Monday, November 30

Turkey Genocide Thursday.....Dig it!

A rarified day off hosts no idleness. Issues of importance, long shelved endeavors, must be addressed, head on. I languished in book heaven for as long as time permitted, exercised to warrant the aerobic eating that was imminent, monolithic toiling over a complex art migration. Time constrains wrenched to the limit. Beheading so provident, the hair! The hair! I digress. The event is a day I parade more pageantry than usual, if conceivable. Hence my most resplendent from my vast trove of Kristin Dieners.

How righteous is this leather jacket with sheer strips? Warm too! I'll weather gale force winds in a mini for fashion's sake. A given.

What's Thanksgiving without a ribald, age inappropriate mini dress?

A non-poultry muncher, had they devised a turkey mold from popcorn, I'm their man!

Inclined to dark meat.
Dig it!