Monday, June 13

Pleather Worship............

So copiously remiss this ensemble bears long sleeves! Dig it! Can't sufficiently laude this necklace duo. Monolithic milagro must be a pound of sterling silver. I doubled opera length luscious, Lilliputian, silver pearls. Clever is as clever does. Garnet and wee milagro gem by Susan Skinner. She hates me now. Wheeee! Danskin from Pre-Cambrian period. Danskins are so defunct the word comes up as misspelled. Rock on!

These cheesy petroleum based skinnies are from such a cheesy venue you'd have to water board me to divulge. Can't stop the love however. Like the 4" from the sun effect? Decent!

They did go the extra mile to toss in dribble of zippers for elan. 

                                                   Worth every penny! Yeah baby!
                                                                   Nice thread.