Sunday, November 15

When Josephine Feels Pesky...........

Whilst diminutive Napoleon was busy taking over the planet, Josephine had oodles of time to order quintillions of ingeniously crafted gowns. She resurrected the empire waist gown and it went viral! This frock was surely squeezed in her armoire.

I mimic her look.

Farfetched that she'd sport the cranberry and black baroque tights. Hmmmmmmmm.....
Conjecture she wouldn't covet the pointy shoe boots either. I'm flummoxed by the aversion. 

She's boasting.........

They're fetching, but inevitably, impossible to keep clean. Does she care? I think not.

Kinship found in that Josephine's embraces the more is more theory as aerobically as I. Trio of Karan Sipe's and Wanda Lobito with saintly sundry.

Persuaded to folic whilst the little husband's out conquering everything and everybody, (warming his wee hand inside his uniform; chilly out there). His imminent return sparks in Josie a venture to the other side. Brandishing this leather studded vest to make fellow aristocrats swoon with the vapors. Wheeeeeee!

Dig it!