Tuesday, November 17

Riot of confusion...Dig it!

Was about to give this sweater the heave ho as it is the most enigmatic, confusing, incongruous miasma one could don. Initially I attempted simply draping this overpowering flaccid cowl casually worn open. One could double dutch jump rope with this thing. I came to the realization I shouldn't be tripping over it. Initiated a process of encasing my neck in a cat's cradle treatment until I depleted mileage. Observe! Now I love it, though will be impossible to recreate this sailors knot of ambguity. Dig it!

                                It appears I'm on elevator floor 6 of Dante's 7 layers of hell. Rock on!

Biker jacket and + tights. How do they manage to get twisted around like candy canes? My jacket is furious. Wheeeeee!
There needs to be more going on in this pic.

Back view of fierce jacket.

My Iron age beloved black pumps with strap and button. Polka dot socks.  Akimbo tights. What can one do? in all honesty............