Monday, July 30


Who can tolerate any more stripes? I know you are saying"Please. I beg you!"
But hey, this number from Idelli , well I couldn't resist. ( That appears to be a problem for me, OBVIOUSLY.)
Lots going on here, ruching, bias cut, double pleats on shoulders, etc.
The back. DIGGIT!

Black pumps with rolled leather roses. Do I smell alright??????

Sunday, July 29

Old Rocker Sunday.............

This lava necklace by Laurette O'Neil IS the most sensible part of this get-up. Believe me, you'll see what I mean.

Got this great t-shirt at Target. Kinda bordering on inappropriate for work, don't you think?
When's that ever stopped me?

I think this tiered skirt has got lambs and chickens on it but all I see are little white blobs.
Love the skirt's design, I'm still on the fence about the fabric...........

I think Keith Richards would wear this outfit if he were a woman.
What do you wear in thousand degree weather? Plastic boots of course!
My feet aren't hot but I AM a moron...........

Saturday, July 28

Salt and Pepper...........

George gave me this primitive cross that I feel suits this ethnic blouse.

Extensive embroidery warrants particular attention.

Back has slit and big white buttons.

Silvery rose patterned skirt imparts a distinctive mix.

Here's where it all goes downhill. Can't seem to get over a good pair of plastic plats. Hey,I'm shrinking! I know you're thinking "Don't break a hip you lunatic!"

Friday, July 27

Brunch in Dubai...........

Can't always frequent Zinc for brunch so thought I'd change it up with a nibble from some foreign

Eastern Indian-esque jewels created by Jen and Debra Colonna.

Viewed the pattern in this little number as a mock version of an Indian rug that I sat on for my feast.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 
Next stop, Edinburgh for Scottish eggs!

Thursday, July 26

Audrey Hepburn Goes to Target.........

I'm not implying I look a thing like Audrey but my poofy vintage skirt reminds me of something she might wear.

Today's attire begins with these stacked pearls by Debra Colonna. Yummy.

Not a vintage piece, this lovely lace top looks the part.
Have adored this Off Broadway skirt since I handed over the cash for it. Chintz skirt with bamboo and floral pattern. Tulle slip underneath makes it poofy.

Not a fifties shoe but the lace covered top and side buttons set a feminine tone.

How's Audrey going to pay for her Tidy Bowl without her handbag? It's a vintage yellow stitched beauty from Off Broadway.
See you in the express check-out line!

Wednesday, July 25

Venomous Wednesday............

My lycra dress imitates this creepy snake to a tee. I HATE SNAKES!!!!!!!!

Told ya, the only difference being I'm walking around instead of slithering.
Delicious back.

Righteous fierce platforms by J Lo in red patent leather with flower on toe.
Actually, I can be pretty venomous when I want to, i.e. the MDV!

Monday, July 23

Kangaroo Monday...........

On my bucket list, if i had one, and I don't, the only thing that would be on it would be getting in a ring and boxing a kangaroo. I know I'd be sorely defeated.

Exhumed this shift from the bowels of my monolithic inventory. Sublime detail and kangaroo pocket on the front.

Dress by French Connection.

Tri-colored little Oxford kicks with t-strap.   
     I'd put my money on the kangaroo..........

Sunday, July 22

Abstraction Distraction.............

One thing I'm unfortunately known for is my ability to begin a project, walk 4 inches away from it, it totally vaporizes from my memory, and I start something else anew.Wheeeeee! I'll try to concentrate on the project at hand.

Hopefully distracting you from my bologna skin is this folky cascading necklace by Susan Skinner.

Lovely abstract printed  high waisted frock. Not by anyone special, I bet they appreciate my saying that.......
These Chinese Laundry kitten heeled pumps look 15 sizes too big for me but it's really just because my foot is at a weird angle on the stairs. I swear!  Were I playing the sport I could puncture a soccer ball with the points on these babies. 

Bitchin bracelets. Skellie head bracelet from Elsa Ross, a gift from Carla, Alexander McQueen bangle from Jen and lucite bangle with real bugs inside. Dig it!
 Now what was I doing?

Saturday, July 21

Sweatfest, I Mean Summerfest...........

Chartreuse big beans of some sort, painted this cool hue. Jen got them for me at a fundraiser for Katrina victims.
My dress looks a lot like this painting by Eric MeCollon.

Do you not concur?
Am wearing these shoes by Jump because we'll probably be here for 75 hours.
G R E A T....................

Friday, July 20

Sequins and Stripes..........

Detail of this weird top I'm wearing. Kind of really doesn't look like me. Looks more like something an astronauts wife would wear to a cocktail party.
See what I mean? I do however adore this pencil skirt. It has a significant meaning for me.
Okay, you've seen these shoes about a thousand times. Get over it!