Wednesday, October 31

Toil and Trouble...........

It's that time again and the entire gallery must shift. No        platforms for me for SEVERAL days! Oh, the trauma!

Gorgeous necklace that Jen made, she really should make more jewelry. Silver pearls from who knows where. Nice pre-cancerous skin!

Here's how you dress down. Grey striped tee in various stripes. Houndstooth skinny trousers with a billion zippers. Dig it!

           Faux python FLATS.The horror! I'm dying here!!!

Tuesday, October 30

Phoney Missoni

 A most becoming cascading mirror choker by Susan Skinner. Only myself and 8 year old boys can get away without something underneath this dress.

Can't afford the real thing but have always lusted after Missoni. They have a very distinct look. Their perfume is great too.

Fishnets with back seams, good chance I'll get arrested today if I wander outside.

Iridescent plastic Mary Jane's by Vivienne Westwood, they turn color! It's very trippy.......
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Monday, October 29

Sketchy Character...........

Ever the ambiguous character, SKETCHY would be one description that would come to mind. Antique pins gifts from a dear friend. Laurette O'Neil choker out of lava and leather.

Think fondly upon this jersey dress with all over drawings and polished cotton applique.

Back detail has appliqued shoulders. Dig it!

Hem is triple rolled jersey in black and grey. Hot pink and black opaque hose. Tres conservative, no?
(What was I saying about Halloween? Told you.)

Don't forget these striped pumps! Excessive much? Another word to describe my vivd, (checkered) character..............

Sunday, October 28

EVERY Day is Halloween TO MOI.............

No shrinking violet when it comes to dressing like a lunatic, I rear ahead in weirdness today in honor of my niece's birthday party. She said she was counting on me to wear something "interesting".

VERY demure Kristin Diener necklace in copper, handmade chain and pearls.

Sheer long sleeved CHAOTIC  frock. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

As Gumby is my witness, I never shy away from the bizarre, in fact I embrace it.

Purple opaque hose with purple dots and EXTRAORDINARY shoe boots in hot pink and grass green chevron print by Irregular Choice. Gold voile bows on the heel. I certainly hope I don't disappoint Carla!

Saturday, October 27

101 sans 100 Dalmatians Saturday.........

I hear Dalmatians can run on the crazy side. Cut from the same cloth are we.

Great art jewelry piece by Cynthia Cook. It's a pin but I made it into a necklace. Resonates a Louise Nevelson vibe.

Polyester a-line frock in royal, black and white. Kinda looks expensive, but baby, SO not true.

Not enough going on yet so chose these jiggy lined opaques to turn it up a notch. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Dig my Frankenstein kicks by Jeffrey Campbell. Freak!!!!!!!!! The royal blue matches the bolts in my neck to perfection.

Friday, October 26

Casual Clown Friday..........

Always proud to boast I graduated cum laude from Clown College, I chose this witty outfit to face today's brisk climes.

Like to think of this brazen orange plaid jacket as something Vivienne Westwood might have done, but she didn't. It's from Anthropologie. 
Splendid pin representation in this circular circles pin by Baby Jane and this Seurat mini knock off from Fireworks in Seattle.

Detail of said pin, marvelous, no?

Dig this clown like dirndl. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Gifted tie-dyed opaque hose and billion strapped gray Aldos. Don't forget to check the oil in your clown car today!

Thursday, October 25

Grace Kelly Goes To Happy Hour..............

Ever the fashion forward glamour girl, Grace epitomizes style and savvy, to say nothing of her staggering beauty.

Grace needs to be turned out at all times especially when going out to tie one on..........
Antique pins, old pearls an elaborate piece by Karan Sipe.


Peachy gold brocade jacket with rhinestone buttons. Dig it!

Bountiful beautious brocade when combining this pencil skirt.

Adore these Biveil patent shoes in gold nugget. Good thing Grace always has a designated driver as she tends to hammer them back like there's no tomorrow. Wheeeeeee!

Wednesday, October 24

Carpe Denim.........

Wore this gaggle of vermeil chains to cover up these weird plaque thingys at the neck of this frock, very curious. 

Calvin Klein denim shift adorned with endless cascading zippers.

Short denim jacket caps off this " bore you senseless" ensemble.

Platform sandals gifted to me by Millie, observe my horrid legs. Ewwwwwwwww!

Tuesday, October 23


Silver is kind of the theme of the day............I'm wearing it, I'm walking in it.........

Mighty choke chain from Revolver. Nice bologna skin.

Talk about your uber tramp. Navy jersey "mummy" dress with silver metallic stripes. 4 inches long AND see through.
Do I care? I think not.

These long adored Michael Kors are a fetching design and incredibly comfortable. Plus they match my pistol......