Sunday, August 31

Brawny Saturday

             How awesome were those Brawny paper towel swains of yore? Just exudin' mightiness in four- fold.

                                 Enter my brawny skinny jeans with power to spare. I'm unstoppable!

A modicum of interest going on in the top, but the riveting addition is my ribald, racy, red training bra!
It's like hunting the Holy Frail to find a sexy training bra, believe you me!

Little spheres of lava create the cleverness in this choker by Laurette O'Neil. Let's go chop something down dammit! Wheeeee!

Saturday, August 30

Curious Skirt Friday.............

In my infinitesimal array of clothing, I have these three voile skirts that are Parisian-esque, they're so exotically clever. The main portion of this skirt reminds of a coffin lining. Dig it! Hem is uncommonly like swirling orange slices, well, some of them are kind of black, but who cares right? The concept is enervating.

Such a lovely empire waisted tunic. Black lace with gray jersey underskirt. Demure velvet bow at 
bodice's v-neck.

Trillion necklaces, most by Laurette O'Neil but a couple of hippie leather ones snuck in. Wheeeee!

Entire swirling rotten orange ensemble. It's a given that "rotten orange slices are the new rotten orange slices".

If anyone would attempt getting away with donning rotten oranges slices it'd be this freak.

Thursday, August 28

Put Something in my Purse..............

Knighting this frock as "Orange stripes are the new orange stripes" I forge gallantly to model this new gift from beloved friend M.  How she spoils me! Lycra full skirted frock with simple bodice and peppy back treatment. Observe.......

Marcia Sednek is the rock star of repurposed metal. Known for her ingenious dresses out of cookie tins, jello molds, old t.v. trays, cheese graters and boundless other materials, she's also created a line of fashion accessories. Brilliantly clever bracelets, pins, even purses. By now you've surmised I've accrued a mammoth collection of said pins. I own three purse pins. I know you bristle with envy. Wheeeee!

Hackneyed shoes but had to boast how clever was I to team them with this dress? Clever is as clever does.

                                               If she's clever, I'm a ring tailed lemur.

                                                                        Dig it!

Wednesday, August 27

More Things I Like.............

Dogs that enjoy a good joke


Driving stick

This resplendent vintage Tosco jewelry

Tuesday, August 26

Blast of Chartreuse......

Attempting to alleviate the perpetual onslaught of black and whiteness, brandished a shocking chartreuse to keep this ensemble from flat lining. Smitten with this gauzy striped blouse. Rolled sleeve with buttoned down epaulet action.

Tres fetching tiered satin skirt by Leifsdottir, pre-reccession. Covet it.  Little gem bow tie made of duck tape by Stells Mahr. Perfect compliment. She made me these great earrings that unfortunately were in my closet where the floor of helter skelter shoe boxes made it very much like the negotiating "Hurt Locker".

Brace of bracelets I discovered at the bottom of my prolific elastic pearl collection that are kept in a red satin box that looks like a Chinese to-go container. The wrist full are all pre-Mariposa and except for a Thomas Mann, post gainful Mariposa employment, all come from Target, TJ Max, et all. Dig it! The top one looks like something with which you'd tether up Hercules. Wheeeeee!

                                                      Forget the feet. Shoes are snoozers.

             Talk about a snoozer. Have you ever spent time with her? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Having an ardent passion for words; I'll declare some favorites......detritus, dichotomy, penurious (me), aphasia (I have this), where does one stop?  Hence, the alphabet renders much the same ardor.

 Edgy punk cotton top I've had an age. Purchased it from a clothing store that used to be here on Amherst called "Wang Dang Doodle", whose name struck me a tad lascivious (word seldom needed) . Much favor the jeans. I adore this font! Shall we try to spell something? Let's.

Again, millions of pearls camouflage my wretched wrist. I spare you the unsightly beneath. You're welcome.

Beneath leagues of color coded boxes in my closet, spring these perky red patent wedges, I love being taller. And I'm still adept enough to not walk like a transvestite. Actually, transvestites have stunning cat walk swagger. Quite.


                                                         Transvestites are sexy. Dig it!
                                                            Reading it sexy. Dig it!

Monday, August 25

Willie Wonka Meets Andy Warhol...........

Yeah, this is yet another day when I didn't know when to quit. Once the velocity of the weirdness reaches fever pitch, there's no going back.  We'll begin with my Willie Wonka blazer gifted to me from Janet Hoelzel. Janet is the grand wizard of Goodwill. Almost daily she does the "Stampede", a sale where you purchase items of any kind at 40 cents a pound! Wheeeeeeeee! That's very possibly where she gleaned this treasure.

                       Cynthia Cook necklace of multi-hued tin ovals on nylon. Tres clever.

Andy makes his appearance in this black and white cotton pencil skirt. Andy was a good a egg. A freak of a good egg, but a good egg.

Forewarned is forearmed as we travel down to the shoe ensemble. Yow! Well I wanted to don the extremely clever shoes but didn't want to wear them sans socks as I feared blisters. Enter polka dot anklets! Dig it! I'd feel deep remorse should you have a seizure viewing my outfit.

A reverent goodbye to my dear dog Cooper, who died last Sunday. She'd had a tortured early life that left her a vicious nightmare for 5 years. Oh, how I loved her! Just like Mommy! But she was a tenacious creature and actually lightened up in her last months. You could hold her in the end! She was blind as a bat but just bumbled along. She left just taking a nap. Swell way to go. Dig it!
Cooper circa 2006

Sunday, August 24

Richter Scale Saturday...........

My first impression of this design was the Richter scale, or a lie detector test. I'll run with the prior, as I'm absent examples of the latter as I've yet to take one. Yet.........

Clever is as clever does in this billowy pleated frock. I'm getting to be like a man in the aspect of color blindness . I can't distinguish between black and navy blue. Hence it's mint green and something. Dig it!
And almost put it on backwards. Would it have mattered? I think not......

Adorned in an infinite boasting of bracelets. Always the type that embraces more is more, the true factor is I'm hiding a couple of dog bites ( he was very contrite afterwards) and a couple of unsightly bruises. Always an agenda. Featuring pieces by Thomas Mann, Phoenix Forrester, Tracy Hale, Debra Colonna, countless more. The top one looks like sushi. Dig it!