Thursday, June 23

Glean Trifecta.............

 The kindness of dear chums has dressed me today. Molly Geissman, who based an extensive series on incarceration, frequents Alcatraz when in San Francisco. How well I faired! Whisper soft capped sleeved.

Mega-score on this ribald lattice pencil skirt of elastic bands purchased by Janet Hoelzel at Goodwill. 99 cents! Dig it!
Beneath, I even I had to don something beneath, is a pencil skirt by Maude Andrade of snug lycra with silk screened photo she took in Ecuador. Shoes you are long familiar with. Quite. Wore this to the opening at 516 last Saturday. Janet was my date. Jolly good time! Thanks friends!

Nice Elephant Man knees.