Saturday, April 30

Black Power Quatro

Don't know why this Calvin Klein dress with zippers from neck to waist is coming out blue, it's really black. Pin is an ancient Judy Perlaman pin that reminds me of Calder, it's major!

Now you can't see the detail but you can see it's black. The Black Blitz continues manana!

Michael Kors patent leather platforms with cut out sides.Nasty!

Friday, April 29

Black Power Part Trois

Jen made me this beautiful necklace for Xmas, I wish you could see the sublime detail.

Black lace v-neck blouse with Toc skirt.

This skirt looks like it could have been designed by a Japanese artist. It has very draped fabric over crinkled gray acetate.

Completing this ensemble are tres pointy faux shark skin kitten heeled pumps.  The Black Blitz continues tomorrow!

Thursday, April 28

Black Power Part Deux

I'm wearing this black & white polka dot dress by Peppermint with white lace collar and sleeves, and frill bottom. Marcia Sednek red plaid pin.

Polka dot leggings and fierce floral fabric Mary Janes.  The mourning continues tomorrow, tune in!

Wednesday, April 27

Black Power

I've decided since nine tenths of my wardrobe is black, I'd devote the week to wearing black every day. This sweater is one of my most dear. It's a boat
necked cashmere gifted to me by good friend Susan. It was her mothers'.  I'm wearing pearls and a cross by Beverly Cole. The biggest cross was gifted to me by George.

How much do I love Marc Jacobs? He did this great draped silk skirt in lively purple, turquoise, and white with wide a wide black waistband.

My Aldo wedge boots don't project too well in this pic but they a tres cool. Opened toed, back zip.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's black ensemble!

Sunday, April 24

It's a J. Peterman Easter Sunday............

Jen and I are both donning J. Peterman today. I'm wearing the gauze and lace J. Peterman coat . Layered tee with interspersed lace.  Ankle length J. Peterman skirt on the bias.  Jen is resplendent in a lemon green ankle length dress with ruched bodice, under a black shrug. Very art deco.

My shoes are by Gabriella Rocha with black and red t-strap on beige pumps. Jen sports killer black flats by Everybody. Happy Easter if you're into that sort of thing........

Saturday, April 23

The Queen Mum Gives Kate Middleton a "Little Helper" to Hopefully Calm Her Down for the Wedding.......

Now the Queen Mum hates to be accused of drug trafficking but poor Kate is off her head with all the pomp and pageantry of this week. Queen Mum  suggests Prozac and LOTS of it. She suggests Kate not drink to excess on the combo however........

Popping pills together and posing for some press shots are the Queen Mum in a gold satin frock with jeweled neck by Boden and Kate in a black and white button front print from Urban Outfitters.  Kate's beginning to feel better already! Wheeeeeee!

Wednesday, April 20

A Cigarette and Bourbon Lunch with Dorothy Parker at the Algonquin

Dorothy is a real kick if you've never read her. Dry wit, funny and satirical, she's a blast to hang out with. And she LOVES animals.  We met for a diet lunch at the Algonquin, cigs and bourbon, no ice.
50's dress from Millie with necklace by Peg Gerard.

This dress has a grosgrain tiered top and grosgrain waist. Super 50's.

These shoes look so vintage but they are actually contemporary, one of my favorite brands, Biviel. Hey bartender, it's time for a second glass of lunch!

Monday, April 18


Roberta Price bequeathed me this sublime vest by Janice McCarty, it's vintage looking silk with double rolled collars and three different antique buttons.Karan Sipe stacked necklaces and earrings.
This J. Peterman ruched tee is one of my warm weather favs. It wonderfully designed,as are most of their clothes. 
Now I really invested in these shoes, they are the most expensive pair I own and I won't divulge that price. They are Marc Jacobs and I worship them. Twenty8Twelve cuffed skinny jeans.  When asked what I like to invest in, I say art, jewelry, clothes and Chihuahuas!

Sunday, April 17

My Goulash is Better Than Your Goulash.............

Wearing this plebeian, folksy peasant dress by Johnny Was. George gave me this wonderful antique frog pin today.Borrowing this great Susan
Skinner necklace. Gorgeous one of a kind.

The secret to my goulash is vodka, lots of it. And drinking lots of vodka during the preparation process.
Embroidered detail of skirt.

The hem is vintage floral that changes to polka dots and then solid pale yellow. 

What's up with these shoes? I couldn't wear my beloved platforms today because it's Earth Day and I had to hoof it about 20 miles into work because of the crowds. In their favor, they are very peasant like. Let's eat and drink, drink ,drink and drink some more! 

Thursday, April 14

Diary of an Opium Eater by Thomas De Quincey............

Maybe you've seen this outfit before. I almost always where these two pieces together. The orange brocade top is from the original Wear It.

I've amassed quite a collection (moi?) of Asian jewelry, a couple of things from Hey Jhonny, a Karan Sipe, an ancient felted piece with an embroidered peach, etc.

These pants came from Unicef a million years ago. Biviel sandals. Time for my opium treat!

Wednesday, April 13


I don't know why but this perky little frock reminds me of a confection, like a cupcake. It used to have these stupid sleeves but I had them amputated.
My excellent pin is by Susan Skinner, a few years ago she had a show here and all the jewelry was made out of paper, I truly LOVE this pin.
Crazy shoe sandals by Christin Michaels, kind of biker, kind of witchy. Eat a sweet today!

Monday, April 11

The Queen Mum Divides Prince William & Kate Middleton Until the Big Day.......

I'm staying in the background today because Kate's ready to pull her luxurious tresses out because I demand they stay apart until the wedding. THAT went over well, I'm doing them a favor believe me, a bit of a break will be much appreciated some day. Kate is wearing a darling H&M frock and THAT RING. She looks at her reflection in the massive stone for condolence.It's going to take a boatload of security to keep these two apart!

Saturday, April 9

Grace Kelly Goes to Target..........

Donning a head scarf and giant sunglasses I went to Target today to pick up some staples......Scope, a highlight kit, dental floss, Dr. Pepper and the DVD of Tangled in 3-D, of course.

I'm wearing a lace blouse from the Antique Co-op (yes, they have some vintage clothes and pretty cheap), over a brown cami, faux leopard skin belt,
and chintz skirt with tulle underskirt to make it tres poofy.

Anklets and leopard pumps.

Pearls by Debra Colonna and a necklace by Jen with an Asian carved piece from  Karan Sipe. Express checkout line for moi!

Friday, April 8

Pearl Jam............

If you are my age, this is more of what might come to mind when you say Pearl Jam, but if you are of a youthful capacity, maybe this is more the thing.

This is an exquisite little frock with this beautiful bejeweled collar, I'm wearing a Marcia Sednek pin because I don't have enough going on with the collar already.

Capping off this ensemble are a pair of relatively tame shoes for me by Jessica Simpson.  Whether you're into pearls or jams or Pearl Jam, have a zesty day!

Wednesday, April 6

The Queen Mum and Kate Middleton Shop for the Flowers............

Kate is flummoxed about what kind of flowers to go with, and face it, time is of the essence! Tick Tock Tick Tock! She has picked an array of roses in different hues but then decided she liked the mauve color of my J. Crew mini.  Kate wears a beautiful dress by J. Peterman.
As the Queen Mum I probably should be a bit more conservative but love this mini with Urban Outfitter hose and Irregular Choice floral patterned sandals. Kate wears lovely black basket woven pumps.

Kate chooses this color for her roses.

Always can't get enough of this fab ring! I'm such a lucky pre-princess!

Tuesday, April 5

Skunk In A Former Life..........

I wear so much black and white that a very unpopular animal comes to mind. I wouldn't be something cute and cuddly like a panda or beautiful like a zebra, no, I think a skunk would define me very appropriately.

Teal flats, moi? Something's rotten in Denmark.