Sunday, December 29

In Addition...........

This conspicuously dramatic graphic sweater called my name obviously. Thin cotton knit and hey, guess what ? It boasts a back! Dig it!

Ravishing little lilac tulle skirt with bountiful swirled roses . How I cherish this mouthwatering gem.

Enough is never enough regarding my ensemble. Plus tights a must. Dig it. And another ancient fav,
my equestrian-esques shoe boots.

What am I going for here? Gypsy? Snake charmer, fortune teller?
I think the trifecta.
Bracelets by Susan Skinner, Kristin Diener, Thomas Mann, Tracy Hale and a host of unknowns.

I hope you still can do addition and subtraction in your head, I can, but it's an idiot savant thingy.

Saturday, December 28

Ahhhh, you shouldn't have.........

    I am horrified when someone gives me a gift and I presently bare no reciprocation.  On Xmas Eve, dear Juli gave me two skirts procured from the Pink Elephant. I'd never heard of it. I could only conjure up the Spearmint Rhino, a topless bar, hence closed. This is the clever wool houndstooth pencil skirt , a Japanese label.

Oh, my jolly little cropped sweatshirt and necklace by Cynthia Cook. I love gifts! Dig it!

Have a Nice Day............

Let's begin with the fact that I detest smiley faces. The only thing worse? People using them to dot an i.
I'd rather think of this as a Pillsbury Dough Boy or the Michelin Man.

In any event, I find it a superb score and it just gets better.......................

I believe the sheer naughtiness of the posterior of the garment swayed my decision to purchase.

Pencil skirt with grey side panels and black front. If you say "Have a nice day" to me, I'll punch you in the face. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Friday, December 20

Skellie Spice Thursday

Oh dear, this ensemble borders on terrifying. I'll confirm..... it's terrifying.  Skellie pin is from down at the Mariposa in Old Town. It was really cheap. Dig it!

This astonishing vintage boucle peplum jacket from Off Broadway, well,  just simply put, it's killer.

Now, brace yourself as we head south. Helter skelter. You've been warned..........
Gold metallic and black polka dot skirt with skellie head tights and my gold Irregular Choice go-go boots. Heavens to Betsy!

Gee, it's a good thing I own this place so I can dress like a total freak. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Thursday, December 19

Asian Persuasion..........

First, let me start by saying that everything I'm clothed in is older than my 25 year employee Jean. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

This stack of pins have remained on this vest practically since I procured it. Oblong brass quilted pin, bone Chinese dragon, old Mati pin from when they first opened and carried some quirky jewelry. The last a Pier One pin that says BOAR. Tres plastique.

Navy quilted vest is so old I don't even recall where I bought it. I think it's a mans. Do I care? I think not.

Orange Asian motif brocade from Wear It B.C.

These wide legged pants are from the Unicef store that used to be off the Plaza. I think I might of had to put them on layaway at $40. They are 30 years old minimum.

Alert the media.
I have severe difficulty getting rid of things but how cool are all of these garments and adornments?

Wednesday, December 18

Channeling Rosalind Russell...........

Here's a maven that took fashion seriously and effortlessly flaunted her uniqueness .

I like to pretend she'd covet this cleverly cut pinstriped blazer I own.

Illustrious trio of my favorites. Two ancient stick pins and a dear Phoenix Forrester. Oh, demure strand of pearls as well.

Skirt a bit contemporary for the jacket but a tramp has to stay the coarse.
So there you have it. Dig it!

Monday, December 16

Plum Giddy...........

Oh when the saints go marching on about my neck. Some ebullient Catholic iconography going on thanks to Wanda Lobito and Karan Sipe. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Plum ribbed knit dress with flirty skirt. Coolest detail is the long exposed zipper in the back.

Yeah baby.

Leatha jacket over my dainty little dress. Awwwwww.

Feisty is as feisty does in these clown hose toned down with sexy purple suede shoe boots.

Project Runway? I think not. Clown college I say "Dig it!"


The enigma, the conundrum. How does one remove the wrinkles from a plastic dress, without melting it? I tried a steamer......dicey, then I tried steaming the inside. Nothing. Then I tried ironing the inside, a modicum of success.
The petroleum based element of this number kind of had a sauna like effect.

Clever pleather back. Love the rust hue.

Fear not I wore this faux Dagwood coat all day. Dig it!

Pulled from the catacombs, these cherry colored leather kitten heals loafers. Can you imagine?????????Obviously everything north of them look like me.

Dig it!

Friday, December 13

Lilliputian Sweater Friday.............

Very wee is this sheer two toned sweater. It only escapes from the inventory with a certain length companion piece.  My waist is about a mile away.

Ingenious necklace by Heather Hanley.
Strikingly clever .

The dress that quite literally saved my nearly exposed ass. Had to make an emergency
visit to Toad Road to circumvent getting arrested.
Oh, the predicaments I get myself into for fashion!

Thursday, December 12

Leather and Faux Leather. Dig it!

Impressive start out of the gates with this winsome pin by Marcy Sednek. As you'd imagine, I have a few. Wheeeeeeeeee.

Hard to discern the detail in this vintage red and black checked blazer from Off Broadway. Shoulder pads? Bring them on!

Beautiful pinstriped grey wide lapeled waistcoat. I'm so 1800's!

Rubber skirt time. You could upturn a plate of spaghetti on this skirt and hey, no worries, you can just turn a hose on it! Funkiness ensues in these Lichtenstein-esque tights! Dig it!

Going Gladiator in this fierce boots. Take no prisoners!

Post script: Gladiator boots are real leather! Wheeeee!

Monkey See, Monkey Do.............

              Vintage pin as old as I, how can you resist a gorilla pin, or any gorilla accessories really?


Attempted to wear this evergreen wool blazer by Nanetter Lepore san tank. Whoa,  x-ray time! This blazer boasts such an inventive design, Asymmetrical collar and juicy back detail. Dig it!

Eastern Indian? Gypsy? I'll lean either way in this appliqued skirt from Boden. Design compensates for its daft shape and length.

                                    Peek of yellow and lime "Laugh In" opaques.
Dark green leather and patent Cole Haan boots. Smidge conservative for this tramp, I mean, where are the 6 inch platforms, I query? Look like something Sarah Palin would wear to a gun store.