle boots. Someone once stated, "your outfit it giving me a headache." I responded., "Gee thanks!"

Monday, June 13

Five dollar find.......

So OCD I have to pick clothing up off of the floor and return it to it's hanger. I won't elaborate on the host of other psychotic shenanigans I'll perform in stores and restaurants. Suffice it to say, I'm not getting paid enough. The more downscale the venue, the more havoc and chaos regarding ill propriety in display. Can make me a virtual wreck! But I find the will to muster through. OCD will not permit me to purchase an item residing on the floor; this gem was severely akimbo on the hanger and minutes from it's inevitable plunge.
Smitten with the image. The underarms are a bit long. Phil hates visible underpinnings. I scored this rocking bralette in the girls department. Canary yellow with bold black polka dots and hot pink trim. He refused to document...........

Should my cocktail tray size watch need new batteries I conjure there are about 15 in there. Oh dear....

Perky pencil skirt nearly bankrupted me. Believe I shelled out an ungodly 10 spot.
Travesty you can't see my queer shoes. Would describe them as radioactive animal print. Wheeeee!

Huh? What's up with this stance already? 

Pleather Worship............

So copiously remiss this ensemble bears long sleeves! Dig it! Can't sufficiently laude this necklace duo. Monolithic milagro must be a pound of sterling silver. I doubled opera length luscious, Lilliputian, silver pearls. Clever is as clever does. Garnet and wee milagro gem by Susan Skinner. She hates me now. Wheeee! Danskin from Pre-Cambrian period. Danskins are so defunct the word comes up as misspelled. Rock on!

These cheesy petroleum based skinnies are from such a cheesy venue you'd have to water board me to divulge. Can't stop the love however. Like the 4" from the sun effect? Decent!

They did go the extra mile to toss in dribble of zippers for elan. 

                                                   Worth every penny! Yeah baby!
                                                                   Nice thread.

Tuesday, June 7

Shipwrecked Contessa...........

Electing dichotomy to the point of ludicrous shouts in this ensemble. Can schizophrenia happen on the body's geography? Foolishly evident in my world.

The sheer volume of all things lacy in my inventory defies comprehension. Must have been a doily in a previous life.

Proudly parade this sumptuous Sipe. Dig it, I need a Tuff Shed for my Karan collection alone. 
Getting my lace on in this vast tunic, over more lace! Dusky rose hued crochet.

Nice desiccated bologna skin...........

Nice boiled shrimp arm...............

So begins the "stranded on an island" phase. Mauve dress likens itself to something Robin Crusoe would don had he a penchant for cross dressing. Riotous layers of shredded hem.

Enough bi-polar fashion for today. Wheeeeeeeee!


Monday, June 6


Bequeathed this about a thousand years ago. Silk vest with zesty hued tumbling sling backs. Keen on vests, waistcoats my preferred description. I'm from the 1800's as you are well aware. Hence sparing you my face!

Hue skinnies in black and white check. Perky and so age inappropriate. Wheeeeeeee!
 Wouldn't it cut it in the Victorian age, I'd wager. Hoppin' fuchsia shoes. Tres plastique!
Oh bother, my phaeton is late!

Sunday, June 5

Should We Term This Semi-Moo Moo?

It's capacious, it's tent-esques, there's room for a dinner party, it's contemporary vent keeps it above the yurt category. Kind of. Hilarious on-line company. Endless wait, no returns. The priceless part. Should something be taking half a year, they send you this email enquiring whether you'd prefer cancelling. If you respond in the positive. They instantaneously sally with a "it will be there in a couple of days!" Aborting? A mirage. You'd better love it or learn to.

Perky enough. Enigmatic stuff so stretchy you could pull it back like a sling-shot and rocket it across the room. Petroleum based material? That would be a positive.

Sparing me from dripping in utter cuteness are my black and white striped tights, polka dot socks and kick ass shoe boots. Agenda being to surmount a teeth rotting saccharine concoction. Dig it!

Saturday, June 4

All About Marcia..............

If I were more remiss I'd be dead. Ever mounting tasks usurp my ability to document. My copious chores range the full spectrum.  Betwixt commerce, cleaning, wall painting, toilet repair, floor mopping et al.

This ensemble certainly smacks of toil. Barbarically boring! Were it not for Marcia, I'd basically appear to be bound for a pasture to milk a cow. Heavens! What was I thinking? Skull drudgery should never trump fashion!

                                 Her multi-faceted mediums defy the mind. Imbue us with glee.

        Observe my "milk maid" smock in drab grey. Must I feel compelled to buy everything on sale?
I think that would be a yes.

Much ardor for my haggard tights and slate shoe boots. Fashion secret.....these tights are so flaccid from age, pooling about the ankles must be cloaked by boots! Wheeeeeeee!