Wednesday, April 9

Long Sleeved Bra Situation.......

I'm vexed as to what happened to this sweater over the last couple of years. A Xmas gift from my dear friend that showers me with clothes, this was always a cropped sweater but now it looks like it spent three uninterrupted months in the dryer. Bra with long sleeves? Bikini top? Do I care? I think not. Clever vertical disc necklace by Laurette O'Neil. Decent!

Undergarment a must, unless I was going for a belly dancing look sans glitter and flowing see through skirt.
Clever skinny trousers by DKY. Can never get enough of sizable zippers that don't open. Dig t!

My leopard print cloth pumps purchased many, many years ago from Wear It. I'll have to have them cremated when they eventually pass on. Such a sorry, sorry day that will be.

                                                      She has all the depth of a contact lens.