Sunday, July 22

Abstraction Distraction.............

One thing I'm unfortunately known for is my ability to begin a project, walk 4 inches away from it, it totally vaporizes from my memory, and I start something else anew.Wheeeeee! I'll try to concentrate on the project at hand.

Hopefully distracting you from my bologna skin is this folky cascading necklace by Susan Skinner.

Lovely abstract printed  high waisted frock. Not by anyone special, I bet they appreciate my saying that.......
These Chinese Laundry kitten heeled pumps look 15 sizes too big for me but it's really just because my foot is at a weird angle on the stairs. I swear!  Were I playing the sport I could puncture a soccer ball with the points on these babies. 

Bitchin bracelets. Skellie head bracelet from Elsa Ross, a gift from Carla, Alexander McQueen bangle from Jen and lucite bangle with real bugs inside. Dig it!
 Now what was I doing?