Tuesday, April 29

Smitten for Glitter...............

For better or for worst, the Earth Day Festival behind the Co-op cometh. It kind of puts a damper on my commerce, I must say. Should anyone dein to shop here, they must make a mighty trek. Herds of dreadlocked, Birkenstocked, humanity congregate and peddle their wares. I must ignite my perkiness with mirthful attire.  Always a staple to infuse joy is my sparkly tulle skirt. Oh, the exultation! 

 A bit of chill in the air, oh, wait a minute, it's 75 mph winds. Made me sensibly don a sweater! Dig it!

My ensemble brought luck to a day that usually kills my business. People trudging through with starter tomato plants tend not to be my demographic. If I offend anyone, my sincere apologies. I'm defending past history. 

Black and white polka dot leggings, black shoe boots. Cheerfulness come in the manner of a pleasureful outfit somedays. How deep I am!