Tuesday, April 29

Smitten for Glitter...............

For better or for worst, the Earth Day Festival behind the Co-op cometh. It kind of puts a damper on my commerce, I must say. Should anyone dein to shop here, they must make a mighty trek. Herds of dreadlocked, Birkenstocked, humanity congregate and peddle their wares. I must ignite my perkiness with mirthful attire.  Always a staple to infuse joy is my sparkly tulle skirt. Oh, the exultation! 

 A bit of chill in the air, oh, wait a minute, it's 75 mph winds. Made me sensibly don a sweater! Dig it!

My ensemble brought luck to a day that usually kills my business. People trudging through with starter tomato plants tend not to be my demographic. If I offend anyone, my sincere apologies. I'm defending past history. 

Black and white polka dot leggings, black shoe boots. Cheerfulness come in the manner of a pleasureful outfit somedays. How deep I am!

Saturday, April 26

Beige is the new boring..........

Who would ever contemplate that I'd be one to gravitate towards beige? Uh, that would be no one.  Well, try to cope with the Ambien-sque nature of this ensemble. Another frantic choice of attire this morning!
Tiered tunic in grey layers accented by beige lace. Don't blame the tunic, blame me!

Horizontally ribbed skirt in reptilian motif. Dig it!

                                 Lotteria necklace by Susan skinner. I've had it for years.

It's really all about these smashing pumps. Type Z dark brown patent with open backs and the sweetest window to peak at my toes! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Dark green is the new dark green............

Am giddy about this simple but clever frock. Cotton lycra shift with bottom of dark green tulle. Ardent passion for tulle!

Susan Skinner choker made out of large antique plastic Chanel links connected to a green reflector flower. Dig it!

That's about all the interesting information to impart. I'll spare you from the shoes you've seen about a thousand times. I can occasionally be kind.

                                                            Such a mammouth untruth.

Thursday, April 24

Perpetually Befuddled Alexandra Romanov.........

Big surprise. A group of students from Introduction to Ceramics is going to tour the gallery to glean the brilliance and diversity of the artists I represent. The teacher called yesterday, in a muffled voice she asked to bring 15 students here. At conversations end she said "see you Thursday". Well, as per usual, I thought she meant today and tomorrow. Who was unsurprising incorrect?  Uh, guess....... And here I was donned in all my "Alexandra Romanov" resplendent  regalia to set a striking, artful tone.                                                                                

What I deem a professional, polished vent, was an aerobic endeavor for me. But I vindicated myself with the posterior. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Modicum of spark imbued by these polka dot hose and pointy scarlet pumps. Hey, where are these people? Did I yet again get the date misconstrued? Probably............

                                                   Uh, probably, I predict certainty..................

Wednesday, April 23

Gutenberg Rocks!

As an ardent and impassioned reader, I can't thank Johannes Gutenberg abundantly enough for what he did for the written word. He introduced printing to Europe and ignited what is known as the Printing Revolution which is widely regarded as the most important event of the modern period. Dig it! My emblazoned pants are to lionize a man that has so enriched my life.

Contributing to my my adored pants are a black tank and eye necklace by Susan skinner.

These plump heeled shoes aid in making my sprint home swift so as to nosedive into my best-loved, escapist indulgence.

Tuesday, April 22


Contemplated pairing this prim, insignificant frock with a dissimilar black and white motif legging. But it was far too tame!

My flamboyant Marvel comics leggings infuse this ensemble with a bit of much needed zest.

As do my considerably ostentatious shoe boots. They exclaim,"let me walk on your back". I needed a furious finish to my narcoleptic dress. (On sale, non-returnanable) Dig it!

Sunday, April 20

Morticia Addams Saturday........

Yeah, this is a pencil skirt alright. It's long and so narrow at the bottom I must walk as if I have on  shoes with the laces tied together. Fashion fatality? You betcha. Grey front with black side panels.

Of my few pieces of Betsey Johnson's this might be my favorite. Chanel-esque "more is more" necklace with interwoven black leather. Dig it!

Demure lacy black cropped top. How demure of me to don something under this short see through garment. Growing up? I think not.

I don't really like these shoes but everyone thinks they are wonderful so I keep them! At times, rare times, I do obey. What was I recently called? Oh, I remember, "non-compliant". Wheeeeeeeee!

Friday, April 18

Queen Mum Attends a Barbecue..

Not one to fraternize with the little people. The Queen Mum, sans crown, for a more unceremonious  mien, decides to accept an invite to freshly met acquaintances. One who gravitates to meats of all variations, she tucked into the sauce blanketed ribs with rabid gusto. Wheeeeeee!

If not a crown, jewels are mandatory and plentiful. When is the queen without a pearl?  Blouse with captivating draped shoulders. Gold baroque motif jeans.

Pageantry abounds in these pink and gold leather pumps with endless grandeur. Silver angels, feathers, blossoms under glass, heel detail and various multi folded ribbons. Love the bologna hue of my feet. Dig it!

                                                     Drop it and give me 25 curtseys.

Thursday, April 17

Backing Up...............

As I continue to cinge your eyes with black and white fare, this blouse attempts to be innocent from the front, but the posterior has an extremely strumpet back. Dig it!

                                                  Eek! It's not really that open in the back!

Diamond patterned skinny jeans mildly resemble racing flags of which I could participate in a demolition challenge.

                  Necklace by Heather Hanley. Bold brass and sass. (What a stupid sentence.)

Such amore for these aged black suede pumps with square pointy toes and cinch buckle.

                                          I try to be good, but it's just not in my DNA.

Wednesday, April 16

Where For Out a Proper Hem?

A maelstrom of upheaval in the hem department of late. Are designers eluding a straight hem out of ennui? The creators of this line are celebrated for being helter skelter with their garb. My selection either boasts a crazy quilt approach and/or these frantic hemlines. What's not to adore?

My utmost apologies for the overexposed chest!

Virgin of Guadalupe on turquoise leather cord, by Lorena Angelo.  Pray I don't get struck down by lightening. Wheeeeee!

Didn't recall the hose I'm featuring are for a woman about 6'8". First I bundled about 3 feet of them around my thighs but gravity is a cruel thing. They bountifully bag everywhere now. Do I care? I think not.

Plastic is as plastic does in these clunky, chunky cheapos. Squared off toe with boxy and a sizable squat heel. Dig it! I relish their replete tackiness.

Tuesday, April 15

Tiger in my Closet.......

    My embracing wacked out ensembles is kind of a given,  but this one will give you pause. Most assuredly.

                   Was I attacked by a wild animal? Ship wrecked? Am I selling violets in a Dickens novel?
                                                  The option is of your choosing........

Attempting to instill a modicum of sanity, I brought forth this ancient Danskin and three divine Marcia Sednek pins.

Sanity is obviously capricious with me, gladiator boots round out this very curious pairing.
Curiouser and curiouser..........Dig it!