Monday, November 30

Turkey Genocide Thursday.....Dig it!

A rarified day off hosts no idleness. Issues of importance, long shelved endeavors, must be addressed, head on. I languished in book heaven for as long as time permitted, exercised to warrant the aerobic eating that was imminent, monolithic toiling over a complex art migration. Time constrains wrenched to the limit. Beheading so provident, the hair! The hair! I digress. The event is a day I parade more pageantry than usual, if conceivable. Hence my most resplendent from my vast trove of Kristin Dieners.

How righteous is this leather jacket with sheer strips? Warm too! I'll weather gale force winds in a mini for fashion's sake. A given.

What's Thanksgiving without a ribald, age inappropriate mini dress?

A non-poultry muncher, had they devised a turkey mold from popcorn, I'm their man!

Inclined to dark meat.
Dig it!

Friday, November 27

What's red and black and white? Excellent question.............

                         The subject is red today. A literal bombardment of said. Yow! Do I care? I think not. Cotton tunic with lax neckline and side buttons.

Surprisingly modest length skirt, but uh oh, here come another vexing display of viscous legs.
Neck to hem, Nancy Regan. Knees to shoes, Tim Burton. Rock on!

What could possibly be the finale but macho shoe boots. Be feminine, be masculine, be schizophrenic!

Scary, As Per Usual.............

Launching this silliness are my age inappropriate skellie leggings. Righteous! Scary is as scary does.......... Should I bequeath to a teenager? I think not...........
                                                                   The horror. Dig it!

                                Tame enough undulating motif sweater, assorted grays.

                                                         Narcoleptic drool pool imminent.

Gaggle of Laurette O'Neil chokers of oxidized sterling and gold granulation. What a concept if ever I toyed with brandishing them separately. Futile for you to even ponder.

Fierce age inappropriate petroleum based turquoise studded vest. Meet me in the juniors department! Rock on!

Tuesday, November 24

Cardigan of Gold..............

Gifted by a dear friend, vintage beauty encrusted with opulent cascading bugle beads.  Mint condition.
Tweed gored skirt with velveteen panels doesn't hold up it's end paralleling the resplendence of the above gem but I'm notorious for the dichotomy.

So besotted by my hosiery and gilt pump duo that I had to reference their pairing twice.
Shoes made it France.
Dig it!

Has Punxsutawney Phil told you in the last 5 minutes how much these home photos are on his last furry nerve?

Sunday, November 22

Fierce is as Fierce Does...........

                        Appears to be a onesie but in actually a shift and leggings.

Prototype for next business card? Mayhaps.

Post script:
 Said business card; leggings, socks and ankle boots. Standing. Sans couch. Thought that might warrant explaining.

Unanimous pleading on your part for me to seek help. Dig it!

Eleventh Grade Wheeeeeeeeeee!

To this day, you might recall, still own clothes from the 11th grade. This jacket, circa 40's, was bequeathed me by Maggie, one of little ilk of four. We swapped clothes, stopped for donuts daily apres school. Boyfriends were a unnecessary hindrance to our coolness. I'm still in touch with all 3.
Dig it! Beatific tweed, fierce shoulders. Augmented with ceramic buttons purchased in Santa Fe in the 80's. Incredulously, these pins are from Mati. They used to have a presence in Coronado in the 70's. Goes without saying they've changed their look.

Mint and chocolate (isn't there a candy?) sweater vest. Sleeveless (huh?) light cotton stripe beneath.

Mint and coffee knit midi by Nic and Zoe.

Beguilling over the knee wool hose and magnanimously petroleum based ankle boots.
I'll try a resurrect some other gems of clothing from days of yore. You're aware of my closet stock. They will be exhumed.

 Has Snoop Dogg told you in the last 5 minutes how this house venue

is on his last nerve?

Thursday, November 19

Beached Mermaid Saturday..............

Although I parade a number of pet pieces, one south bound item might be rated PG13, alas. We'll begin with a demure neckpiece by Kristin Diener. Antique enamel button. Breathless.

Combustibly saucy is this Betsey Johnson cardigan with pink pearl buttons..

Here's where we step off the curb of social acceptance. 
This high waisted cocoon, in dense black and white brocade, is comely and lurid. What a little multitasker! Wheeeeeee!

Have I told you in the last 5 minutes how much I loathe taking these pics at my house? If Philio doesn't mend soon I'll give him something to limp about. Grrrrrrrr!

Tuesday, November 17

Riot of confusion...Dig it!

Was about to give this sweater the heave ho as it is the most enigmatic, confusing, incongruous miasma one could don. Initially I attempted simply draping this overpowering flaccid cowl casually worn open. One could double dutch jump rope with this thing. I came to the realization I shouldn't be tripping over it. Initiated a process of encasing my neck in a cat's cradle treatment until I depleted mileage. Observe! Now I love it, though will be impossible to recreate this sailors knot of ambguity. Dig it!

                                It appears I'm on elevator floor 6 of Dante's 7 layers of hell. Rock on!

Biker jacket and + tights. How do they manage to get twisted around like candy canes? My jacket is furious. Wheeeeee!
There needs to be more going on in this pic.

Back view of fierce jacket.

My Iron age beloved black pumps with strap and button. Polka dot socks.  Akimbo tights. What can one do? in all honesty............

Sunday, November 15

When Josephine Feels Pesky...........

Whilst diminutive Napoleon was busy taking over the planet, Josephine had oodles of time to order quintillions of ingeniously crafted gowns. She resurrected the empire waist gown and it went viral! This frock was surely squeezed in her armoire.

I mimic her look.

Farfetched that she'd sport the cranberry and black baroque tights. Hmmmmmmmm.....
Conjecture she wouldn't covet the pointy shoe boots either. I'm flummoxed by the aversion. 

She's boasting.........

They're fetching, but inevitably, impossible to keep clean. Does she care? I think not.

Kinship found in that Josephine's embraces the more is more theory as aerobically as I. Trio of Karan Sipe's and Wanda Lobito with saintly sundry.

Persuaded to folic whilst the little husband's out conquering everything and everybody, (warming his wee hand inside his uniform; chilly out there). His imminent return sparks in Josie a venture to the other side. Brandishing this leather studded vest to make fellow aristocrats swoon with the vapors. Wheeeeeee!

Dig it!

Saturday, November 14

P is for Platforms, B is for Bellbottoms................

Lets begin with my Bronze Age waistcoat I've always referred to as my Sir Richard Burton (the 1st one). You know, one of the discoverers of the source of the Nile and the translator of the Kama Sutra. Dig it!

My spate of beguiling pins are my alibi for calling this my Sir Richard vest. Enamel green fountain pen, plastic elephant, (Pier One),  glorious clay, paper, and tiger eye beauty by Iren Schio. Enamel paper hat with scribble. Heavy cotton baroque motif long sleeve. 

Things look fairly tame from a distance. Procurement of these bellbottoms with 4 brazen exposed front zippers a must. So long I had to don uber plats to raise them off the ground. I don't want to guillotine the traditional jean stitchery on bottom!

Cheers for my uber platforms! They're plastic, they're comfy, they're ridiculous! Wheeeeee!

Oh Dear................

Randomly, the eccentricity of my ensemble attains fever pitch.  Observe said. Let's begin with yet another sweater the size of a king size bed spread. Dig it! Whoa, keep you hat on. Here comes the sparkly tutu skirt! Wheeeee!

Modicum of stability in this sizable ethnic cross.

Absurdity shares company with insanity in my choice of hosiey. Am I right? I think yes.
Stylish, cunning, perforated, ankle skimming kitten heels in sand hue.

Skirted being cuffed by the fashion police. Rock on!